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06.01.06, 08:41 AM
Had to wipe the dust off my screen name!

Anyone planing on being at the Indy show?

You know I'll be there!!!

06.01.06, 01:36 PM
Oh Yeah I will be there my buddy and I have section C tickets row W got em off ebay for 75 bucks total with no shipping sweet deal..

06.01.06, 03:20 PM
I'll be there, see my thread below!

I'm also in Sec C.
I'm gonna try to hit by 3 when the festivities start.

06.08.06, 07:41 AM
I'll have to check where I'm at and let you guys know. Will be there by 3:00 to open up the village!

07.04.06, 07:38 PM
Bump, sorry, shows 2 weeks away

07.05.06, 08:05 AM
I got an e-mail saying the parking lot stuff starts at 4 now, not 3. Just a heads up.

I think I might bring my own if the 'ritas are $9 a pop.

Infinite Cactus
07.07.06, 12:43 AM
Me and my friends are going. Section A row S

07.07.06, 02:18 PM
need someone to make a sign asking to play summer nights i will be way to hammered to write ledgibly

07.14.06, 11:09 PM
Wifey and I just got back (after a pit stop at the boobie bar) and I must say it was a great time! Sam sounded awesome, and the band was on it. Both sets were great. I think I had a better time here than I did at the 04 "reunion" show. I quite enjoyed "The Other Half" set, it was great hearing Good Enough and Summer Nights. All in all, it was a great night and worth every penny! I wish I was going again!

07.15.06, 06:56 AM
Double post, didn't see an edit-----

I forgot to mention too, I couldn't believe how packed it was. At first, when it started, the place wasn't very full. The lower pavillion was sold out (and pretty much packed) and the upper was packed in the middle and the lawn was pretty much packed in the middle. By the time the Wabos were ending, I looked around and both pavillions were completely full and the lawn was jam packed except for the very edges. To be honest, I didn't think Sammy would come close to doing that at Verizon (formerly Deer Creek) by himself. It was damn near packed like the old VH days; really close. I was actually amazed. My wife couldn't believe it either. I think there was 11,000+ people there, which is close to capacity (unless it's one of those damn festivals where they just let if fill up until the people start falling out)

The Wabo set list was cool, they seemed to play the usual set he's been playing. Heard Mexico and Sam I Am, which I liked both; Let Me Take You There was cool. The VH set seemed short. I know we missed Rock & Roll at the end too. I didn't mind missing Right Now but I wish they'd have added Humans Being back in (my all time fav song of any band); though (again) hearing Summer Nights and Good Enough just kicked much ass (I've never heard either song live). The change up for FWYS was enough that I liked hearing it, same with WCTBL (no keys, sounded pretty kewl, even "heavier"). DJ Bling Bling (?) joined them ALL THE WAY FROM OAKLAND for Fight For Your Right, which the song itself was good but I have no idea who that was.

This seemed like a great rememberance for me of how it was back in the early 90's. Great rockin', and a great crowd. Definately a great time; wish I was doing it again tonight!

07.18.06, 12:51 PM
Went to this Noblesville show last Friday, and it was a great show and a great time!! I had the on stage ILAA deal, and it was a great experience. Not as good IMO as the golden rings during VH's '04 reunion tour, but very cool nonetheless. I was up against the railing all the way over on Vic's side, and I have a WHOLE new respect for that guy and his guitar playing skills. Last time (and only other time) I've seen him play w/Sammy was during the Sam/Dave tour in '02, and I remember thinking then that he was an "OK" guitar guy, but was pretty much overshadowed on that tour IMO by Brian Young's stellar performance w/Dave. But man, he was incredible in Noblesville and it was an absolute pleasure standing so close and watching him rip through the tunes.

Highlight of the entire night HAD TO BE when the "Other Half" set kicked off with "Runnin With the Devil!!!" My God, what an adrenaline shot seeing Mikey stroll out on stage kickin' off the Other Half set with RWTD. Like I said, very cool on stage experience!! We all got to walk around the stage during BOBW, high fived everybody in the band, got Mikey, Sam, and Vic's signatures on the ILAA shirt. Just awesome, would certainly do it again in a heartbeat if I'm ever blessed enough to get those great tickets.

Only complaint IMO was the alleged yard glass full of "waborita". I was warned about this beforehand and its true; no way that's Cabo Wabo in there. Pretty irrelevent though considering how awesome the rest of the experience was!!! Thanks for keepin' us rockin' Sammy, hope to see ya again soon!!!