View Full Version : July 25th - Tulsa, OK

05.25.06, 05:30 PM
Just wanted to let anyone in the Tulsa area know that Sammy will be performing at the Brady Theater on July 25th. More details to follow....

05.25.06, 06:19 PM
FUCKIN' A!!!!!! I am so there. It's bout time Sammy plays Tulsa. It's gonna rock.....and then some.

05.26.06, 09:57 AM
YEEEEAH!! This is friggin awesome! I've been waiting for this since the Red Voodoo tour back in 99. Man this is going to friggin rock! I've seen Sam only about three times all together. Once in Tulsa, once in OKC on the Sam and Dave tour and once in Kansas City with Van Halen.

05.26.06, 08:48 PM
DAMN! I was at the Styx show at the Brady last weekend, and the announcer said that Sammy and Mike would be in Tulsa soon, and "details to follow". That kicks ass. I've got tickets to see them already in St. Louis on the night after we see Journey / Def Leppard, but... Tulsa is too close to ignore.

I'm in!

05.27.06, 12:00 PM
Tix are $29, $39 & $54. On sale June 17th 10am.


05.27.06, 01:37 PM
Mikey is gonna be their too. Hell Yeah!!! That is gonna be worth the $54 a ticket. I'll see ya all July 25th.

05.28.06, 06:20 PM
Damn, we just might have to make a 2 hour drive to Tulsa that night. :thumb:

Shit! I just looked at a calendar and that's a Tuesday night. I only have to work 3 days a week, and this has to be on one of them. :irked: :brickwall

06.02.06, 03:39 PM
Just received one of those "auto update" emails from Sammy's site saying the Tulsa show was cancelled and would have to be re-scheduled.


06.03.06, 08:15 PM
Damnit all to Helll!!!!!

That sucks.

It'll be interesting to see if this show gets rescheduled. I hope so.