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07.22.06, 07:06 AM
Tonight I will head to the UMB Bank Pavillion in St. Louis. I'll head to my seat on the right side, row 7. First of all, it hit me that I will be seeing one of the original members of the best rock band of all time. With Sam, two members of my band will be 10 feet in front of me, and they're actually going to play Runnin' With the Devil - one of the songs that turned me on to the band back in 1984. Pretty cool stuff.

Another thing that struck me is that if I take a second to peek over a little bit, I can close my eyes and picture myself in front row left back in 1992. I've seen many shows at this place, Metallica, the Skid Row/Guns n Roses riot/, Pearl Jam, numerous Van Halen shows. However, front row left, sticks out as special. In 1992 Alice in Chains opened for Van Halen. 22,000 people if I remember corrrectly, the biggest crowd in that facility's history. Layne Staley was 4 feet in front of me. The drummer's snare broke so Layne had to talk to the crowd, which it didn't seem like he wanted to do. I remember watching the bass player's (Mike Inez?) eyes. He kept looking over the crowd with his mouth literally open. Saw a Budweiser can on his amp, motioned to it, made eye contact, then he threw me a pick.

Made eye contact with Ed a few times and he gave me the thumbs up a couple of times. There were two fires started in the lawn that night. Crazy shit, great night, great memories. I'm going to visualize all this shit tonight if I'm sober enough. I know I'm rambling but I'm gonna see two legends in St. Louis tonight so I'm kind of jacked up.

07.22.06, 02:34 PM
There was a lot more then 2 fires that night, they only stopped the show for two of them. Plus it was August 1991, not 1992.

I don't think Mike Inez was playing with Alice at that point though.

That was a great show, I was in the cheap seats (lawn), I went to Boot Camp in Feb 1992, that's why I know it wasn't in 1992. They came back in 1992 but played The Arena (I think).

Alice In Chains kicked ass, but I remember not to many people in the crowd really giving a shit.

79th and Sunset
07.23.06, 09:40 AM
I was at this show, and by chance purchased that Alice In Chains cassette (yes cassette) that summer.

Great show, remember it well :thumb: