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Whats That Sound
06.15.06, 04:38 AM
I know its a little late...

Prolly 10,000 to 12,000 in attendance there last week. Great show, good crowd!!! Especially for 114 degree heat! Shit man... lol

Sammy and the Wabo's kicked ASS, but it definitely went up a notch when Mikey came out for "The Other Half"!!! The crowd was waaaaaay more into it for the VH tunes. Not saying the Wabos with Sammy didn't get their due...crowd loved them too, but you could tell it was at a 'nother level when Mikey banged out the opening riff to "Runnin w/the Devil"! Great show!!!

Vic is very good, but to the people who say he can run circles around EVH...what are you smokin'? Has your "pissed-ness" towards EVH gotten the best of you? I love Vic and how he plays and trys to hold the VH banner high!!! It's VERY admirable, but let's not forget who paved the way and actually wrote and record that shit...

p.s. Vic ROCKS!!! Dude is VERY good!!! So happy he plays with Sammy!!!