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01.13.05, 02:57 PM
Nov 13 Rapid City, SD Rushmore Plaza

Please post your reviews of the Rapid City show.

01.23.05, 10:58 PM
First I will post a link to a review of the show by a local newspaper:
I hope it works.
And even though my fingers are bugging me, I thought that I would post my
review of this show, too.
Part 1:
"This could be a really long story but its 1am and I fly out in 3 hours so a longer version will be posted later. Met some cool Van Halen fans.from New York, Las Vegas, Texas, and Pennsylvannia and we were all in the rings together on Eddie's side. I was right under Eddie and closely watched the band. His girlfriend was there in the ring with us. He gave a pick to a younger girl in our ring and Mike ghrew one to her alos. Someone wanted one from Mike and he said "I already gave you one," in a playful kind of way. Eddie played the green 5150 Wolfgang and the red Charvel. He played with his chord at the end like it was a snake on stage. Sammy was great.............signing as much stuff as he could as quickly as he could. Brought the palm tree out and played Where Eagles Fly and I can't Drive 55.
I thought he did an excellent job on both. The Rushmore Plaz Civic Center was kind of small but pretty much full and the crowd was excellent. everyone said that Eddie wasn't felling well and the show was not quite as long as usual...about 2 hours. His solo was shorter. Eddie wore new Levi's and his yellow tennis shoes. His legs looked freshly shaven.....not one hair and I could see some spider viens on his lower leg. His fly was also almost down at the end, probably from all the jumping and running around. Yep.....you notice everything when you are in the ring. Mike did his usual noisy solo and actually cut his sound off for a minute when tipping over the mike. Eddie got mad at his mike at the beginning of the concert and hit it and I thought it was coming into our ring. His tech replaced it rather quickly. He also had to straighten out that jury-rigged cord contraption with some help from his tech. Alex was super. Oh...the big news is the fact that they are staying here aththe hotel Radisson. We got to the see the black suburbans drive up ane they are individually numberd.....1,2,3,4,5.....Lisam, the bald security guy, was scoping the scene out front and radioing back the statis
of the grounds. I'm sure we looked like terrorists about to kidnapp the VanHalen crew. Also, great was the fact that I bought these Big Mamma panties.........they were hugh.......about 5 feet by 4 feet and red. I glitter glued yellow felt letters that said "Van Halen STill Kicks Butt". Sammy wore them on stage and then signed them. That was too cool, especially after he started jumping in them and they started to fall down. It is freezing here, especially for u Las Vegas and California girls..........like 28 degrees tonight. I can't even type. Eddie said" We;ll be back soon>" He also said as he has said before:He is the rock and I am the roll, referring to Alex. I noticed Alex seemed to get upset when Sammy kept signing stuff during one of the songs. Loved the show all in all and was able to get the setlist from Eddie's tech and also a pick that he gave to another linker, Dave. I begged mercifully for it and Dave(thanks a ton guy!!) let me keep it!!! I'm forzen, I'm going to bed//////////I'll post more later if I remember anything else significant. Next show is Bozeman so if I can find a computer, then I will post a review tomorrow night, also. Over and out....and my new friend from Vegas and new vhlinker, mauibabe is proffreading as I type. She will also add more later so tay tuned. Pictures to come and will be posted. Oh...........that reminds me..........the security guys sucked. THey took my camera and anyone else's that they saw. I took pics freely in Anaheim and San Jose, so maybe it was their first big concert and they needed to throw around their authority........sucked. No Hot for TEacher intor, Eddie did not do the 5150 walk with Sammy and Mike and I'm leaving........nighty night......"

I'll type more tomorrow guys.

02.11.05, 12:18 AM
Here's the second part of the review written teh next day in Bozeman:

" Here I am in Bozeman at Kinkos for 20 cents a minute so I have to type like a madwoman. I'll have to read everyones' posts when I get back home!!
So sorry if I don't respond to anything that people have written. A few more things I have to add about last night: Eddiw was getting the crowd revved
up at the very end and getting them to cheer. That was cool. During the song "How do you Know When Its Love?"-Eddie says "You just fuckin know!"
Got to shake hands with Alex twice at the end after they bowed and then again after the encore..........that was an awesome, too!! I was thinking about it and maybe Alex gets a lttle upset with Sammy signing stuff because Michael and he have to keep banging away at an extended rhythm while he signs.....and face it.......that's exhausting doing all that drumming!!! Has some weirdo girl shove her way right in front of me during Eddie's solo and start tossing picks at him like she was trying to hit him!!!I kept saying what the hell are you doing? It was right during his solo!!! Finally I shoved her
back and told her to quit........disturbed me and several others. Don't know where she got all those picks and why she would want to throw them, but oh well. Eddie and Alex really worked together and did alot of eye contact. It seemed at times klike Alex was wanting to make sure Eddie was staying on track. Got to wave at Alex during Eddie's solo and he waved back. I wasn't sure he was looking, but he was..........hehehe. Eddie played Cathedral, some of Spanish Fly, Eruption, constantly added improvisations to the regular songs. It kept Mike and Alex on their toes at times........especially if Eddie went out on a tangent. You can't tell what are in the bottles on stage.
One is dark purple, like wine, and the other is in a Pedialyte bottle. Then,
he drank from a red cup. His cigareet fell right in front of my face about 12
inches and he reached down and picked it back up. He did high five some people in the corner where this young girl was that he gave a pick to. He sems to hand them to younger kids, but not to adults too much. Only seems to really give eye contact to people that he already knows. I was right under him, but he never saw me. He said "Thanks to all of you!!" at the end of the show. Now, let me go write the Bozeman review!!!"