View Full Version : St. Louis - July 22nd

06.01.06, 03:31 PM
What!? No thread to deal with the biggest show of the tour?!

Alright STL Redheads, light 'em up!

I'll be the drunk guy in the lawn :thumb:


06.01.06, 03:54 PM
I'll be in the 7th row on the right side. Wish it was Van Halen, but can't wait to see "The Other Half".

06.02.06, 09:35 AM
Hey Hack!

If you forget where you are sitting, my group (about 40 of us) will be in the lawn on the right hand side (looking at the stage) by the stairs. I hope I don't fall down the hill.


79th and Sunset
06.02.06, 10:21 AM
79th will be in da' house !! :thumb:

06.19.06, 04:48 PM
Are you kidding me? With lawn space going for a mere ten bucks a pop, who wouldn't be there? Seriously.. if you are near St. Louis on Saturday the 22nd of July... how can you not pony up what is about the price of of a three gallons of gas ( oohh.. depressing comparison) okay... instead think of it as putting out the approx. price of a PPV movie.

Every fan of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, or Michael Anthony should put in a mandatory appearance.

The price is just too good.

06.22.06, 02:27 PM
My Mother-in-law and her husband got me tickets for my birthday! I had it figured out when my wife asked me to not book any gigs for July 22. I'm looking forward to a great concert.

07.06.06, 09:22 PM
I'll be there on the lawn. Down front in the middle. Look for me I'll be the big guy in the red pullover.

Later, Dave

07.22.06, 01:16 PM
Woohoooo just a few hours to go........... Getting pumped now.

See you all at UMB

79th and Sunset
07.23.06, 09:36 AM
Sammy put on a grea show last night.

It was great to see Mikey playing and having fun ! :thumb:

07.23.06, 08:01 PM
Went to the show last night. The support Sammy receives in St Louis still blows my mind. 22,000 strong, a sell-out, and lots of "happy people"as he likes to say.

The highlights for me were Good Enough & Summer Nights.

I've seen Sammy the last 10 times he has come to St Louis, but I can honestly say how awful I think his new songs are. Sam I Am makes Up For Breakfast sound like the best Van Halen classic of all time & Mexico is nothing more than a cheap imitation of Cabo Wabo.

The Red Rocker still puts on a great show however. It is also nice to see Michael Anthony having a good time after the dark cloud of the 2004 Reunion Tour.

07.24.06, 10:43 PM
I was at the show Saturday. Had a great time. Took my 11 yr old son to his first concert. He had a ball.

I have to say I was more impressed with "The Other Half" as I was with Sammy's solo set. Maybe it was just seeing Mikey up there having a ball. It seemed to me like Sammy kicked it up a notch too when Mikey was on stage.
Sammy puts on a heck of show though. I'll be back next year.


Thai Boxer 9901
07.26.06, 02:11 PM
I was lookin on sammys site for the recent concert pics and I couldnt help but notice this guy:


My first thought was Tobey Keith...but no cowboy hat and no long hair. Then I thought Mark McGuire? Then I narrowed it down to Kerry King from Slayer??? Either way, I was just curious to know who this guy was

07.26.06, 07:06 PM
I think that's that DJ Bling Bling guy that shows up at shows where nobody musically famous is at and he comes out and sings part of the last song.

08.01.06, 08:43 AM
Not Kerry King... no tattoos.