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02.08.05, 04:11 PM
This is my post from August 11th as it was typed on that day:

"WOW!!! I have never done a review before so I apologize ahead of time if I ramble.
(I have only written 3 sentences on this site).Just got back from San Jose and what an AWESOME,INCREDIBLE experience. I will be remembering it when I'm an old lady in a retirement home!!!
A memory to last a lifetime!!! Just as great as being able to go onstage with
Bon Jovi at Giants Stadium last year of maybe even better!
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee we go.........
We had wond the ring auction tickets and ended up on Mike's side.
But before this........my friend, Lisa, and I ran nto a lady that works with the band who was giving out ring tickets for Eddie's side!!!! But we already had our blue sparkly wrist bands. She said that they hate to have unused extra
ring tickets and that the band likes pretty women in the rings(aaawwwwwwww shucks.........) and they REALLY hate to waste them. I told her that we had 2 friends way up top in the bleachers, so she said that she would give the ring tickets to this guy standing nearby and have him bring us his tickets for 8th row for our friends!!! How awesome was that!!!!
I guess that she had offered the tickets to him first...??????I don't know, it was confusing....and it happened rather fast!!!! So, we went into the ring and I asked the security guard right off if I could take pictures and he said that he is not suppose to see it or say "Yes". But was really thankful to me for asking and not trying to hikde the camera. He was so great. Then, another great security guy comes in and says "It's OK if they want to take pictures". I was like......alrighty then.yahoooo!!!!!
The other security guard was super nice, too, and would grin just seeing us all happy and having a blast!!! There were some great fans in the ring and all ages!!! Some paid 210 dollars, other 300 dollars, and we paid 225. ONe guy gave me his earplugs because I lost one of mine.....That was really nice..thanks buddy!!! And it was loud!!! My ears are still ringing and it's almost been 24 hours!!! Wear earplugs.....and your ears will still ring. It was worth every penny, dime, nickle, dollar forever and ever, amen!!! I took 48 pics and Costco is developing them now with a CD. Since I Have never posted pics..........please tell me what to do and I'll do it for all you guys!!!! I have never been to a Van Halen concert before and I am 44 years old and so I had no preconceived notions of how it "should" or " should not" be. IMO, that is the best way to go to a concert. OK....onward Van Halen soldiers....Sammy and Mike are AWESOME!!! I just can not say enought about MIke. Mike is sooooooooonice and funny!!!! He was bringing us Jack Daniels in red cups all night and we were passing them around and sharing. That whiskey is hard stuff.....whew!!!He would make the funniest faces, with his lips going sideways, longways and reversing it quickly. There was a little girl with headphones sitting on her Dad's shoulders, looking off in the distance, like she was bored and MIke saw it in our ring and started making those funny faces of his, trying to get her to smile. It was so cute!!! Anyway, I brought my big yellow "THANKS" sign and showed it to Sammy. He came over and gr4abbed it and kept saying "Thanks YOUUUUUUU" and pointing at me.....then he went and held it up for the whole arena and it went on the screen. He signed it with my silver sharpie!!!! Then, later in the eveing someone threw a bra on stage that he hung on his mike stand, so after some encouragement and little more JD, I took mine off and Mike signed it. Later on, I placed a page from my scrapebook, that I am making, with the trademark red,white,black Frankenstat design on it and left it on stage. Eventually, Sammy and Mike both signed it!!!! I was in heaven!!! The only sad part is that my "THanks" sign disappeared. Then, I dropped my bra and it disappeared. The fellows behind me were awesome and I asked 3 of them what happened to the items?????including my lost sharpie???? And they pointed to this girl on the side and sure enough, she had them. Needless to say, I got them all back.........geeeezzzz.....some people. So onward again.........Alex was awesome..you can barely see the tip of his head from where we were and so I couldn't see him well, but his solo was incredible!!
And he looked really happy!!!Sammy jumped into the ring with us and was shaking everyone's hand. He gave one lady that was really beautiful, a really BIG hug. I got a really great handshake!!!It's soneat to be up close like that.
WOW!!!I have been playing guitar for over a year now and take lessons in San FRancisco, so I REALLY appreciate any musicians and their abilities!!!! After hearing all the negative reports on here at times.........I thought Eddie was going to be awful. He plays wonderfully........his solo was great to listen to!!! No one should be that disappointed or so critical of his playing. He played well the entire night and I was VERY happy with his technique and abilities. Everyone chanted "EDDIE< EDDIE" and he touched his heart and softly said "Thanks," at the end of his solo. (no Wolfie last ngiht, either). If you must know any sad "negatives," Eddie did not look well at all.........Lisa and I both thought so and so did others in our ring. We could see him REALLY well. Something is wrong. He definitely looks tired and his color did not look good. He did hurt his back. He did several jumps in the beginning, but then stayed pretty still in his area most of the night. I didn't see him from my side very well. He didn't look like he was chain smoking or drinking alot. He did light a cigarette before his solo and take a puff, before placing it on the neck of his guitar, almost in a defiant way, that could be interpreted like a statement, saying "I beat cancer and so there!!!" or it could have been a statement to his critics: "I am going to smoke every once and a while and so there////////I don't care what you guys think!!!". The lady that we met earlier that was giving out the ring seats, somewhat reluctantly confiremed that he is still doing both (drinking and smoking), but it is his life. I just know that EVERYONE wished that he would take care of himself so he would be here forever, but all the wishing, loving and pleading (as I'm sure Valerie, Wolfie and Alex have done) won't make someone overcome their addictions. It is an awful disease and genentics do play a role. Who are we to judge? No
one knows what it is like to live in someone else's skin. But I digress....solet me get back to reviewing.......He didi come over and sing with Mike and also come and talk to him during one of the songs. Things can be such a blur...there is so much going on and it is over so quickly. They all looked like they were having the time of their lives and getting along fine. Sammy and Eddie didn't itneract with eachother like Jon Bon Jove and Richie Sambora do, and that would have been nice if they did that a little more....BBBUUUTTTT I was totally entertained and had one fo the best times in my life!!! That was the fastest 2 and a half hours ever!!! They played one song each for 2 encores and then, that was it. Everyone in the ar4ena looked like they were standing from where we were. The upper sections were empty in the far back.
Eddie squatted down near his ring at the end and gave everyone a bunch of picks. I thought that that was great, even thought I didn't see hime sign anthing. I am leaving on Saturday am for Anaheim.....can't make the other shows this week because of work, or else I would be there in a heartbeat!!!! Can't wait tohear how the Sacramento, Fresno and Oakland shows go!!! If I have left anything out, then I will post an update, but for now, DO NOT WORRY your little heads one teeny weeny bit about whether the show will meet your expectations. I do not see how anyoen could be disappointed, especially with the generosity of Mikeand Sammy. (Granted Alex is a little too hidden to run out and sign stuff or give out drinks and Eddie is toomuch into his own world........it's almost like he becomes one with the guitar and forgets that there is anyone out there listening.........for good or bad.....Over and out.........GO AHEAD AND GO SEE THEM!!!! Don't wait because there may not be a next time!!!! Lynn

02.10.05, 11:18 AM
I went to that show and thought it was the lamest crowd of all the shows I saw last year. And Eddie's lack of vocals was a bummer too...

02.26.05, 10:50 PM
I went to that show and thought it was the lamest crowd of all the shows I saw last year. And Eddie's lack of vocals was a bummer too...