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06.25.06, 01:06 PM
Here is the set list from last night, and some comments on the show.

1.Mas Tequila
2.Three Lock Box
3.One Way to Rock
4.Rainy Day Women(Everybody Must Get Stoned)
5.Shaka Doobie
6.The Girl Gets Around
7.Rock Candy
8. I'll Fall In Love Again
9.I love This Bar
10.Sam I Am
11.Little White Lies
12.I Can't Drive 55
13.Heavy Metal


14. Mikey's Bass Solo
15. Runnin' With The Devil
16. Top of The World
17. Humans Being
18. Why Can't This Be Love
19. Good Enough
20. 5150
21. Right Now
22. Finish What You Started
23. Best of Both Worlds
24. Summer Time Blues/Fight For the Right to Party medly

Attendance was between 6,000 & 7,000.

The show started around 8:10 and ended about 10:45.

I can't say enough about how well Vic Johnson played last night. He was on fire.

For those who care Sammy didn't bash Eddie during the show, but got in a few jabs at DLR for the Strummin' With The Devil stuff and talked about the last time he was in Nashville it was with that other joker. The only comment about Van Halen he made, he said that he didn't want to wait 5 more years for another tour, so that's how the "Other Half" came about and that he'd never say never about another VH tour.

It was a really fun show, with nothing negative to say about it at all. Hearing Good Enough and 5150 back to back was probably the highlight of the show.

06.25.06, 02:39 PM
My family and I just returned home from our short trip for the Sammy show in Nashville and let me say that we were thoroughly entertained.

I have seen Sammy solo numerous times. I have seen VH with Roth and Hagar numerous times. Last night's show may have been the best I have ever seen. The energy was high, the attitude was right, and most importantly the songs were performed with joy and ease to the delight of about 7000 people.

We were exhausted after Sammy's set, then got completely pumped again when Mikey came out and just kicked ass.

Good Enough and 5150 totally rocked. So did Sam I AM, Three Lock Box, and Heavy Metal. Oh hell, all of them rocked.

Sam left the door open for another VH tour, but he's right--you cannot sit around and wast away when there is rocking to do.

I loved it all!

The J Man
06.25.06, 07:51 PM
I'd like to see Rainy Day Women, I'll Fall in Love Again, and I Love This Bar cut and replaced with High Hopes, Red, and Mexico. Or just drop one of those and add a song to the Other Half set because it's getting shorter now. Hagar said they would be playing around 11 songs and they're playing 9. "5150", Good Enough, Judgement Day, and Humans Being should be played at every show. I know I'm not the only one who can't stand the acoustic version of "Right Now."

06.25.06, 07:59 PM
I know I'm not the only one who can't stand the acoustic version of "Right Now."

It's not acoustic. Vic is playing it on an electric guitar. It's different, but I didn't think it was bad. I wish Sammy was playing guitar on it too, so you could have the guitar solo.

06.26.06, 11:01 AM
I'd like to see Rainy Day Women, I'll Fall in Love Again, and I Love This Bar cut and replaced with High Hopes, Red, and Mexico. Or just drop one of those and add a song to the Other Half set because it's getting shorter now. Hagar said they would be playing around 11 songs and they're playing 9. "5150", Good Enough, Judgement Day, and Humans Being should be played at every show. I know I'm not the only one who can't stand the acoustic version of "Right Now."

I thought this was the best version of Right Now I had ever heard. I was awed by how great Vic did translating the material from keys to guitar. I thought it was great.

I would get rid of Rainy Day Women for sure. I would love High Hopes as well.

Just my thoughts.

06.30.06, 07:59 PM
I've been meaning to write my review of the Nashville show for a few days now...

Cabo Village: This is ok. Do not plan on spending more than 1-1 1/2 hours or so in the Cabo Village. There simply is not enough stuff to keep someone interested that long and you will go broke buying Margaritas at $9 a pop plus tip. (But damn they are good aren't they???) The Cabo village in Nashville consisted of a volleyball court with sand, a Worlds Gym weight lifting area, a huge Cabo bar, a guitar booth with Sammy and Mike's signature guitars and amps (not the actual guitars they have played), a side stage with a cover band (they were pretty good actually), the side stage also did Karoake which was terrible. There were also some hot chicks that worked for Cabo Wabo that were putting temporary tattoos on people. The tattoos were of the Cabo Wabo logo of course. They also had a pinata area that was pretty cool. Some dude hit the pinata so hard it flew off the string and the paper mache donkey hit some hot chick in the head. Pretty damn funny. There were supposed to be donkeys there, and I heard they were there, but thankfully I never saw them. There was also a decent mariacci band. It was kind of cool because everyone was wearing these free sombraros they gave away at the show. We fit right in with the Mariacci band members except for the Mexican dude that evidently forgot that they were playing that gig that day and wore his sneakers, jeans and FUBU shirt. (HAHA) There was also a dunking boot with 2 scrappy looking chicks in bikinis that were getting dunked. Hey it was what it was . . . I just couldn't figure out who the hell would want to play volleyball and get sand in their shorts before a rock concert on a hot day. Also, why would you want to get hot and sweaty lifting weights at the World's Gym area??? It was pretty fun, just not worth getting there at 4pm and waiting 3 hours before the gates opened for the show that started at 8:15pm.

The show: There was about 7,000 people there and of course Sammy and the Wabos opened the show. My wife and I had 4th row seats. Right before the band came out we rushed the stage and were front row center for the whole show. Sammy's vocals were fantastic all night long. Mona played well and sang very good. I know some people claim they don't like her vocals but they were good that night. She just sings freaking loud. Her outfit was really cool. I was digging her purple pants and chains/crosses. She seems like a very cool chick. Vic played great, but his sound was very muddy from where I stood. I got mostly vocals and bass. Sammy's monitor was so damn loud my ears are still ringing!! I liked the fact that Sammy had a percussionist with him. It added a lot of cool rhythms and movement to the songs in addition to the drums. I really appreciate Sammy's stuff so much more live than on CD. For some reason they seem less "dated" sounding live. The band was really tight. Sammy was in a great mood (as usual). His bikini clad waitresses (3 of them) were very very hot. They brought him atleast 8-10 margaritas through out the night. Toward the end of the night 1 of the bikini waitresses was late coming out on stage when he called out for a margarita and he asked her if she was tired and needed a cup of coffee. Too funny! Sammy high fived me about 4 times through out the night. He signed my sombraro. He also signed my "No Bozos T-Shirt" that I was wearing. He cracked up and shook his head when he saw it. I saw Mikey hanging out on the side of the stage half way through the show. I pointed him out to my wife. At that moment Mikey saw us pointing at him and made a goofy face. He then ducked down and hid behind the stage monitor mixing board and bass guitar cases. He was so funny. Another funny moment was when Sammy broke a Cabo pinata with his guitar and it of course had the aguave worm in it dressed up like Sammy.

The Other Half: Mikey came out 1st in almost total darkness and began his infamous bass solo. As many times as I have fast forwarded through his bass solo on "Live Without a Net", I must admit it was really freaking cool to see him play that solo live again. He had all the old effects and did the typical bass over the head feedback routine. I didn't know whether to laugh or cheer so I did both. Having said that, I will say that Mikey is a VERY good bass player. He jammed the VH songs like I have never heard him play before. At some moments during the show during guitar solos I felt like I was watching old cream or something from the 70's jam band era because it was totally about the music at that moment. Do not expect any keyboard tracks. There are no sequences at all on the tour. Vic Johnson's version of right now was ok. He played the parts well, I just think the arrangement was a little weak. They played it very much like a ballad. The drums were used more as a percussion background instrument vs. the driving drums on the F.U.C.K. original. It was awesome to hear Good Enough and 5150. Sammy claims they were the 2 most requested songs that were not played on the 2004 reunion tour. When he was about to introduce 5150 I pointed at my 5150 tattoo on my left arm. Mikey saw it and looked back at me and said "What does that mean???" He was totally playing with me. He was so cool. He then threw me a pick as Vic started the opening riff. Some 11 year old boy standing next to me saw me get the pick off the floor. I felt bad for him so I gave it to him. (I had already gotten 2 picks so I was more than happy to share in the VH wealth with a young prospetive VH/Sammy fan!) Sammy made a comment about Dave doing blue grass on TV and said "What The Fuck Is That Shit?" . He commented on the status of Van Halen. He said that Van Halen are separated right now and that when you get separated you split things in half, and that that show was his 1/2. He then proceded to say that he would like to play with VH again, but he didn't feel like waiting another 5 years to do it, and that you can never say "never". Additionally, Johnny Highland (Nashville guitar player) came out and played Finish What Ya Started. That was cool too. I know Johnny and it was fun to see him up there!! There was no encore to the show. Mona came out at the end of the Other Half show with about 4-5 songs to go and played percussion. She played bass and Mikey played bass during Fight For Your Right (To Party) which was a little odd (to have 2 bass players on a song) but WTF ... it was cool.

- Shaking Mikeys hand and all the hand slaps I got from Sammy and Mikey.
- Sammy holding my wifes hand while singing the 2nd verse of BOBW!!
- Giving the Other Half pick to the little boy next to me and seeing him in awe.
- I took 102 great pictures that I need to post on this site!!!
- The bikini girls are just too damn hot!
- Actually seeing Mikey and Sam having a blast and hearing VH music live.
- The weather was perfect
- The sound quality was very good.
- The show was 3 hours long. For $50 that is awesome!
- Hearing Good Enough and 5150 live.
- There was no Eagles Fly and Give To Live (good songs, heard too many times ... sorry Sam!)
- Mikey giving me his pick after RWTD.
- Sammy signing my No Bozos T-Shirt and laughing about it.
- The crowd was very nice and I did not have any sweaty idiots crowding me out. Just cool people having fun and partying.

- I got there too early and had to spend too much time in the Cabo Village
- I wish I could have heard a little more guitar from where I stood.
- I felt bad for the people standing on the risers. They watched the bands backs 95% of the night. Sammy went up there one time but for $200!! DAMN. They looked kind of dorky standing up there too. Kinda funny in a way.
- The concert T-Shirts weren't very good designs so I came home empty handed.
- No show that was close by the next day that I could go to!

That's all ... I will try to post my pictures soon. They are fantastic!!!! I gotta' figure out how to do it again!

The J Man
06.30.06, 08:29 PM
How do the shows start, I've been curious to know. Is there a video or anything before? Because I want to be ready and not get caught off guard...any details? Thanks.

06.30.06, 09:52 PM
There's a huge back drop with a picture of Sammy sitting in a chair on the beach with his back facing the ocean holding a margarita. While the fans are being escorted onto the bleachers behind the backdrop 3-4 roadies grab the backdrop (they are behind it as well) and prepare to pull it down when the show starts.

There is a long (maybe 5-6 minute) audio track with various clips of music played to build the suspense. It has clips of VH (Cabo Wabo), Kenny Chesney, Hagar material, R&B, basically stuff you might here when you are out clubbing at the Cabo Wabo. When that is over, you hear a high pitched tone kind of like when the radio does an emergency broadcast test. At this moment the curtain is yanked down by the roadies and shows is on full blast.

The break is only like 10 minutes so if you have to piss I suggest doing it quickly.

The second starts in the dark with Mikey coming out for a 7-10 minute bass solo. Then straight into RWTD.

The J Man
07.01.06, 05:13 PM
Alrighty thank you very much! If all goes planned, you'll all have a nice treat to look forward to Sunday morning :)

07.01.06, 07:27 PM
Great show!!! My twi brithers and I went to the show and we had a blast!!!! I got to slap Sammy's hand which for me was the coolest thing ever! And I got two pics from Vic which jusr put me over the top. The most fun and the coolest concert I have ever been to!!! I posted some of my oics on redrocker.com if any on wants to see them my set is set 4.