View Full Version : barely played sammy tunes this year...

06.07.06, 07:41 PM
what "barely played live" songs do you guys want to hear this summer? I'm all for...
Bad Reputation
Cruisin' and Boozin'
Back into you

Good thing Sammy likes to change his setlist's everynight...hopefully he'll throw some rare ones in....

06.08.06, 05:57 AM
Remember the Heroes

extreme red roth
06.09.06, 01:13 AM
Back into You
Cruisin and Boozin
Baby's on Fire (tho he played his last tour)
Once Upon Returning Home
Marching to Mars
Not 4 Sale
Boys Night Out
Two Sides of Love

06.09.06, 04:35 PM
I havent looked at too many setlists so correct me if he is actually playing this, but i wanna hear... FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH and in terms of The Other Half, i wanna hear SOURCE OF INFECTION. Yes an obscure one, but an awesome song nonetheless.