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03.25.05, 12:06 PM
What do you think was the high point. Not your favorite song in general but the song that they pulled off the best on the last tour. The exact moment that you banged your head or fucking screamed or whatever.

I saw them six times last year, once in front row St. Louis. I thought the highlight all six times was seeing them come out of Mikey's solo and hammering into "SOMEBODY GET ME A DOCTOR".

Seeing Sam look completely into a Dave era 1979 VH classic, having no bitterness like he did the whole time in his past with VH was unbelievable. Think back to the Balance tour set list. Awesome tour but dry as fuck, typical set list. And in 2004 we get to hear Unchained and Doctor. It's a beautiful thing.

PS If your into boots, check out the version of "Doctor" on the 6-23-04 Jersey dvd. If that doesn't pump you up somthing's wrong with you.

03.25.05, 12:27 PM
Totally agree - when VH did that as Mike's solo in 1998 I was hoping that would be left in on future tours. Mike is a great singer and it's classic VH. I have the soundcheck boot before the Nov 19 Tucson show and Mike sings "I'm The One" with the band - amazing!!!

Good call on SGMAD!!!

Van Squalen
03.25.05, 01:30 PM
Humans Being and Unchained, no contest.

03.25.05, 01:31 PM
I thought the high point was coming out of Alex's solo and doing Top of the World, Unchained, and Why Can't This Be Love. Huge crowd reactions, high energy, great songs.

03.25.05, 05:22 PM
Humans Being and Unchained, no contest.
Fo-shizzle.....without the doubt!!!!

03.25.05, 07:04 PM
for me, it was in hershey, when ed came out of his solo and they went into dreams.

03.25.05, 07:47 PM
The first few seconds where Ed started into 'Unchained' and then said to myself....."Holy fuckin Shit! Sammy Hagar is going to sing 'Unchained'!!!!!"

03.25.05, 08:41 PM
Unchained!!! especially the toronto show, it sounded amazing, i listen to the boot and it still gives me shivers.

I liked Best Of Both Worlds too, sammy asks the crowd what time it is... "ITS FUCKIN 5150 TIME!!!'

03.25.05, 10:25 PM
ummm high points....for me jump that was the best part for me cause i was right there when eddie jumped in front of me.and the other highlight is when its love the whole arena singing it was great.....god i miss my show now.....

Infinite Cactus
03.26.05, 12:27 AM
Yeah the high point was coming off of Top Of The World, when Ed was holding that note really long. I remember thinking, wow, this is gonna be epic then WHAM BAM, Unchained in the face. I was blown fuckin away! Especially since up to that point the only songs I knew the words too where Poundcake, Jump, and Humans Being.

03.26.05, 12:15 PM
At the Toronto show, I thought the loudest fan reaction came for Poundcake and Best Of Both Worlds, of the Roth tunes, I would say SBGMAD, I was surprised at Unchained I thought it would have gotten a louder response.

03.27.05, 09:46 PM
I totally agree... the place erupted at the sound of the drill for Poundcake in TO. It sounded totally awesome!

04.02.05, 02:18 PM
definitely RUNNIN WITH THE DEVIL the second night in philly. That was amazing, having sammy and mikey singing it was so cool. plus unchained and best of both worlds!!!

Thai Boxer 9901
04.02.05, 03:38 PM
Dam...the highlights of the boise show....too many to name!

For me, it was the show opener with jump. Right when the keyboards kicked in, the place went nuts! And just seein sam, mikey and ed jumpin around and havin a good time was awesome too. Another highlight was when ed was do the intro to Top of the World but he was doin it with harmonics which was even cooler because the crowd instantly knew what song it was. Poundcake was a real good pumper along with somebody get me a doctor.

Dam I wish I could relive that night, but the dam DVD hasnt been made yet!

04.02.05, 06:18 PM
Wow, tough question!

Of course, the beginning of the show. I turned to my buddy and said, "It's about fucking time!!!!"

Hearing the 3 new songs live was a definite highlight. I was interested to see how they came off live.

"Dreams" was cool when Sammy ended up singing in the rafters.

04.03.05, 10:37 PM
Of the six shows I went to, I think it was pretty clear that the high point of the show was when they played Unchained and Why Can't This Be Love consecutively. Some nights Unchained got the biggest reaction, and sometimes Why Can't This Be Love did. Also, a few of the nights, Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love and Dreams were up there. But of all the shows I went to, Why Can't This Be Love in Cincinatti got the largest reaction. Everybody in the whole place went ape-shit when the synth beat started for that tune. :thumb:

04.04.05, 05:53 PM
Somebody get me a Doctor
Humans Being- Needed to be played later in the set for a better crowd reaction.

04.04.05, 09:42 PM
Probably during Humans Being in Cincinatti. I was dancin and everything, so I was excited and I think Sam pointed at me and sang, since I was in the middle of the aisle and a little light was on me.

04.06.05, 07:24 PM
The whole concert was a high point for me (as it was for most of you), but I really feel that the show and setlist kicked into overdrive during Best of Both Worlds. Seventh Seal before that got the hardcore fans fired up, then when Eddie fired off the opening riff to BOBW, the whole crowd was into it from that poiint to the end of the show.

04.06.05, 10:51 PM
After the opening band left, when they pulled the black sheets off of Ed's amps and I nearly hyperventilated, that was a high point. Never had I been so close to the boys (I had Golden Ring - I got the chills just thinking about it now). Unchained was definitely a high point. Humans Being was great to hear live. SGMAD was great - glad they kept that from the 3 tour. Mikey rocks!

I found it an odd choice to do When It's Love as the final encore. Maybe trying to settle us down before unleashing us on the world.


04.07.05, 04:12 PM
the high point for me happened at all three shows i saw on this tour...started just before the opening keys of Jump when Sammy screamed HEEEEELLLLOOOOO ______ (insert Toronto, Detroit, Hamilton) and ended with the final bow...2 hrs of pure high points!