View Full Version : VH Tracks - The Other Half

Van Squalen
05.09.06, 06:29 PM
Thought this might deserve a thread of its own, just to see how much they switch it up over the summer.

This is all the VH played at 4 shows so far, and how many times they've played each one (including the one show in Baja for the cruise), according to some cat at Red Rocker.com.

Runnin With The Devil 4
Top Of The World 3
Why Can't This Be Love 3
Judgement Day 3
Right Now 3
Best Of Both Worlds 3
Cabo Wabo 3 (sometimes just with The Wabos)
Humans Being 2
Good Enough 2
Poundcake 2
Up For Breakfast 2
Runaround 1
Finish What Ya Started 1
Dreams 1
5150 1
Amsterdam 1
Summer Nights (lyrical tease) :irked: