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Little Dreamer
05.10.06, 07:26 PM
I thought that since here on this forum we are all intense, loyal VH fans, we would list the songs we would like the Other Half to play live. I encourage people to make constructive proposals, not 'Hot For Teacher" or "Big Bad Bill," as there's no chance in hell that the band will play them.

My suggestions:

Drop Dead Legs (mike vocals)
You're No Good (mainly because of the Mikey bass intro) (sam vocals - it's not even a dave song)
Pretty Woman (sam vocals)
Here About It Later (mike vocals)
AFU/Naturally Wired
Black'n' Blue
Dream is Over
Don't Tell Me

05.11.06, 05:53 AM
Those classics would be nice but I think Sammy, when speaking of the VH legacy doesn't care much about VH prior to 1986. I would love to hear Mike play Sunday Afternoon in the Park for his bass solo leading into One Foot Out The Door. Sammy could even pull off those lyrics. I personally don't see what he has against singing the old material because he sure dosen't have a problem with playing covers from other bands.

05.11.06, 06:04 AM
Summer Nights
Black and Blue

On Fire - (good luck Vic)
Dance the Night Away

05.11.06, 08:45 AM
I started a thread like this in the "albums" forum a couple months ago, so I'll take the easy way out and copy and paste :devil: (looks like I'm getting my wish on the Van Hagar side except "Summer Nights" :brickwall )

Given that the set is within a Wabos set, I figure they would play maybe 7 - 8 songs, so here's what I'd love to here them play:

(Mike on vocals)

Drop Dead Legs
Dance The Night Away
Jaime's Cryin

(Sam on Vocals)

Summer Nights
Cabo Wabo
Don't Tell Me
Judgement Day

Little Dreamer
05.11.06, 02:11 PM
Everyone's asking for Summer Nights (awesome song), however it's a real pain in the ass to play if u don't have a transtrem steinberger - and even with one, it's hit and miss (according to Ed). So I think there's really a technical issue to overcome there. I think that's y we won't hear it. Except without the intro - maybe.

extreme red roth
05.11.06, 02:45 PM
Don't Tell Me
So This is Love

05.11.06, 03:34 PM
Mine All Mine

05.11.06, 03:37 PM
Mine All Mine

Definately. I love that song. One of Ed's best solos ever.

Little Dreamer
05.11.06, 09:38 PM
Mine All Mine = great tune, but not sure how they would manage the keyboard + guitar situation

So This Is Love = vocals sound a bit too "dave" for Mikey or Sammy to sing it, me thinks.

05.13.06, 10:06 AM
Sammy should bring out Jesse Harms for the keyboard songs.

Best of Both Worlds
Mine all Mine
Don't tell Me
The Dream is Over
Summer Nights
Humans Being
Love Walks In
Judgement Day
Cabo Wabo :thumb:

05.13.06, 11:32 PM
I think that out of all the suggestions that I have seen, Mine All Mine will be the Sam era tune they will pull out of the bag. As for the Roth era I think they might play So This Is Love or Pretty Woman.

On a second note, I'm kind of tired of people saying "Maybe they could play <insert CVH song here>, but good luck to Vic on that one". Eddie has even been quoted saying, "Nothing I play is impossible to do". I admit Ed plays with more "feel" than a lot of players and that is a major part of his sound, but if Vic wanted to play most of the CVH catalogue I'm sure he could. Many players can play VH note for note like the album. Just look at the Atomic Punks' Russ. Vic is an outstanding player and he chooses to not play like Ed, however that doesn't mean that he couldn't play most of CVH songs like On Fire and others.

However, I do believe that Ed's magic is in his hands and there is nobody else in the world that sounds like him live.

05.14.06, 01:58 AM
I don't think many classic Van Halen songs will ever be sung by Sammy again, however, I always thought the no brainer, especially on the 2004 Reunion Tour, would have been "Beautiful Girls." Simply because of Sammy's love for the "waitress" and the lyrics:

Now I'm a-seaside sittin'
Just a-smokin' and a-drinkin', I'm ringside
On top of the world (Top of the world)
I got a drink in my hand, I got my toes in the sand
All I need, is a beautiful girl (Beautiful girl)

The seaside, the smokin', the drinkin', the ringside, "top of the world," drink in my hand, toes in the sand... It's so Sammy and it is so Cabo. When you read it like that, it's surprising Sammy didn't write it and it's a Dave song in the first place (don't lose your minds, classic Van Halen lovers, I'm just making a comparison!) I think it would work with Sammy's voice and it would have blown everybody away as blowing the cobwebs off a classic Van Halen song.

Ah, well, 'tis not to be. I can dream, though, can't I?