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Nov 04 Milwaukee, WI. Bradley Center


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Hi all, just got back from the Bradley Center.
Let me just say that in spite of what some people on here have said about Jonas, I enjoyed their set. Young, energetic band that had the crowd rocking out by the end of their set (which was a good cover of Stevie Nicks' "Edge of Seventeen"). Their lead guitarist can wail, and for you wrestling fans out there, the bassist looks like Bubba Ray Dudley. Solid opening act.
What can I say -- Van Halen rocked Milwaukee. Same old setlist, but there were a couple points where I was thinking (wishfully) that they would throw in a surprise song or two (Hot For Teacher intro and the intro to Everybody Wants Some!! before they break into Panama), but it was not to be.
The interaction on stage seemed very genuine. At the beginning of the tour, it seemed as though they were trying too hard to make it look like they were getting along. Now, it seems like they're sincerely enjoying being "with the guys." No hugging, but there were some high-fives and pats on the butt between Sam, Mike, and Ed here and there.
Sometimes it was hard for me to understand what Ed was saying, and I don't think it was because of where I was sitting (section 1, 11 rows back on Ed's side). Yeah, he was tanked, and of course none of us want to see that, but he seemed to be having fun. It was a treat to see his 20 minute solo.
Anyway, a stellar show, and I can't hear very much, and something tells me I'm not going to be able to say very much come tomorrow morning!

Van Halen plays by the numbers
Journal Sentinel pop music critic
"Hot for Teacher?"
"Runnin' with the Devil?"
Apparently only as far as the bank.
Van Halen, with its second most famous front man Sammy Hagar back in the fold, drew 6,500 to the Bradley Center Wednesday night for its signature hard rock, drawn mostly from the Hagar era of the band's catalog.
During a set that clocked in at nearly 21/2 hours, band members dutifully ticked off each item on their "to do" list: Michael Anthony performs smash 'n' bash solo on custom Jack Daniels bass then drinks from actual bottle of Jack. Check.
Alex Van Halen trots out lengthy but precise drum solo sans shirt. Check.
Hagar shows up shaggy-haired like a Muppet Gone Wild and repeatedly screeches how good it is to be in Milwaukee. Check.
"Best of Both Worlds," "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love," "Dreams." Check.
Run through generic new tunes such as "Up for Breakfast" to confirm rumors band has lost creative spark. Check.
And so on.
There was also, of course, some guitar playing by one Eddie Van Halen. Even with one artificial hip, Van Halen jumped and jigged and put on an athletic, joyful performance that showcased his still-impressive chops.
Except for that solo thing.
Excessive even by Van Halen standards, Eddie's formless noodling alone onstage stretched past the 15-minute mark and tried the patience of some fans, many of whom shouted "play a song already!" and other less printable things.
"Have a (expletive) sense of humor, will ya?" Van Halen told one vexed fan in the front row as his guitar wankery continued, apparently forgetting the fan had paid to hear something other than endless pentatonic scales.
Not to be outdone in the self-indulgence category, Hagar also had time alone on stage. The Red Rocker certainly showed chutzpah for strapping on a guitar in the same show as Eddie freakin' Van Halen, but his rough vocals and rudimentary fretwork on "Eagles Fly" and "I Can't Drive 55" were in no danger of stealing the show.
On show opener "Jump," Hagar also took liberties with the vocal line, either to hide a shortened range that became evident later in the evening or to distance his version of the song from the original, featuring David Lee Roth. During the encores, Hagar pulled a similar stunt with the other Roth-era songs "You Really Got Me" and "Panama," even handing the mic to an overeager fan to deliver the latter's most famous lines.

Dance The Night Away
01.20.05, 04:54 PM
Great show. During Ed's solo some guy in the pit told Ed to make a horse noise with the guitar and Ed did it. He also did the elephant.

The band looked like they were having a good time.