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Little Dreamer
06.14.06, 07:52 PM
I've noticed that no one posts setlists anymore.

Could the reviewers of each show put up the set list here?


Van Squalen
06.14.06, 08:03 PM
Probably should look in each show's thread. :)

Little Dreamer
06.14.06, 08:36 PM
Hey VS, I didn't see any setlists in the Dallas and N.O. threads.

Van Squalen
06.14.06, 08:55 PM
Well, there's one in mine.

They're doing basically the same set every night. A few times they've subbed in Runaround for Top of the World, sometimes they sub in 5150 for Judgment Day.

The Wabo encores have varied a little bit too.

06.15.06, 06:47 AM

Click on the dates and then setlist:

Bakersfield Setlist 6-6-06

1. Mas Tequila
2. 3 Lock Box
3. 1 Way 2 Rock
4. Rainy Day Women
5. Shaka Doobie
6. The Girl Gets Around
7. Rock Candy
8. I'll Fall In Love Again
9. I Love This Bar
10. Sam I Am
11. Little White Lie
12. Serious JuJu
13. I Can't Drive 55
14. Heavy Metal


15. Mikey's Bass Solo
16. Runnin With The Devil (Mikey on vocals & Sammy on background vocals)
17. Top Of The World
18. Humans Being (Sammy walked through the VIP cantina seats durring this song)
19. Why Can't This Be Love
20. Good Enough
21. Judgement Day
22. Right Now
23. Finish What You Started
24. Best Of Both Worlds
25. Fight For Your Right To Party (Mikey & 95.5 KLOS DJ sang the whole song)