View Full Version : Best Samplers

02.17.05, 09:37 AM
I'm thinking about getting another software sampler and was
looking for some feedback from anyone with any experience
therein. I used to use Nemesys' Gigasampler, but I don't think
they make it for Mac. I've been looking at Discreet's Reason,
but I can't discern whether you can take your own sounds and
map them to a keyboard or not.

Waddaya think, waddaya like?

02.17.05, 11:58 AM

MOTU Mach Five.

Got to see version 1 in action at AES in 2003 - one of their guys was playing guitar and was creating samples literally on the fly. Pretty cool, Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) was there as the hired hand to play the samples. Very cool stuff.