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03.16.05, 03:53 PM
Ok, my first post, and I'm sorry if this is rehashed...but to those of you who did the five star packages last year...was Ed cool to you? The reason I ask is at the Grand Rapids show he was...welll, a d@*$!! Wouldn't acknowledge any of us...just kept bitching about the sound he was getting from the arena,and how everything sucked. However, I did the same five star package a few nights later in Auburn Hillls and he was quite cool to all of us, I even got to shake his hand.....WOW, a dream come true....he joked around with us and it was all great. I just feel sorry for the people who paid that much money at the rapids show and left with that feeling!!! I am so happy I got to meet him on a good note. Anyway, I quote one of the folks at the rapids show...."yeah, he was an ass,,,,but he is still my hero"!!! Just wondering if anyone else had these same situations....the people I met backstage at both shows were outstanding, and I'm assuming that includes some of you...happy to be amongst all of you. VH rules!!

Van Squalen
03.16.05, 05:44 PM
At our 5 star in Vegas, it was a huge clusterfuck. Pretty sure that was ILAA's biggest group that whole tour. There was like 150+ of us. Ed was cranky, when he came up to our admittedly loud and boisterous group he flipped us all off. (with that rock star smirk of course). He was snarking about Sam and Mike missing their plane from Phoenix, and kept asking us throughout the instrumental only soundcheck how we liked just him and Al, and how it might be the future, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. LOL.

Oh, Ed, take a Midol and chill. ;)

James in New York
03.16.05, 06:08 PM
Eddie was great in Jersey. He jammed alone for a long time then Al came in then they jammed then Mikey came in then they jammed...then Sammy came running in and they played JUMP! :thumb:

Thai Boxer 9901
03.16.05, 07:39 PM
He looked fine at the boise show but I wasnt back stage either. He and sam looked like they got along great and he just soaked up the crowd.

Texas Poundcake
03.16.05, 08:20 PM
At our OKC show he seemed to be a little pissed on stage, but he had reason. Tech probs. Before the show though, and excuse me if I have said this before, he was great. During Shinedown's set, he and Wolfie were at the edge of the rings, where we were. I looked back and he is doing pull ups on the bar over the ring entrance. So I look at him and motion for him to come up front with me. A few minutes later, here he comes with Wolfie! I moved back so they could stand at the stage. He was less than 6 inches in front of me, with his shirt off I might add! He rocked to Shinedown for a couple of songs which I thought was so cool of him, then high fived all the group after they were done. He was smiling the whole time. He just has his ups and downs like any of us do. Dang I wish I would have grabbed his ass when I had the chance! :brickwall

Thai Boxer 9901
03.16.05, 08:41 PM
Dang I wish I would have grabbed his ass when I had the chance! :brickwall
Hahahaha, TP why doesnt that surprise me? :funny:

03.17.05, 06:11 AM
I'm sure Ed has his good days and bad days like anyone else . Even I'm a prick every other day !

03.17.05, 07:31 AM
He seemed just fine in Hamilton. I think he had just woken up and he commented that he was feeling weird, but he wasn't a jerk or anything and he seemed to be in good spirits otherwise. The 5 star was quite an experience, let's hope we have in available to us in the future.

03.17.05, 08:14 AM
I think Ed wanted to chat with us in Dallas 5*, but it was a large group and some doofus kept yelling at him. Lots of others were starstruck too, myself included, but I was conscious enough to know when to shut up to try and keep him around. Unfortunately, he was in a pissy mood and bailed. This was crazy, IMO. Dallas has some of the most rabid VH fans. I guess that's
what happens after years of being the king.

I learned a big lesson--go to the show in the lesser populated city. I should've gone to Lubbock--Dimebag was there and it was a better 5* so I'm told. I think you have a lot better chance at autographs, pics, whatever with a group of 20 rather than a group of 120+.

03.17.05, 08:39 AM
He was fine at the 3 5's I saw him at.

03.17.05, 10:53 AM
Ed's erratic behaviour at the five star soundchecks is symptomatic of his whole mind set at this moment and the reason that Van Halen are currently not viable. Those people at the five star thing had paid hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to be there. EVH had a responsibility to be civil to these people and give them their money's worth; on several occasions, he came up way short in living up to this responsibility. I have a shit job for a shit wage answering the phone but if I told people to fuck off everytime I was in a bad mood I would be out of a job in a hurry. Say what you want about Ed being a rock star etc. etc., but when you take that amount of money being a rock star has fuck all to do with it, it's about being professional; Ed failed miserably.

gabby gabbster
03.17.05, 12:36 PM
So did Sammy fail by not showing up to a single soundcheck??

03.17.05, 12:43 PM
So did Sammy fail by not showing up to a single soundcheck??

I was @ the Tuscon "Meltdown." He was cool as shit during soundcheck, absolutely the coolest thing I have ever been a part of-seeing 'The Man' that close & 5'ving him.

Then there's the show :drunk: :irked: :scared: :wtf:

I do think Sammy should have been at the soundchecks, but in his defense, he never really does 'em anyway, at least throughout his career w/ =VH=.

Nonetheless, if he's gonna bitch in interviews about "how he wished those guys got more involved," then his ass could have come out @ the end of soundcheck & said What's Up? :confused:

Whatever, =VH= FUCKING RULES :thumb:

gabby gabbster
03.17.05, 12:49 PM
I'm pretty sure Sammy did them during 5150 and OU812. I can understand if he was trying to save his voice or something on this last tour but he could have come out anyway and said hello. I'm surprised no one ever bitched about it. Can you imagine if Eddie didn't show up to one of them? In fact, didn't he show up to all of them? I think that says something.

Besides, I would be cranky too with the way some people acted at those soundchecks. I was pushed aside and had to stand in the very back cause so many were blowing their loads at the sight of Eddie...screaming his name..asking inane questions. He was actually very nice considering how he was being treated.

James in New York
03.17.05, 05:46 PM
Sammy showed up at the New Jersey show soundcheck I was at and they kicked into JUMP and he was GREAT:thumb:

03.17.05, 09:58 PM
Was Ed an ass??

Yes, Ed was an ass.

A BADASS!!!!!!!! :thumb:

Give me Ed or give me death!!!!


03.18.05, 07:52 AM
Those of you that had the opportunity to either see Ed pissed or happy are all lucky. I wish I could of had either experience. Unfortunately, when they played in St. Paul, they were held over in Chicago and were late for the festivites, therefore, there was no soundcheck at all. It sucked. :brickwall:

03.18.05, 09:39 AM
i wish i could of met him in tampa but that was a lot of money for m hopefully next time i can meet him.

Van Murphenstein
03.19.05, 11:02 AM
I didn't get to see him up close or nothin but I think ED is a sarcastic jackass, this is just how he is. So my question is this; would Ed be offended if someone flipped him the bird and gave him a sarcastic smirk?? If so then I think he's got a big problem dealing with fans and thus he worries more about what the fans think then he lets on..... just a thought

03.20.05, 05:40 AM
Both of my experiences with Ed were just fine. In Detroit, (which would have been the night after the Grand Rapids show Iluv5150 was referring to), Ed wasn't real talkative, but he gave a few thumbs ups, and actually asked some of us how he sounded, if there was too much vibration, etc. Mike hung around and signed a few autographs, and Ed was still playing when they asked us to leave soundcheck (which was cool, screwed around with a few Drop Dead Legs/Top Jimmy rifs). Ed was EXTREMELY cool at the Champaign, IL soundcheck. I got to shake his hand, I asked him how Wolfie was doing and he went on about him for a good few minutes, and he sat at the end of the stage and talked for a while, which Hilary (5* guide) said was unusual. Both great experiences, hope I get to do it again someday.

03.20.05, 11:55 AM
Ed was pretty cool during the 5 * sound check and throughout the show as well, he came out during soundcheck stopped and talk to us as a group, not for very long but it was still cool.

At the end of the concert when he ran from both sides of he stage and pumped his fist in the air leading chants was awesome as well