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03.26.05, 05:49 PM
Well after searching Google for about a hour and trying MANY combinations I found the Enumclaw, WA review.

August 23 Enumclaw, Washington
Reviews go here.

If you dont have a review, then shut your face!! This thread is for those that were at the show and those that have questions for those in attendance....Dude.

The mighty VH is back!!

Just walked in from the back deck, my ears are still ringing.

Man they were tight tonight, Eddie was so on the money. All of you that have been dogging Ed need to get a life, he rocked plain and simple.

When I was contacted by VH management and informed that they wished to play my house for my birthday bash I simply could not say no.

I met with myself at the Enumclaw Jack in The Box for a little pre show partaaaaay.
It was cool to meet all the fellow VH LINKERS. I was so sure we were going to get thrown out or arrested for being out of fucking control. You dudes are hardcore!!! There is no way I could do that on a daily basis, maybe I am mellowing in my old age.

Anyway on to the show.

Security was tight man, they didnt allow me to bring my cell phone/cammera in. The security dude and I almost got into it, he finally agreed to allow me to put my cell phone/ cammera in my bedroom and I could pick it up after the show.

I did the 5star and must say it was worth every penny. I enjoyed the backstage tour even though it was under my deck. It was still cool to get to see all the wires and boxes of wires, the mic stands and the extra wires. Little disappointed in the food at the 5star, all I had was a few hot pockets and some red vines, Hey what are you going to do its VH baby!!

Once the house lights went down and the opening act came out my damm motion sensor lights kept kicking on. This really threw these guys for a loop. They didnt know if they were supposed to keep playing or if there set was over already. I jumped into high gear grabbed a leather glove and turned the light bulb till it was off. Shindown was ok, I spent a lot of there set in the bathroom reading my Sports Illustrated. I could still hear them from the bathroom, its only like 9 feet away.
When I came out they were off the stage.

The house lights went off about 20 minutes later and I heard the familiar roar of Ed's guitar. I stood up and screamed at the top of my lungs EDDDDIEEEEE!! At this point I heard one of my neighbours yelling " You have got to be fucking kidding me!!" I informed him this was no joke and to go wake his wife, its just starting!!

They started with unchained and dedicated it to me - the birthday boy! The set list was pretty much the same as all the other shows from this point on.

All in all it was a amazing time. Me my 70 year old neighbour, his wife and my dog all had a kick ass time.

Eddies solo was right on the money, none of this noodling around bidnez. No Wolfie tonight, I didnt want those to getting all emotional on my back deck. There is no crying at OLO's.

Mikes solo - was cool, short and sweet, he drank some JD during the solo. I brought him a root beer to chase it with.

Sam - didnt sing a solo. We all came inside for a bit and had hot pockets and birthday cake.

Al's solo was amazing, the only porblem with it was all the fucking pine needles were falling off the tree's. Now I am going to have to get the leaf blower out to clean that mess.
Halfway throught the show Sam and Mike climbed on top of a stack of Amps and jumped off onto my hot tub cover. I told those two fuckers its not meant to be stood on!!! Its a cover not a platform. You fuckers owe me a hot tub cover!! Now my hot tub is full of leaves and pine needles!! My sister is a Attorney I will Sue!!!

Once we got them out of the tub and dried off they finsihed the set.
Eddie wasnt drunk, I only have non-alcholic wine in the house, he didnt notice the diffrence. He kept going on and on about what PHAT Fucking cabernet it was blah blah blah!!

Ed did seem to be having trouble with his cord again. He kept getting it tangled in the BBQ. I dont know how many fuckign times I moved the damm thing, regardless Ed would get tangled in it AGAIN!! Ed get a fucking clue- stay away from my BBQ!!!

Great time had by all, sorry there are no pics or bootlegs.

I wonder what my electric bill is going to be after this?

Van Squalen
03.26.05, 05:50 PM
A true classic. :thumb:

03.26.05, 08:22 PM
A true classic. :thumb:THE CLASSIC!...No one will ever be able to top that! OLO, that was friggen funny!!!!

03.26.05, 08:27 PM
Brett has to have yearly awards, maybe The Golden Norton's or something, that post had to get "Post of the Year"

03.26.05, 09:11 PM
I remember laughing my ass off the first time I read that last summer! It was cool to read that I again. I definitely agree that that is the best post I've seen, period. :thumb:

03.28.05, 04:59 AM
OLO my little darlin', I'm still very shocked that they allow internet access at Bellevue... put down that jam pot!! :D

06.07.05, 02:32 PM
Arguably the BEST show of the tour...:thumb: :D

06.08.05, 03:00 PM
That's fucking hilarious dude, now I get what you said in the 5-star thread. LOL.

01.19.07, 09:40 PM
OLO, are the rumors true that the "reunion" tour with Dave is kickin' off at your place in Enumclaw???

If so, can you save me a parking spot in your driveway???

I'll bring the root beer and pizza pockets... Hope you like Pepperoni!