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03.23.05, 09:43 AM
Just figured I'd throw this up in case anyone had questions about the set list. Mods, feel free to sticky if necessary.

Jump (a)
Humans Being
Up For Breakfast
Mike Solo
Somebody Get Me A Doctor (c)
Its About Time
Alex Solo
Top Of The World (b)
Why Can't This Be Love
Sammy Solo
Seventh Seal
Best Of Both Worlds
Eddie Solo (e)
Dreams (b)
Aint Talkin Bout Love
Right Now
(Encore Break)
You Really Got Me (a) (f) (h)
(Encore Break 2)
When Its Love

(a) On occasion, esp the 2nd night in cities, Jump & YRGM were flip flopped in the set.
(b) On occasion, TOTW & Dreams were flip flopped in the set.
(c) Runnin With The Devil (lead by Mikey) was played in Phiily 6/17 instead.
(d) Learning To See was played the first few shows before being replaced by SS.
(e) Ed played 316 with Wolfie when he was there for select shows.
(f) Finish What Ya Started was played in Worchester 6/20 instead.
(g) Sam's solo consisted of a combination of his solo tunes played acoustically including Deeper Kind of Love, Eagles Fly, Tropic of Capricorn, I Cant Drive 55 and a few others.
(h) Wolfie played YRGM with the band in Tuscon 11/19; this would be the only on-stage appearance with the entire band.

03.23.05, 10:14 AM
Hey Eric,
How about a 2004 Sound Check Setlist?
I know there were more but at the 7-29 STL show they did...

I'm The One
It's About Time
Runnin With The Devil
Drop Dead Legs

03.23.05, 11:46 AM
I don't know/remember all the details from all of them. I know they basically played for about 25 mins and typically ran through Jump, Its About Time, Poundcake, I'm The One and You Really Got Me.
Sammy was there but rarely sang much, which is normal. Mikey would sing lead on some, esp the older tunes. Ed would also tease a few older riffs and they would often jam something or just mess around a bit.

03.23.05, 01:04 PM
did anyone see them when they played learning to see live???does anyone know why they dropped the song???

03.23.05, 01:08 PM

Ed said in a interview that it was a difficult song to play live due to its multiple guitar parts. Sammy later said it was a slow spot in the show and that coming out of his solo, a new song (and a slow one at that) wasn't going over very well.

03.23.05, 01:12 PM
did anyone see them when they played learning to see live???does anyone know why they dropped the song???
I remember Ed saying it was the hardest song to reproduce live because it has so many guitar changes.
Listen to the solo :scared:

03.23.05, 02:15 PM
yea i kinda figured that...i thought it was cause nobody liked it nobody really talks about this song i loved it

03.23.05, 03:08 PM
When did TOTW and Dreams get interchanged? What date? I never knew that.

03.24.05, 06:10 AM
Typically the 2nd night would have both flip flops.