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05.13.06, 08:33 PM
The only thing that was disappointing was that Mike was not at this show.

Don't have a set list but can say they opened with Mas Teq and closed with Sailing.

Sammy and the band kicked major butt up there last night. Dreams (on guitar), Finish what you started, and best of both worlds were (I think the only VH songs)

Montrose: Rock Candy
Hagar (Pre VH): 55, fall in love again, heavy metal, what else???
Wabo's: Mas Teq, both sides now, shaka doobie, sam i am, what else???
Misc: I love this bar, Fight for your right to party... and we did

I'm leaving out a ton of stuff, but it was a great show. One of the coolest things is that sam appeared to be calling out the next song to the band so it didn't appear that there was an agreed upon set list prior to the show.

I looked at my buddies during the show and said "fuck edward van halen" I really don't understand why he wouldn't want to be part of something like we saw last night. With Sam it's always fresh, always new... there's no static in that set list and thank god for that.

I was a little disappointed in the Tahoe Wabo itself... didn't really have any atomesphere... it's just a bar. Of course I didn't make it there til about 1 am after drinking a few too many beers.

05.13.06, 09:52 PM
oh no , mikey didn't show . maybe those evil van halen brothers got to mike.and warned him . you better be wearing a cup.

05.14.06, 11:23 AM
He's at 5150 recording vocals for the new album with Roth.:thumb::sssh:

He's probably under the weather or something, there is a bug going around.:(

05.14.06, 10:06 PM
oh no , mikey didn't show . maybe those evil van halen brothers got to mike.and warned him . you better be wearing a cup.

Mikey wasn't announced for this weekends shows... so it's not a no show, he just had prior obligations.

05.15.06, 02:07 PM
I hope that my post didn't imply we were disappointed by the show. We didn't know that Mike wasn't going to be there but it was a great show anyway. Being from the bay area we see Sam a few times a year... and we're going a couple more times this year. But I did think the other half was going to be there last weekend.

But if I can see shows like that a few times a year, I'd be a happy man... that's what rock and roll is supposed to be like.

05.15.06, 05:10 PM
Oh, one thing that was odd was the amount of snow in Tahoe... it's mid may for gods sake.

<IMG SRC=http://static.flickr.com/44/145892136_8652d8edcd.jpg?v=0>

Oh, well I can't seem to get the image to appear.