View Full Version : Indianapolis!!

05.20.06, 06:42 AM
anybody goin' to Indy on 7-14?

Just curious. The wifey and I will hopefully arrive early enough to partake in the "big party".

05.20.06, 06:59 AM
I'll be there!! Got VIP tickets for this one, and I can't wait!

05.20.06, 08:49 AM
I'll be there with a few friends I live down close to Louisville so not a bad drive at all! I cant wait!

05.20.06, 06:57 PM
Please PM me if you need tickets to the Indy show - I have two extra section C row X, and four in section F row M (the $20 seats). Only want face value.

05.21.06, 06:30 PM
I was planning on the VIP as this would probably be my last opportunity to meet Mike, but got hosed as the tix went on sale at 2 and not the usual 5. Oh well. Used the money for something else.

Got Sect C so it's not all that bad.

What time does the parking lot festivities start?