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02.02.05, 12:47 AM
I could only grab 'page 1' reviews from google cache but better than nothing:

Review by 51501984 -Posted 08.14.04 12:02 AM
The show tonight IMO was very good , the band had a lot of energy espcially Sammy. Ed played very good but he`s not the Ed of the `80s or early `90s and I really couldn`t get into his solo spot but he seemed to be having a good time . Sammy was his usual kick ass self and was having a blast and the crowd loved it . Very loud, same setlist , the Seventh Seal was probably the best tune of the evening for me and Top of the World went over great. All in all a fun evening!

Review by ballzee -Posted 08.14.04 12:16 AM
Had 5*, met some great people. Just a brief review for now.

Great F'n show! Wherever Ed might have been off in San Jose, he was ON tonight.

Soundcheck: I'm the one, Poundcake, It's About Time, Running with the Devil, Jump. (no particular order)

The arena was just about sold out. Sammy said there were 12K, and I suspect he was about right.

Same setlist as we're used to be now. TONS of energy from everyone.

If you're thinking about 5*, DO IT. I could've left after soundcheck and been happy.

Great show, Van Halen is back!

Review by DougVH04 -Posted 08.14.04 12:33 AM
Great show!! Bar None!!! First time seeing them and they really kicked ass!! As good as I could have hoped! Very energetic and the songs were right on with a good sound system. I've seen plenty of other artists who were really good but had a shitty sound system so they put on a bad concert, but Halen was both great, loud, and had clear sound. That whole arena was filled and everybody was on their feet. There were good vibes amongst the band members. Its obvious that Mike and Sam love each other their kissing each other Eddie doesnt crave the spotlight so Sammy decides to play the front and center role but he should and he dosent act like a jackass so its allgood. I want to check out Dave now to get the full picture of this band.

Review by Joey Cecchini -Posted 08.14.04 12:58 AM
If any of you are thinking about Seeing Van Halen, DO IT!! I hope you get the show that the Boy's put on tonight in Oakland . I saw them a few nights ago in San Jose and Tonight was the best I have seen them with Sammy, I have only seen them 7 times with sammy but Tonight was A show I will remember for years, Sammy even knew it the Band new it Sammy said after the show "Oakland put this night away this was a great concert"
In todays Paper Van Halen got ripped buy some writer who covered the show in San Jose. I will be sending this Clown a letter hope he saw tonights show.
as far as Eddie not being what he was in the 80's or 90's well for starters he wasn't battling Cancer back then didn't have to go through any treatment back then.
Tonight Eddie was Eddie the Living Legend he was on
there was much more reaction from Eddie tonight he even said it's Good to be back a couple of times, during the last song, When It's love, Eddie shouted "you Just Fucking Know" when he was singing back up, he sang much more tonight then Tuesday night.
2 Hours of fun solid entertainment spent over a couple hundred bucks for tonights show very much worth it, I would of had some serious doubts if it was like Tuesday night, wish the show would of went another hour and Sammy looked great wearing a Raider Hat

Review by bret6262 -Posted 08.14.04 01:40 AM
I agree- do 5 star! I did Oakland tonight- 5 star (San Jose 5 star too).The soundcheck it worth it alone! I love seeing this private/relaxed jam. People were yelling out House of Pain, So This is Love, etc. The party room at Oakland was great- much bigger/cooler (temp wise) than San Jose, but the seating arrangement wasn't too cool. It was General Admission, so our tour/party got cut way short so we could grab pole position. I held front row while my buddy went up and did the raffle. That is how people seemed to do it. It sucked having the drunk general public right on our backs, spilling beers, etc. There were no autographs after soundcheck, but EVH did pass out a cup of picks again. Whoever hogged the cup is a ***, as it soon mysteriously disappeared. Luckily my friend and I got one by other means.
The reviews of the show are correct- EVH was on his game tonite. It really changes things when he is on. While the show was very similar to San Jose, EVH came out to the front to play; he was smiling/laughing; passing out picks; singing a ton.....
I got an autograph from Sammy during the show, and a pick from MA. I also caught MA's towel at the end (now what to do with it?). After the show I got an autograph from Victor- from the Waborita's. Brad Gillis was walking around too. Sammy signed for a fan as he left Oakland at the end- the fan literally chased his limo down.
Anyway- great show! Screwy seat arrangement! I passed on going to Fresno due to work, but if VH comes back to the Bay Area I will do 5 star again. Awesome!

Review by beergin84 -Posted 08.14.04 02:04 AM
I just got back from my first Van Halen show in Oakland, and had a great time!! The band got better as the night went on. I stood on Eddies side of the floor about halfway back. Prior to VH taking the stage, I could hear an applause, and then looked on the stage to see Eddie waiving to the crowd while smoking a cigarette and talking to a tech. When they came out for Jump, Sammy was running all over the stage. Very energetic! Al is just dead-on accurate, and Mike is a very underrated part of the band. Eddie brought out the yellow and black Charvel for Up For Breakfast. Before his solo, Sammy mentioned that the entire Bay Area was his home, and how he had a bunch of family and friends at the show. Sammy, Eddie, and Mike were all very tight for The Seventh Seal, and it was encouraging seeing the three exchanging hugs before and after the song. Eddie's solo included Little Guitars Intro, Cathedral, Women In Love, Mean Street, and of course Eruption. Although I have never really liked Right Now, I really enjoyed it tonight. My favorite song of the night was Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love. Overall, the band seemed to really feed off the crowd tonight. Eddie seemed content with playing the songs as recorded in the studio for the most part, without as much improvising as he did on the recordings from earlier tour dates I've heard on this site. Moreover, it was easier to hear his leads as the night went on. The light and video show was amazing as well. Tonight was a great performance, and I'll remember it forever!
P.S. I could not believe how many hot girls were at this show. I mean, we're talking late teens, early twenties hotties!

Review by stilleddiesangel -Posted 08.14.04 02:43 AM
I hope I'm allowed to put this here but I got a phone call from my good scottish mate, from Oakland early this morning saying Ed was top notch last night. In every way. The band was apparently outstanding.

Review by markp -Posted 08.14.04 09:35 AM
SEA - Good news travels fast. We saw a very pumped Eddie tonight but I think what made it so great is that he did NOT noodle around as much AND he was having alot of fun up there - smiles, lots of yelling (During When it's Love) he screamed 'You just fucking know!' His solo really came together and he transitioned nicely between riffs...

Ok, besides Ed the show atmosphere was just really good and I got the impression they were really trying to prove something in Oakland. I would love to have a boot of this one. Sammy was great as usual and did all the usual tricks with the hats, banners etc. I think one said:
Tickets to show - $100
t-shirt at show - $50
Night with VH - priceless

The general floor seating is really weird and if other concerts have this setup you might want to get there during the opening act and find your spot. People were falling all over each other going in and out of the floor area.

The whole band was just tight and Sammy even said it was one for the history books or something like that (he didn't say that in SJ ) Definately 9 on a 10 scale.

Review by VHBEING -Posted 08.14.04 09:58 AM
Had 5 STAR- agree, soundcheck alone was good enough for me.
Met many cool people and a fellow VH Linker. Ed was on it last night. Saw the band in San Jose and there was no comparison to Oakland- same set but a BIG difference in the sound and energy from the band! I would not be surprised if they use a lot of this show in the DVD to be released. VH KICKED ASS!

02.10.05, 11:21 AM
I had the GA floor tix and man, there were a ton of fistfights around me...way more than at any other show. Cool to meet a few Scots at the show, the Van Hielan dude.

02.26.05, 10:47 PM
I had the GA floor tix and man, there were a ton of fistfights around me...way more than at any other show. Cool to meet a few Scots at the show, the Van Hielan dude.

I was on the floor too (dead center about 18 invisible rows back), and I didn't see any fights. Had a blast though!

02.27.05, 10:21 AM
I had the GA floor tix and man, there were a ton of fistfights around me...way more than at any other show. Cool to meet a few Scots at the show, the Van Hielan dude.

He remembered you too babe. :)

03.24.05, 02:12 PM
I still regret not going to this show.

04.03.05, 04:06 AM
I still regret not going to this show.

Show ruled! Probably the best of the NorCal shows...

04.03.05, 10:24 PM
I remember the reviews of this show were incredeible. Does anyone have a good video boot of this show? (I know...Bootleg Forum, right?) I can only offer blank DVD-Rs......

04.04.05, 10:06 AM
I'm interested in a video boot too. I've only come across a couple different audio boots so far...