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02.11.05, 01:04 AM
Here is my review from the Anaheim show. Thanks OLO for acknowledging
my re-writing of all my old posts. It does take a while and I appreciate your
noticing. I just was really bummed about it all being lost and maybe some of this will help other fans relive and remember the events.

"Howdy everyone........I'm back from Anaheim finally and can now write a review. I will try and just ramble through all my thoughts and impressions. I went to the San Jose show and was in the ring on Mike's side. I wrote a review on that in the San JOse review post. I was on second row, almost center in the Anaheim show doing a 5 star deal. Two different shows, two different experiences, but I had a blast in both. Those are my first 2 Van Halen shows and hopefully won't be my last!!! I think that the Anaheim show was much better in regard to the audience, the band and Eddie. He was much more animated and there were more positive interactions with Sammy. His back problem seemed to have disappeared. It was awesome being in the front and I got some great shots with flash on(got my photos back today) with my point and shoot Leica. Iwas so excited that I had a hard time holding the camera still and so some shots out of 60 were blurry and tossible. Thanks to the FAn that helped me load my second roll....my hands were shaking so badly trying to get a pic of Sammy wearing my banner. Sammy took my banner that said "Van Halen Time Forever" and held it up and then wore it around his waist. That was awesome. Little did many know that the cheapo Walmart red glitter glue was still not dry after 12 hours and I spent the better part of the morning with blow dryer in hand. I also tossed a red
lay on stage which Sammy wore and then hung on his mike. That was cool. I just love how Sammy and Mike both interact with the fans. It just means alot and makes the show much more entertaining. I met some neat Van Halen fans in the 5 star package. The soundcheck was great........they played 5 songs, including Running with the Devil and I'm the One. Eddie seems more sober during the soundcheck and also was right on the money on
I'm the One, I thought. He can play them dead on when he wants to. Great job in Running with the Devil, too. Plus, he was making jokes back and forth with Mike while he was singing. Mike was singing the second chorus and Eddie says "you said that already." That was funny. Eddie tried to get Wolfie, but he seemed to be hiding and wouldn't come out to practice 316, which they played together in the show. One fan in our group had on cool red and white striped overalls which Mike commented on. Another fan came all the way from Argentina I believe and had an absolute blast. He had written that he was from Argentina or something like that on the All Access envelope that held the 5 star tickets and Sammy signed it for him. Another fan held up a sign during the soundcheck asking Alex for a drumstick and his tech brought him one and autographed it. His night was made from then on out. He was soooooooooooooooo happy and that was a delight to watch. The 2 fellows behind me were awesome...........one had an incredible sense of humor....hilarious...too bad that all the fans couldn't spend more time together. There were no autographs signed at soundcheck and I did not see any picks being given out. I am really sad about that because I have been playing guitar for about a year and a half and would have LOVED to have gotten one from the tour. I alsothink that they should spend some time signing autographs. They have not been on tour for 9 yeaers, people paid 395 plus other expenses, came from faraway (Argentina, Seattle, Hawaii,etc)
and that would be really nice if they would spend a few minutes signing some, even if they had to sign stuff beforehand and pass it out. Little things can mean alot to people and if you are famous, that is a nice gesture. It shows appreciation for the people that helped to make you famous. It shows consideration and thoughtfulness. People notice that and appreciate it. In the concert, Eddie sat down front center and Wolfie joined in 316. The fans were very respectful and didn't maul him, even thought several could touch him if they had wanted to. Eddie kissed Wolfie and then high-fved him about 4 times after the solo was done and said something to the effect that I haven't given him a single lesson. A girl jumped on stage during Eddie's solo and bowed down before him and did the arms over the head "I'm not worthy"
worship thing and then gave him a hug before being quickly escorted off the stage by some really mean-looking bald-headed dud(probably Eddie's bodyguard, Liam). I hope that she didn't get kicked out becuase she didn't attack him. She was up on that stage so quickly.......in a heartbeat. 4 women in their 30's I guess kept baring all before the show started and during.........about 20 rows back. I don't know if they stodd on chairs or what, but Sammy noticed and then looked for them again several times throughout the night to see if they were revealing those boobies again.....I think that he said something liek "and that's what I'm talking about." MIke chuckled, but Eddie didn't seem to care or notice. He was off in his own world. I looked around the arena several times and every seat was filled all the way to the top. I didn't even see one empty seat and I looked several times, unlike the San Jose show where the top backs were empty. I also looked back at people's faces when Eddie was playing his solos and people looked mesmorized. It was erally a wonderful sight to look at all their faces. I hope that they get camera shots of that sometimes. There was a young camera kid in front of me that kept looking for girls to put on the big screen and needless to say, most were his age..........guess the youngins look better for videos and stuff..........sell better. He about slapped two guys in front of me, telling them to get out of the way so he could better capture one woman in my row(who was older and very attractive with a pink cowboy hat on). She did a good job of dancing on the screen. I am sure that the 2 guys were like "what the H..l, dude!?!?" I thoguht that it was nice because there were people of all ages there....Sammy was signing things inbetween songs and seemed very apologetic in the beginning of the set when people were holding up stuff to sign. He was like saying, hey, I can't righ now folks, but we have 2 hours and I will eventually get there. Mike and he both signed 3 things of mine when I was in the ring in San Jose. That part was awesome, plus Mike giving us Jack Daniels all night. I was too far away to see much of that activity when in Anaheim, so I am glad I had that experience. But I loved being up front and seeing how Eddie and Sammy do from the front versus looking at them from behind. I was mesmorized with alot of Eddie's playing. He is wonderful to watch because of how much feeling he puts into it....at times bluesy and experimenting. I like to listen to that........improvising and seeing where it goes. It can be hard to do well. Anyone who sees them will not be disappointed. I would go to all the shows if I could....and remember that as I discuss some of the negative. Alex, Sammy and MIke are alert and active........they seem sober. Everyone interacted with eachother and looked like they were having a blast. Alex was grinning alot. Mike was joking around alot during soundcheck and on stage. Everyone should know by now, that the shows vary and alot depends on how Eddie is doing. In San JOse,
he did look pale and ashen.....not well at all. I was 2 feet away at times and I work in a hospital and so whether it was his back or whatever, he didn't look of feel well. We all know that he is still drinking and smoking. I got firsthand validation of that fact by an employee of the band's."Yes, he is doing both". I have dated an alcoholic/smoker. Several ICU nurses think he looks like our typical "alcoholic" physique person. Alcoholics do not absorb nutrients well and their body gets malnourished. We often have to feed them with vitamins, thiamine, folic acid and magnesium. Alcohol is easier for the body to use as fuel(less work in converting it to energy-ATP) and will be satisified and not hungry. I have firsthand experience with alcoholics and the human body can take alot of abuse, but it usually starts cathcing up with them in their late 40's or early 50's, if they are heavy drinkers. Eddie was much more energetic in Anaheim and happy....not in pain, but he was not
sober. He almost fell off the stage into the cameraman up in front of us, and it was an unsteady stumble. I still think that he is an awesome guitarist and seems to really be enjoying himself. We can not change him, but I know that it does sadden some fans on here. Newspaper reviewers have alluded to the fact that they hope he gets help. He still can play better than alot of guitarists that are sober and he is mesmorizing. That's all I am going to say about that. Another neat thing for me is the fact that I had an 8X10 of Sammy jumping down into the ring in San JOse. I put it in a manila envelope and placed it on stage at the end of the show. Sammy opened it and said is this for me? I said "Yes" and then he went and showed it to Mike, who laughed. Then, the tech took it. I also had 2 8X10's for Eddie in an envelope that I placed on stage. (I had waited for 3 hours at Walmart to get them done that morning-the one hour photo spot was backed up developing family Disneyland photos). He picked it up and looked at his name and then threw it out int he audience like "Don't give me this s---t." Some nice fans handed it back to me, even though I was a little disappointed at his reaction. Con't

02.11.05, 01:08 AM
" A little earlier, he had looked at the red lay that I threw up at Sammy.
It was hanging on Sammy's mike, and Eddie took it off the mike, looked at it like this is disgusting and stupid and threw it into the ring. Oh well.
So, I think that this is about all for now. I tried to remember everything.
Awesome show.........great time........I love watching them. Go see them as many times as you can because they may not be back, especially because of Eddie's health. "

02.11.05, 11:26 AM
One cool thing that happened to me is getting Wolfgang's autograph on my VH license plate after sound check at Anaheim. He was walking back behind the barracade behind the stage and I yelled, "Once in a lifetime Wolfie" - and he looked up and started towards me to be held back by the bald dude I think. I said, "He wants to!" and then he just pushed back the guy (as if in defiance) and walked towards me, grabbed my pen and plate and signed it. I said, "I saw your Dad for the first time live in 1980," and he said, "cool," and we did the knuckle to knuckle fist thing and he walked away. It was absolutely rad. I have that thing on my wall in my office.

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Here is a link to a review of the Anaheim show entitled "Van Halen Live in Anaheim,CA" that I had copied in my
scrap book:


It's a good review I think.

02.16.05, 07:32 PM
I was there, that was my first Van Halen show ever. I was up in one of the suites. It was friggin' unreal to see them all on stage together. Great show, the place was PACKED and completely ROCKIN!

02.17.05, 12:00 AM
"A girl jumped on stage during Eddie's solo and bowed down before him and did the arms over the head "I'm not worthy"
worship thing and then gave him a hug before being quickly escorted off the stage by some really mean-looking bald-headed dud(probably Eddie's bodyguard, Liam). I hope that she didn't get kicked out becuase she didn't attack him. She was up on that stage so quickly.......in a heartbeat."

I was up on the nosebleeds, couldn't tell that it was a girl. Sammy seized the moment for comedy. "Hey, don't worry...I'll take care of the big guy" he chuckled while tryign to get the bald guy in a headlock. :D

02.17.05, 10:09 PM
What the fuck, how could I've missed that??

02.17.05, 10:38 PM
What the fuck, how could I've missed that??

well, it took all of 5 seconds for all of it to transpire. Maybe you were distracted by the pampering of the suite. :brickwall

kiddin kiddin

02.18.05, 03:20 AM
well, it took all of 5 seconds for all of it to transpire. Maybe you were distracted by the pampering of the suite. :brickwall

kiddin kiddin

Ohhhh I think I remember...I was eating a caesar salad slowly, throughout the concert. I had put the lime from a Corona onto my plate. Naturally it was dark in the arena during Eddie's solo, and I took a bite, only to realize that I was chewing not on the delicious salad, as was my intention, but on the lime, peel included. So this little escapade on stage must have transpired when I was choking on said lime peel.