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06.09.06, 07:40 AM
Where are the reviews and setlists from Phoenix and the Fox Theater shows??You can't tell me that there are not vh linkers from those areas.The opening date had so many responses, now it is like a ghost town. And please don't tell me that the shows aren't selling, my buddy said that the Dallas has over 12,000 seats solds. Lets here from you :)

06.09.06, 10:29 AM
I don't think anyone gives a fuck. I'm going to the S.A. show and I guess I'll not review it because no one cares!

06.09.06, 10:37 AM
I know Squalen did a great one for the Devore show...:thumb:

06.09.06, 01:30 PM
I am surprised as well, there are always die-hards in each area.

I went to the the Devore show and can't add much to the posted review.

Some general observations:

-Yeah, the hard liquor starting at 3p leads to more drunks than usual.

-The Cabo Village is pretty cool. $10 Waboritas hurt a little but the food is affordable (and damn good). It centralizes the party, offers tables and shade. It's a very cool thing and sure beats the parking lot.

-Sammy's set: excellent if a little long-winded on the guitar soloing. Love the mixing in of the older tunes and the laid-back energy of the whole deal. 'Heavy Metal' always sounds awesome. His solo material stands up a little better than the Van Hagar stuff, it still sounds fresh.

-Other Half set: starts off with a wallop!! Running w/ Devil is just killer and gets the whole crowd into it. The rest is Van Hagar, no real surprises. If you like that version of VH, you'll like it. The vocals on Humans Being are a little weak as are the guitar parts. Vic is good but he's no Eddie. I like the long lost classics like Good Enough and the rework of Right Now. I'm a huge VH fan of all eras but the Van Hagar stuff sounds dated to me now. Even the 2004 tour gave me the same impression.

Ticket prices: fantastic. You can see a great show on the cheap, well worth the price of admission.

Overall it was a great experience. The mix of solo and VH stuff is just about perfect. If you're a big enough VH dork to read these posts and lurk here (like me), then you'll dig it.

06.09.06, 04:54 PM
I plan on being at the Dallas Show Sunday.. i'll be happy to share a review.

06.09.06, 05:34 PM
Thanks for the cool reviews, only 14 more days for me! I can't wait to check it out for myself. $10 wabos huh, I hope the venue has an ATM!