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05.23.06, 08:32 PM
Who's going to the Dallas Show??

I am relocating from South Florida the first week in June. It will be my first show in Dallas, and unless the 13 yo is up for "old people music" i'll likely be sitting on the lawn alone (yes, pathetic, I know, but it beats missing the show).

Are there any other linkers planning on being on the lawn for the show?

05.24.06, 07:33 AM
I've kicked around the idea of going but haven't made any definite plans. What day is it exactly?

05.24.06, 09:02 AM
Bill, I'm almost positive the Dallas show is on Sunday, June 11th (the day after the Houston show). :thumb:

05.24.06, 02:21 PM
Man I'd love to be there in Dallas, but I don't have the funds. Maybe somebody will start up a collection...LOL

05.24.06, 02:24 PM
Bill, I'm almost positive the Dallas show is on Sunday, June 11th (the day after the Houston show). :thumb:

DAMN...Kerrpatch weekend...:brickwall :irked: :yell: :rolleyes:

05.24.06, 08:19 PM
DAMN...Kerrpatch weekend...:brickwall :irked: :yell: :rolleyes:

Yep, sorry babe. Maybe all the loot you get will make up for it (a little???). ;)

06.07.06, 07:46 PM
are any of the people from the 2004 Van Halen show going. especially the ones who did the backstage and warmup deal

06.10.06, 09:47 AM
are any of the people from the 2004 Van Halen show going. especially the ones who did the backstage and warmup deal

Centralsteve -- My buddies (Jimmy & Vince) and I will be there. We also did the 5-star for the 2004 VH show in Dallas. I don't remember meeting you in Dallas. I was mainly hanging out with sixstring and sisca.

Abe (abe5150)

06.10.06, 01:41 PM
But I hope the game doesn't crush the numbers. Anybody unable to go based on price should be able to go because prices on third party sites and craigslist are super-cheap for great seats. I was with Abe5150, vince, sisca, and sixstring on the 2004 tour and have been looking forward to this one for a while. From what I've been reading we're in for a pretty wild time.

06.10.06, 08:47 PM
I was the guy with the picture of myself and Michael Anthony. I was with my buddy John at the show and we hung out a little with Abe, sixstring, and all the guys. I will be wearing my Van Halen t-shirt with the striped Eddie shoes. We are taking John's truck and we will be there around 2p.m. Where will you guys be???

06.11.06, 11:29 PM
Just got back. Probably 9,000 people there. Great show. Sammy kicked ass as usual. Mike sounded awesome. He gave plenty of shout outs to the Mavs fans. The only negative and it was a huge negative was the fricking heat. Please start having these shows inside.

06.12.06, 07:40 AM
Okay, here is a full review. got to the show around 2 p.m. We were initially told that if you went into the Cabo village, you could not go back to your car. However, we found a side entrance where the security guard let people go and come as they please, so we took advantage of that. The coolest part of the Cabo village is the area where you can jam on Sam and Mike's actual guitars and amps. I brought my camera in and was able to take alot of good pictures. We did the mandatory Cabo shot and wondered around but like I said earlier it was TOO DAMM HOT. We kept leaving to go back the car for some much needed A/C. There was alot of prepartying in the parking lot. We parked near these two wild motherf--ers who had been out for opening night to see Sammy in Devore. One of these guys had an all red jumpsuit. Major redreads. One of the things my buddy and I noticed was that hardly anyone was drinking water. People were slamming beers and hard liquor. We were enjoying adult beverages but we were drinking tons of bottle water in between. The heat and all the drinking created a bad mix for the majority of the concert goers. Last week, I started a thread asking where are the reviews. After being at this show and knowing how hot it has been in Texas, I put people have too wiped out to write a review. I know alot of people will call bullshit on that but I have never seen such a beat down group of concert goers in my life after the concert at 11p.m.
On to the show. What can I say. Sammy has a great vibe and stage setup. For a 58 year old guy, he acts and performs like he is 28. He looks like he has been working out unlike how he looked for the Sam and Dave tour. I have been reading a lot of posts where people say that Vic is butchering the Van Halen. Guys there is only one Eddie Van Halen. It is hard to copy all of Eddie's licks but I think they sounded a whole hell alot better than Van Halen did in 2004. Eddie's playing at the American Airline Center that night was incredibly sloppy. I feel that Sammy's show sounded alot better than any other time I have seen him.(I have seen him about 20 times over the years). Mike Anthony was incredible. His bass solo was kick ass and his vocals were dead on. I could not stop smiling when Mike was on the stage because I feel that he is so overshadowed all the time by Eddie, Sammy, David, and so on. However, just like the bass player in the mighty Led Zep, Mike is a critical musician in the Van Halen sound. I kept thinking what a waste that Eddie has self-destructed over the last ten years. Van Halen should be pumping out records and be in the same league as U2 or Aerosmith. I was thinking during the Other Half's set that if I could see what Eddie was doing at that particular moment, I would see him working on his 25 cig while opening up his second bottle of red wine. In Dallas, I was enjoying two guys who truely love playing music. Everyone in the audience can feel that positive vibe. Sadly, the man who created the music can't pull his head out of his ass. Oh well.
A funny poster hanging on stage by a fan said something about no bluegrass here just the Better Half. That was pretty funny. A couple of one liners, Sammy said the guy who helped him create Cabo Wabo was standing by the side of the stage. Vince Paul(drummer from Pantera) played on Running with the Devil(very kick ass). Sammy mentioned that he likes hot rather than cold but these three day in Texas have tough. Sam also mentioned that he is going to do this every year and keep the ticket prices low.(Please Sam, look at an indoor arena). A chick near the end of the show flashed her tits on staged to Mike. She was part of the group on the bleachers not the cocktail waitresses. Sadly, Sam did not playing Marching to Mars.
To reiterate, the show kicked major ass but the heat was just too much. I beat there alot of people who are in super bad shape today.

06.12.06, 09:24 AM
Kewl review, Steve! Thanks, bro! Wish I coulda been there...:brickwall

06.12.06, 05:17 PM
It was HOT I agree. They had some cool cars on display in the cabo village....along with another band "KillJoy". I had a shot of Cabo for $14. No wonder Sammy is so rich!

Sam was great as always. Mikey was having a good time as always. Vic's guitar tone was the best I have ever seen him get out of that Crate.....he did a pretty good job, but he's not Ed. Hell Ed is not Ed these days. Running with the Devil was great. They seemed to have a lot of fun with that song.

They did "right Now" without keyboards and it was horrible....they need to pull that one out. They did a lot of old stuff from the Standing Hampton CD. Sam sang "I love this bar" by Toby....not the right crowd for that one.

I don't see how Sammy can keep going at his age, but he's better than ever.

All in all a great show!

06.14.06, 10:43 AM
VINNIE PAUL Jams With THE OTHER HALF In Dallas: Photos Available - June 14, 2006

Former PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN drummer Vinnie Paul has posted the following message on his official MySpace page:

"Well, I just got back from Canada where I was promoting REBEL MEETS REBEL, 'DimeVision' and my new signature snare drum from Pearl Drums. First stop was Toronto.

"Canada has always been good to us and this time was no exception. First day was full-on press day with MTV, Much Music, 'Entertainment Tonight' and in-person interviews at Fontana. The next day was my meet and greet at Steve's Music. It was pouring down cold rain and we had still had 1,000 people turn out. It was very gratifying and a long, long wet day. I wanna thank everyone who stood in line for hours in the rain and I was happy to see the Canadians love REBEL MEETS REBEL and have big love for 'DimeVision'!!!! Then off to Ottawa got lucky cause it was a great sunny day and was very well attended too. Then my last stop was Montreal. It was amazing as well and the French love the REBEL music too!! I also wanna thank John Graham, Paul Fredicks, Ruth, Lee and all at Steve's Music. Great trip!!!

"Came back to Big D [Dallas] and had the pleasure of watching the Mavs crush the Miami Heat!!! I think Shaq is in big trouble!!! Then the big news came in that 'DimeVision' had been certified gold!!!! Thank all of you for your support and spreading the word It's a great feeling knowing everyone loves Dime's magic.And finally Sammy Hagar brought his Cabo Cantina Party through town. Wow!!!! What a show. I was lucky enough to have Sammy and Michael Anthony bring me up on stage and jam with THE OTHER HALF!!!! Great feeling to play 'Runnin' With The Devil' in front of 10,000 hometown fans. Special thanks to Paul Binder and Sammy's entire crew and band!!! See you in Cabo in October."

Check put pictures from Vinnie's Canadian trip and THE OTHER HALF jam at this location (http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=40758620&blogID=132496167&MyToken=a1be7e35-972a-4939-85f6-c4bd1ba7b75f).

Vinnie: Playing "Running With the Devil" with Sammy and Michael Anthony.....
hey, that's the other half of Van Halen, KICK ASS!!!!!


06.14.06, 10:49 AM
ohhhhhhh man....vinnie paul was playing too??? shit shit shit fuck i bet that was amazing!!!