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01.13.05, 01:55 PM
Nov 14 Bozeman, MT Brick Breedon Fieldhouse

Please post your reviews of the Bozeman show.

01.26.05, 10:57 PM
Here is my review from my scrapbook:

"Hey there buddies!! This is costing me 20 cents a minute at Kinkos but I will write everything that I can remember even if it takes me an hour. Lisa....mauibabe........I am typing better tonight than the other night in Rapid City...thanks goodness!!!The Bozeman show was the BEST show of the four I have seen this tour!!! (Anaheim, San Jose, Rapid city!) The guys were REALLY happy and WOW.........Eddie was superb!! It was at Montana State University and is a very small arena but the crowd was young and REALLY into it. Sammy said that it was their first time there and they would be back again. He said that he was really worried flying to Bozeman. He would see a house here and then several miles later, a house there. It is kind of remote and he wondererd if anyone would show up. He said again........"I was really worried man". It was too funny to me, because that is exactly what I had thought too lookinng out of the plane window. Ane boy is it cold!!!! The mountains have snow on the top peaks. He loved all ht eyounger people ther, and alot of the females got on the jumbotron. I was right in front of Eddie first row thanks to Dan and George from Missoula. Great to see Danny again too from New York!! There were about 19 of us in th 5 star group.............cozy!! alot better than Anaheim. The group was quiet but fun. We had crab, shrimp, chicken, etc.....much better catering than in Anaheim. The shrimp were hugh!!! I won a pink girls shirt in the raffle and plan to give it to my niece..............its a tad bit small for me..........looks like its glued on to me.........great for a wet t-shirt contest!!! This email is not in any order so as I remember things, then I'm throwing them out there. When we went to the soundcheck, Eddie said "Hello" and there was a weak response, so he shouted again "Hello" and then we all yelled back. He said it was a quiet group and someone yelled back "we're in awe!". and that got a chuckle. They played the usual 5 songs and Eddie nailed every one........not one mistake!! He had been drinking some but was fairly sober. He gave half a bottle of Smoking Loon to a guy up front. No one signed anything or stayed to chat. Eddie asked a guy what his name was and he said Jeff. Then, Eddie messed around with his name, kind of like George Carlin does when he goes into that deep-voiced kind of thing. Dan beside me asked for an autograph and Eddie said something to the effect of....you get a tour, soundcheck and some picks.......I can't do that and thanks for being understanding about it. Another asked if Wolfie was going to play and Eddie said "He's in school.............he's only 13. Maybe in Arizona at the last shows. " Hilary said that Valerie kept a watchful eye on Wolfie when he was with the tour. Said that Eddie and her were getting along pretty well........that alot of the anomosity had died down. But I got the impression that Valerie didn't want Wolfie there too much by himself because of the environment and maybe because of Eddie's drinking. Hilary did say that they had some "special moments" together and that was nice. Eddie's girlfriend was there on the side sitting on stage during soundcheck and Hilary said that they think that she is his girlfriend. They left with eachother's arms around eachother. She is a casual, kind of tomboyish, short blonde hair woman...looks to be in her late 40's and is definitely NOT the Hollywood type. She looks like a hiking kind of gal and seems to care about him. Eddie gave a cup of picks to Hilary to pass out. She gave me 2 red ones from the Bing on the Donkey tour.........and which tour that was I don't know because I'm not an expert!! Now to the show.......the group was on!! Oh my god...it was incredible!! Sammy commented on that several times and said that he was putting Bozeman on the map with stars!! They gave their heart out whether there is 20,000 or 4,000!! There were lots of things thrown on stage and he signed his butt off!!........incredible and still sang the words to the songs while he was signing.........automatic pilot!! My earplugs really helped to hear the guitar better and to hear what Eddie said more clearly. Alex's solo was the best one I've hear. Eddie did TONS of jumps, running around, laid down almost into the ring and had all the fans touching him. Liam (his bodyguard) had to help him up. He slid to the front of the stage on his knees.....I didn't know how he did that!!! He said that it was great to be back and thanks for putting up with all my shit. Hilary hasn't been on vhlinks but said she might check it out later. I told her that several on here thought that she was hot and she laughed. Got to meet one of the young roadie guys....I think that his name is Travis. He was showering and missed the bus in Rapid City. They usually do a head count before they leave at 2am to head to the next city and he was missed. Anyway, he got to fly on the plane with the band and be in the police escort. He said it was great!!! He road with Eddie and said that he was pretty drunk(he lowered his voice a bit when he said that). You could still tell he was so excited that that had happened. So the road crew put up a sign near his room that said Travis's dressing room, as a joke. Hilary said that they plan on going to the studio and doing a new album and then maybe a tourafterthat, but the tour thing sounded kind of iffy, but its a long way off and decisions have to be made. During the concert, Eddie reached down to act like he was giving me a pick, but then after touching it and him, he pulled back. I was kind of disappointed, but Ithink he did it on purpose. Hilary thinks it really pisses him off when people are at him constantly for "things"........but he is a famous guitar player and you have to expect some of that. I'm sure his mood can be up and down and the disease of alcoholism doesn't help much with that. He said during the concert that "he was living during the moment". At the end of the show, they pulled the skirt away from the front stage and I saw a red pick. The security guard said he wasn't allowed to touch anything, so I finally got a roadie to hand it to me. It was etched like the yellow one in Rapid City........supposedly so he can hold it better????It is done with a drill bit of some sort. But that made my night!!! Eddie said again that Alex ws the rock and he was the roll. Eddie played the red Charvel and the green 5150 Wolfgang/ He did Cathedral, Spanish Fly, Eruption, blues, improvising on all the songs and made very few mistakes. Eddie was singing with Mike, with Sammy and Mike cam over to Eddie's mike and gave him a face like "Oh my God!!" from behind him when Eddie let out a HUGH shout in a song. It was hilarious. Mike played around with Sammy on Somebody Get Me a Doctor. Sammy brought out his lighted palm tree and sange Where Eagles Fly and I can't Drive 55. Eddie said that he was going to fool around a but during his solo soto be patient and throw something at him if it got too long. He wore those new blue jeans and the yellow shoes. I took over 40 picutres with no problems other than my flash acting up. I think that all the guys wanted to make a lasting impression on that younger crowd, the next generation. Sammy handed a Corona to a ring person and signed it later. Someone gave Sammy a cowboy hat and Eddie took it from him and to the guy that owned it. The crowd was great and it made its way all the way back to the guy. Mike passed out beer to the front row and to the people in his ring. Someone handed Sammy a fluffy whte feathery boa and Sammy said "Does this look like me? I don't think that htis looks like me.........this looks like Michael and proceeded to put it around Mike. It was hilarious!! Eddie said that he was going to try and play on one string without picking and he did!! The sustain and gain were really high. It would have to be in order to do that. Then, he made a pun and said "Now that's what we call playing on the G string"...and he made a goofy face. Oh...the 5 star people are all entered into a drawing for one of 10 or 12 posters that will be signed by the band. YOu will be entered into the contest for the number of 5 star tickets that you bought. That's pretty cool, too.So, if I think of anything else, I'll post it when I review the Boise show. I'll be in the rings for that one!!! And then, that will be all my 5 shows that I have the been to in my entire life and what a tremendous treat!!! They are an incredible band and I hope that they continue because that is such a gift to share with people and doesn't come around very often. Oh.......and Jonas rocks!!! You guys should buy their CD!!! Their guitarist is superb!!

Later.......Boy, this is probably going to be expensive!!!"

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Pictures of the show are on sammy hagar's web site.

They haven't posted them all as of today, Feb.8th,2005, but they will be posted soon.

Go under vhtour and then to the concert.


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Skyburst Thanks for re posting all of your reviews and the links to your pictures.