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01.13.05, 02:05 PM
Oct 31 Fargo, ND Fargodome
Reviews please.

01.13.05, 04:14 PM
REVIEW BY admiralwonka
I hope Eddie is alright! At the end of "When It's Love," he picked me out of the audience and fell off the stage trying to give me one of his red on black picks! I have no idea why he grabbed me, but I was blown away. One of the great moments of my life.

The show was fantastic, as usual. We were third row center. I saw them in MPLS (5th row Left) in July and they have not lost any energy over the course of the tour. I still think it's amazing how Ed can do those scissor kicks 50 times a night. I was also blown away by his nearly 20 minute unaccompanied solo. He is still exploring his soul through his guitar. I have been playing lead guitar in bands locally for nearly 10 years, and to see him still searching is great. The updated "Right Now" video is especially poignant given the current political circumstances. Alex's drum solo was also fantastic. He is such an unorthodox player, it is interesting to see the way he plays within the beat. Sammy did "Eagles Fly" unaccompanied which was great, especially with the little electric palm tree he brought on stage. He then broke into "I Can't Drive 55" unaccompanied. The set list overall was pretty much unaltered from all of the other shows listed in other threads.

Halloween is a great night for a show, as many audience members were dressed for the occasion. Sammy and Mike seemed to especially appreciate a guy with a HUGE afro wig.
Highlights for me were Humans Being, Seventh Seal, Best of Both Worlds, It's About Time, and, of course, "When It's Love" (which, incidentally is the main theme for my fiance and I's wedding in mid December! How cool is that?)

I still have a poster of Ed on my wall and play a sunburst first-edition Peavey Wolfgang on stage (with the wavy flame, exactlly like Ed played on stage), and to make contact like that, meant so much. Ed, thank you.

I'll have pictures up on Tuesday, November 2nd here: Farnuckl.com
Happy Halloween!

REVIEW BY JungleStuds
Hello all from UP in ND! Try to do a quick review in a nutshell. Ears are honest to god still ringing this morning. To know the submitter of this review: VH fan since 1978, yes partial to Dave era, but not involved in the hype, just enjoy getting my face ripped off by Ed and all of the personal enjoyment through the years from my number one band! For those who asked, they did do the 5150 walk, but it was really short as Ed was concentrating!:) Mostly played the green wolfie. All were in good spirits, or they acted it out very well. No bad blood anywhere on that stage that I could see and I was 2nd row. Was concerned going into the show as I knew seats hadn't sold well, but with the majority of the age group of the fan base and Halloween....let's just say there were a lot of babysitters getting paid well last night while we rocked! Ummm, trying to think of other questions asked. Ed's hair started up, then down and up and down before the end of the show. Damn near 2.5 hours, yes the opening band was talented but just didn't enjoy them much.
On the subject of Ed's nosedive in the end, I hope that dude did get the pick and all if that was the case?, but from what I saw, he was waving the "boxer girl" over to him. She was on the jumbotron more than any other female last night..yagga yagga. Had there been one more song, all of Sammys obvious coaxing to lift that tiny tank top up would have happened. Anyhow, she was right in front of Ed and at the end of the show he was giving the come up here finger to the super hot girl with the red boxing gloves, ed motioned like three times and basically stepped right off the stage, I tell you that you would shudder had you been there as it was a damn hard fall. I saw Al and Sam both get a sick look on their face looking down at Ed......this wasn't a drunk or hammered thing at all, hell I would have done the same thing, but likely looked for a few steps instead of the face plant. Ed did get back up on stage and did the farewell wave, but I bet he is one sore puppy today, hope he is allright! I really enjoyed the solos, Al was really jamming versus the long helicopter solo, Mikes was unchanged since the 84 tour, seems a shame as the fella has boogie, why do the earthquake thing each time?:) Ed's solo was damn fun, I understand some folks thinking he noodles a bit much but it was a killer mix of all effects and Ed, he satisfied me completely and I did have the hair up on my arms, that shiat can't be faked. One humorus sign Sammy got from the crowd during Right Now said. Right Now Sammy is not lipsynching! Damn funny and he loved it! BIG THANKS to Ed, Al, Sam and Mike! GO SEE THEM IF YOU HAVEN'T! On another subject, Diamond Dave in just a few days in Mpls. Don't be a hater! LOL!! GREAT Show!

REVIEW BY marfish5150
Finally got back to my neck of the woods today. Was a great show. Little sloppy here and there, but i've come to expect that on this tour. Had front row on Ed's side, right in front of the house floor speakers. AWESOME. My balls were shakin' all night! Sammy wore my pimp hat for a little while and signed it. COOL! Ed seemed tanked, although I didn't see any liqour or wine bottles on stage. The fall he took at the end made the whole place give a collective "Oh no" kinda sound. Fuck was that scary for a second. I felt him hit the floor(being only 10-15 feet away). Had a great time none the less. Can't wait to do it again.
Aceface - Sorry again for not making it to the bar before the show!! Next time Bro, drinks on me!!!!
Edhead - You made my night telling me you got a pic with Sammy wearing my hat! Please keep me posted! Rawk!!!!!

Eddie Rocks!!!
10.09.05, 09:34 PM
I was at the Fargo show, front row in front of Mike. It was an awesome show! Not as good as the 1980 one in Bismarck ND, but it was great! Ed was definetely drunk or on something. He was off key alot, but I still enjoyed it. Hell, I'd enjoy it even if he just jammed with Al all night!

12.21.06, 01:44 AM
I wrote reviews for Sam's website for both the St. Paul and Fargo shows. Here's the one for Fargo:

Van Halen - October 31, 2004
The Fargodome - Fargo, ND

My review of the Van Halen show in Fargo is going to be in significant contrast to my review of the St. Paul show. In that writing I was quite hard on Eddie in particular, and only after I was able to absorb the details of the show did I come to appreciate what had happened. I also marched into that concert with a predisposition for how it should go and sound; it irritates me when other people do that, and yet I was guilty of it myself.

When I saw that VH had added the show in Fargo to their fourth leg I jumped on getting tickets and ended up on the floor, dead center, and fairly close to the stage. I usually prefer to NOT venture much farther north than the Twin Cities (unless vacationing in northern Minnesota), but I recalled making the trek up to Fargo about ten years ago for a concert, and it's less than four hours--worth it for VH.

Again I foolishly walked in with a preconceived notion that a tour stop in podunk Fargo, coupled with a probably exhausted band, would equate to a reduced VH performance. (I totally called the election wrong too, if anyone was wondering.) VH was stellar! The energy was maybe double that of the St. Paul show, yet the crowd was about half the size. How they have been able to actually become more vibrant over the course of a long tour, with the exact same set list, is seriously impressive.

I recall Sammy once saying in an interview from the 80s that VH never rehearsed a show--just the music--and then they'd hit the stage. Indeed that did lend itself to spontaneity and some looser performances at the time. So why did they opt for a tight, rehearsed show this time around? My guess is to ensure quality for the fans who've waited and waited, and to make it worth the money. The individual solos, especially Sammy's and Eddie's, really seemed to be the time for each to break away and improvise a bit.

Solo Sammy is a guy I've really come to appreciate; his energetic performances and albums since the VH split never ceased. He actually got better in many ways, I thought. His lone guitar/voice rock-out of "I Can't Drive 55" following "Eagles Fly" is direct evidence: the Red Rocker delivers. I can only wish to have that much go-power at 57.

Eddie's solo was like nothing I've ever seen--and I mean from any guitarist ever. In St. Paul he was admittedly rusty. (At one point during that show's solo he stopped, looked down at his hands, and shook his head in frustration.) But something clicked in Fargo. He announced: "I'm just gonna fuck around for about ten minutes, so someone time me." I suspect that solo went on for more like twenty minutes, with a brief break in the middle where Eddie stopped to tie his shoe, but I would have stood there all night--absolutely amazing. Guitarists out there can probably relate to the experience of just sitting by yourself and making noise for extended periods of time. We've all done it, and it's completely stream-of-conscious. Eddie took that out with him on this tour; he gave us the chance to peer into his head as he spout out whatever happened to be going through it at the time. (And he did it on a green Wolfgang Special Flametop identical to one of my Wolfgangs--nice touch!) Only toward the end of the solo did the crowd start to offer the "Ed-die! Ed-die!" chant; it started slow during one of the solo's energetic peaks. In a truly connect-with-the-people moment, Eddie stopped playing, put his hands in his face, looked up, and mouthed, "Thank you!" Afterward Mike seemed to make a concerted effort to go say something to Ed. It's anybody's guess what Mike said, but his body language suggested he was complimenting Ed's performance (or so I'd like to believe). I will remember that solo for a long time.

The set list was the same as it's been. I hope the remaining VH shows are as energetic as this one so those fans can have the same experience. Here's to hoping there will be more VH with Sammy in the future!

Man, I've gotta get down to the Cabo Wabo sometime...

Andrew Thomas
Minneapolis, MN