View Full Version : Scrantune roll call for 7/2

06.13.06, 01:35 PM
Okay, who's in. Just got a message yesterday that the Cabo cantina opens at 4:00 p.m. instead of 2:00 p.m. We'll be there. Hope to hook up with some linkers. See ya there! Any body needs any info on local info let me know.

06.13.06, 02:44 PM
I've got Stage Tix for the show. I'm going with some family. It's gonna be awesome.

06.25.06, 06:05 PM
I,ll be there. Hope to see forum people from here and RR.com there as well. 7 days to go!!!

07.04.06, 09:41 AM
Had a great time at the show although the Thunderstorm and rain put a little damper on the pre show festivities. The show went off at 8:05 and a malfunction with the Cabo Wabo stage prop got Sam running to all sides of the stage like a director of a symphony. Enjoyed Rock Candy and Heavy Metal. Also saw Mike on the side of the stage with Dugan waving to everyone. Plus as you walked in and looked to the left front side of the stage you saw the VH swirl logo on the equipment box and that was cool. Plus Sam was possessed. It was cool to see him walk out behind stage, hug and kiss his wife and kids and then transfom into this wildman. He signed tons of autos which was cool but made the band kind of freestyle through those times. Not complaining, I thought it was a great gesture for the fans and the folks onstage. When Mike came out and played that bass line for RWTD, people went crazy! Two other cool things happened during the set. The first was Sam bringing up a seven year old to sing "Top of the World." It was a little garbled at first, but when the young man sang " Standing on Top of the World", Sam looked at the crowd and smiled with approval. Plus, during Right Now, Sam brought on two people from Belguim who had a sign that read, Right Now, we're here from Belguim. Sam saluted with a shot of Tequila. Plus they played "Runaround". Vic smoked it on guitar and when all was said and done my ears were ringing and I had a smile on my face. :thumb:

07.04.06, 05:55 PM
I must say this was an awsome show. I took my neiceand it was here first concert. we were both blown away with the whole show. the storms I actually like since they let us into the seating area. the thunder was very loud, and the crowd cheered with every clap of thunder. Sammy was awsome, and as usual very friendly to the crowd. I can't wait till friday to get to darien lake.