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01.13.05, 04:43 PM
Oct 22 Seattle Wa Key Arena

Going to try take a few of the posts from the Google Cashe from the old site. Going to use Seattle as a Test.

Feel free to add your review, matter of fact please do if you dont see I have cut and pasted it.

01.13.05, 04:52 PM
REVIEW From arcticwolf64
Van Halen destroys Seattle!!!!
Van Halen loves Seattle and vice versa. Key Arena was near sellout with 14,000 + seats filled. Tonite the band was on and they knew it. Eddie was absolutly smokin and Alex was truly a beast behind the kit. Michael was solid, but Eddie , Oh man Eddie! I damn near had tears in my eyes watching his solo. I probably had the biggest shit eatin grin when he tore off the some riffs from the old blues classic "Born under a Bad Sign" as anyone there who recognized what he was playing. A classic Eddie moment was about 1 minute into his solo he stops and says " I know there is probably some critic out there going " This is the most disjointed solo I have ever heard, Eddie immediatly follows that up with "Well, I'm a very disjointed person". Eddie did fall down pretty hard at one point after getting caught up in his cord, during the middle of a song.
Sammy was on the money and he pulled a fast one on eveyone tonite. When his solo starts we get "Eagle Fly" he then begins to shred and tears into fully plugged and electric " I can't drive 55" not what I was expecting so it was very cool. Also Sammy and Mike both shared vocals on "Get me a Dr." The rest of the set list was the same as always. Best tunes of the night "Unchained" and " Panama". It was also reported to me that during the soundcheck they tore thru " Runnin witht the Devil".
For 1 more comment on Eddie, I understand now where people are confused by his solo and the different things he adds to songs they are not used too. I say what you are seeing is a Guitar player that has matured and is comfotable in his own skin finally. I have never seen Eddie interact with the audience nor speak as many times as I saw tonite. He is certainly more outgoing. He truly looks like he is enjoying himself. I for one think I get it now after reading all the other reviews from previous shows.
As far as the Bands relationship, who really knows, but they sure look like it's a love fest. Eddie and Sammy were fucking with each other all night and laughing as were Mike and Eddie, so from my perspective, all looks good in VH Land.
OK, need to go to bed now. Van Halen concert make Wife horny, must get dirty!!!
Just a brilliant fucking show

just got home, can't hear a FUCKING THING except the insane ringing in my ears.
sat in floor aa, row 15.
this is my first VH concert although i'm a huge fan, VH tattoo and all
anyway, the concert fucking rocked. mike was wearing a MR-T shirt lol for the last half of the show, sammy's vocals were VERY on and sounded great all night. same old solo, eagles fly with a cool little guitar jam solo and drive 55. again, my first time live so i loved every second of it.
mike's bass solo left a lot to be desired for me. having watched the rhrn dvd over and over i expected a lot more, but it was still awesome.
al's solo was shorter than i had hoped but still a-fucking-mazing. that guy has some insane skill and he ain't slowin down with age that's for sure.
and then there's eddie, OMG eddie. at the beginning of his solo, he plucked a few notes, came up to the mic and said...."can you hear me?.....kay....i .....don't have a clue what i'm gonna do right now, so just....go with it"
then i thought i was gonna be seriously dissappointed. he starting doing something, i don't know what. about 15 seconds into it he started trying to mess around with a tremelo picking bit on the high e string and it just wasn't working for him. looked like me trying to play the intro to little guitars. he quit that real quick and said with a funny face...."well that sucked!"
then he started getting into it, making some really cool sounds and held a sustained screamin fucking wailin'-ass not for what seemed like 10 minutes, it was awesome. ummm, went into cathedral for a while and got it down real quiet and stopped for a sec and said "let's see how quiet we can get this....." and sort of 'sushed' the audience. it was going real good for only about 5-10 seconds and then some fucking idiot had to yell at the top of his lungs and eddie was like "well that's the end of that" or something to that effect and then just started jammin.
all in all it was a great concert. i haven't been to many concerts at all and this is my first VH concert....so i really don't have a basis to compare it but i hope i do next year cause i will be going again. but front row next time.
ed broke a string at the end of his solo and i swear he turned around to his tech and pointed at him and said "YOU SUCK!!!!!" and chucked his guitar over there at him. not like at him but you could tell he was pretty pissed.....just for a sec though, then just said into the mic "guess i got a little carried away" or "got a bit too into it" or something like that.
sorry for my slightly hazy memory,
setlist was typical of what's being reported.

REVIEW FROM 5150subaru

Ok I will Start My 5 STAR expiriance!!!!!!!!
Got out of work at 1:30, drove to the EMP, ate had 2 AWSOME drinks and a turky sandwhich, Sat there for an hour and a half till 3:15 and no one showed up, so being that I wanted to be early for 5* I left and went to the arena...
Got to the East box office, started talking to a few people and hanging out till 4PM, all cool people and we just bsed till
HILARY CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She's hot, took us in and started regeristing us and the like, then she brought us to the wounderful Party room. Good Mexican food, LOTS and LOTS of Beer and LIQUER. We ate told stories and drank, THEN
FUCK!!!! I would've paid $1000 just to go to soundcheck, they did poundcake, It's About Time, Running With the Devil, Jump, and I'm The one. Me and 2 guys were DEAD center on the railingm we were singing and justy having the greatest time of our lifes and Mikey was kinda playing with us and pointed at us to sing the Bop Bobba Shoob da wah part of I'm the one, and it was fucking awsome, Edddie was cracking jokes and was the happiest and most playful I've ever seen him, They messed up the intro to RWTD and they all just cracked up and did it over, No sammy but Mikey made it worth the time, The way they were playing with the lighting and everything was cool, it seemed at times like Eddie was really god, but thenthey'd change lights and he was 2 feet in front of me. Best part of every thing
THEN, we did the merchindice booth, got me the 5150 2004 shirt, the wolfgang shirt, and the necklace, $70 well spent
Then Hilary and Katie(??) split us into 2 groups to go do the backstage tour, I was in the second group so we went and DRANK more and more. Then the beautiful Hilary showed us backstage. It was cool, but on our way we were showed Mikey and sammy's tech area where Brad was chillin at, Being I knew who he was, I said "hey your names Brad right??0, thenhe came over shook my hand and asked me who I was, whoopty Doo, Oh well kinda cool, then she took us back to the party room where we did the Raffle, If anyone cares I was the Loud ass guy, #774 I was in the falcons hat or the mesh VH hat we got in our goodie bag, I also had the VH Tattoo on my left arm, Basically I was the loud ass big guy near the front, We got picks and shit and it was way cool, Hilary was still Way hot.
Then The FUCKING SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can say in my 22 years on this planet I've had hot chicks, I've played in front of 500 people playing guitar or drums, but this topped evrything in my life.
I relised that only one thing in life matters and that is Van Halen
I'll give my report card here
Alex- LIKE A ROCK, best drumming perfromace I've seen in years, as a drummer for 19 years of my life, I still don't see how He does it, He Is the GOD OF THUNDER
Mike- AgainJust plain SOLID, Did all the vocals spot on, played bass like a motherfucker, and played it up to the crowd, just freakin' awsome
Sammy- Best singer out there, at his age he should be down and not good, but he was all out tonight, He played Eagles Fly and I can't drive 55!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eddie- Now I've heard all the shit about how he's dissapointing everyone and stuff...... BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! He was what i expected and demanded of Eddie tonight, his solo wasn't the typical solo but was OFF THE HOOK!!!! cathederal was LONG and he just seemed Happy and was playing his heart out and was an A+ in my book, and he was playing up the crowd the whole time
5 Star would've been worth evrything i have in life, It was the best shit I've ever expireanced in life, We were all taking pics and I have like 6 30 second video clips and shit. I just can't explaine how great this was
Also to all you 5 stars, Hopefully we met at least, I saw Matt/Guitar shark but he was with a hot chick and I didn't want to break his game so I didn't intoduce my self. Like Isaid I was the loud guy in frount with the Mohawk, Vh tat, and white shirt or the vh 5150/2004 shirt, I did get 2 Eddie picks and a Mikey pick
If you have the chane to go 5 star do it and do it now!!!