View Full Version : 6/25: Columbus, Ohio

05.25.06, 10:36 AM
Who's goin'? I'll be in the lawn w/about 10 crazy, drunks! :bounce:

05.25.06, 12:20 PM
I'll be there

06.16.06, 09:26 AM
A little over a week to go. I am getting pumped. Who's with me?!?!

06.16.06, 09:47 AM
I'm going but not pump yet. I hope I'm not wishing the night away for Edward to be on stage with them and can enjoy it for what it is, Van Halen music getting played live in the summer with at least part of it's members who give a darn. With a few margarita's though, I should be able too. ;)

06.26.06, 12:53 PM
Great show last night. I think that Germain is a good venue to have a show like that. The village was a bit dissapointing. I have to say that the man with the worst job on the planet has to be the guy in the Sammy/Michael gear tent. How many times can the poor bastard listen to people butchering Eruption before he kills himself? We happeneded to be haning around to hear the soundcheck which was really cool. They did Seventh Seal and Aftershock minus the vocals. I was pleasently surprised to hear how good Vic played those two songs. The Sam half of the show was really tight. The waitress thing and all of the signing gets a little old after awhile but you could tell that the band was having a good time. From our seats you could see that Mikey was on the side watching the whole show chomping at the bit to play. Does anyone besides me cringe everytime Mona sings back-ups? Her voice just cuts through everyone elses, especially on the old material. On to the Other Half. It was cool to see how the whole vibe changed when Mike came out. While Eddie, my hero, may not appreciate Mike these days, he needs to realize that Mikey is the heart and soul of VH. Very cool to hear Good Enough. After nailing the intro I was interested to hear Vic play the solo for 5150 when they abruptly eneded the song. That's a bit weak. Sam's voice continues to amaze me. I don't know if it's the aliens or the tequila but he never seems to lose a bit. I thought the new version of Right Now was really cool. Shows you how good the song is even stripped to a minimum. Can't wait until next years tour. Sorry for the rambling.

06.27.06, 01:29 PM
Yep. a great show. A good time was had by all. Mike and Sam looked like they were having a real ball on stage. And the crowd fed off of this. I was very impressed w/Vic!

06.27.06, 08:41 PM
Great show. Pics and brief report setlist here: