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01.13.05, 02:50 PM
Nov 16 Boise ID, Idaho Center

Please post your reviews for the Nov 16th Boise show.

01.13.05, 03:14 PM
Great show, cool stage, sound was good.

Opening band, hmmmm., I forget now, but I have to say they did a rippin version of Stevie Nick's "edge of 17" to close, and it kicked ass. I mean, kicked major ass.

Van Halen hits the stage, the place comes alive, the band larger than life. Opened with Jump, and played the same set list as all the other shows. Too bad he couldn't have played LTS. Played the green Wolfgang 5150, and 2 red Charvels. Used the Charvels for Runaround, and Top of the World. (Not sure on Top of the World.)

Band vibe was sketchy I think.

Mikey was on fire, was having so much fun, he nearly missed the bow at the end of the show because he was goofing off so much with the folks in the rings.

Alex played the best drums I've ever heard him play, I think this would have been a heck of a show to have recorded because of his play.

Sam was the star of the show, did not miss a note all night. Just sang his ass off, and his solo spot was actually a high point during the night.

Eddie, well if you can't stand to hear anything that isn't glowing, move on to another post. His play was just 'ok'. I realize, as a guitar player, that it's not easy to hit the stage and have your best night everynight, so that was not my expectation. His tone, well, that is where I must disagree. The opening act had a Goldtop Les Paul into a Plexi, and his tone kicked the crap out of Ed's. Eddie is too sold on pre-amp gain for me anymore. Having all that pre gain, allows you to play sloppier, and not pay for your mistakes, but it never sounds as round and full as having an old 1 channel amp cranked wide. I do hope he rethinks the gear equation.

I've talked to many friends who were at the show since the show. None are as die-hard as myself for this band. That said, they won't throw down $90 again to see these guys, unless it's a wholesale different deal, with a new album, an old singer or what have you. I too would probably not attend for $90. (We were eager and bought tickets early, before the discounting began.)

Have a great day, and greetings from the Gem State.

01.19.05, 06:03 PM
I travelled to Boise from Vancouver, BC Canada with my 12 year old son to see VH for the second time on this tour.

Opening was a Montreal band, called Jonah... and they were really good.

The VH was pretty much the same show as Vancouver. We had 3rd row, Michael Anthony side. Sammy was awesome, his voice spot on all night long.

Michael was really getting involved with the crowd and Alex, although very hard to see behind the wall of drums, was on form.

The main source of my trip was to once again see EVH play, perhaps I thought, for the last time. As a result of what happened at the last show in Tucson, I'm sure glad I made this trip.

Eddie is a legend and he was just 100% rock star this night. The riffs we all know like the back of our hands, the moves are all the same, yet for some reason everytime it happens, I feel like I'm 15 all over again.

I'm so glad I took my son to see one of the greatest guitar players who has ever lived. I hope to have the opporunity again.

The Boise facility was a little on the crap side of things, two small bathrooms with a line a mile long and the venue is probably more suited for a rodeo than a rock concert.

On another note, met a great couple of guys from WA while I was there. Dude with the "5150" license plate, you rocked. So sorry that some loser chick and her boyfriend stole your VH signed coat just before the encore. Go figure...

Maybe in Idaho a signed VH coat can be pawned for enough money to live for a year. That's what it felt like there, it's in a time warp.

:) LOL.

Thai Boxer 9901
01.19.05, 06:24 PM
Just like my sig says, changed my life forever :D

Well since its been 3 months since they played, I dont exactly remember ALL of the details but it was one hell of a night.

I went with my dad and we had kick ass seats (on the floor). The row in front of us had a couple makin out durin the show and it was cool and annoying at the same time but enough about that.

Jonas was pretty good and the guitarists really ripped it up. I was very impressed but after they were done, it was GO TIME!

They opened up with jump and the whole place blacked out and then the lights came on and sam, mike and ed were jumpin around like I had never seen before. Definatley a good show starter :thumb:

Most of the songs they nailed but I noticed that Ed was having some cable issues and that was really pissin him off because I was on his side of the stage but once he went into his solo, the place lost it! And when ed started doing a muted version of top of the world, the whole entire arena went berserk! I sang every word to it and when the chorus would kick in, sam would say "Standin on top" and the crowd would say "of the world". IT WAS THE COOLEST THING I HAD EVER SEEN OR HEARD!

Everywhere I looked, I saw either the metal sign or the VH sign being formed with hands for as far as the eye could see. When Ed brought out his Ebay charvels, I think alot of people were totally shocked but it was awesome because they just ignited because it was so recognizable.

Humans Being got the whole place headbanging - as usual
Mikey did his solo - rocked the place
Al did his solo - gave everyone a headache cuz his drums sounded like cannons right next to your head but looked good and still rocked the place
Sams solo was kinda mellow because it was just him but definatley cool

Poundcake ruled! Ed even did the drill on his wolf and it was just AWESOME!

Eds solo was kinda different because he would toggle back and forth between the sustainer and for like 5 minutes, he held a note with the sustainer and there were times when the crowd cheered, and then did nothing and then cheered some more. Kinda awkward but cool none the less.

All in all, they played every song note-for-note and the whole place rocked! Definatley something I will never forget, including the pounding headache and inability to hear anything that followed the concert :D but it was fuckin awesome!

I'm sure there are a few more in here that will post something good about this concert. I know that T.Ryan will, if he is still here

01.23.05, 10:08 PM
They just posted my pictures on www.redrocker.com

The link is www.redrocker.com/index1.html

I hope that that will work.

Thai Boxer 9901
01.23.05, 10:12 PM
I love you sky! :D those pictures rock!

01.23.05, 10:39 PM
I saved the reviews I wrote from my 5 shows so I am going to retype them here. I wish that there was a quicker way to do this, but hopefully it will be worth it to someone.

Posted on November 18, 2004:
"Alright everybody, I'm ready to type AGAIN....hehe. I was ablet to meet up with Tyler, who bought my other ring seat. I also gave him my hat from soundcheck in Bozeman and he was in heaven!! I would have given him the
t-shirt, too, but it was a tad too small. We got our ring seat and we were on Eddie's side!! I hung back in the corner this time for a different view instead of right under Eddie;s mike klike I did in Rape City. We could see his yellow shoe from behind the speaker before they started. Jonas was excellent again!! Everyone here to to their website and buy their CD.....they rock!! Their singer looks a bit like Jim Morrison and the guitarist has alot of talent and Played a Gibson Les Paul. Boise show was on, even though I must admit I thought the Bozeman show was better. I'd say that the Bozeman show was the best, then Boise, Rapid City, Anaheim and San Jose. I;m amazed at how different the shows can be...not majorly different, but alot depends on Eddie. Bosie tickets were cut in half to 38 dollars right before the show and the arena was about full. Eddie wore his blue jeans and yellow shoes and didn't look like he had shaved in a day or tow.....probably exhausted. I could see Alex well and he did a superb drum solo.He was on in every single concert....just incredible. Sammy cam areound the stage and looked at me and said :Weren't you in Bozeman?" and I just grinned and shook my head "Yes." I was just tickled that he remembered me...I mean how can you remember one person out of thousands!! The security guys were AWESOME in Boise!! They were cool with our taking pictures and nobody abused the priviledge. It's amazing how much the venues can vary. I was able to take pics all night in every show, except in Rapid City...don't go to Rapid City if you want to take pictures in the next tour!! All the songs were the same as in the whole tour. Eddie played excellently....best I have heard him play. I could listen to him forever...I don't even counth the minutes. If people say that he played for 20 minutes, it seems like 5 minutes to me. I think that people should try to play guitar that don't and maybe they would appreciate what he has given to the history of guitar. He played Cathedral, Spanish Fly, Eruption, and some blues..........did the long Jimmy Hnedrix distortion thing in front of the speakers....I think that he can play everything spot on when he wants to and I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't deliberately mess with things just to do it. I wouldn't even be surprised if he makes mistakes on purpose just to say "Quit bugging me!!". I held up my Big Mamman panites again and Sammy grabbed them and started laughing. This time he put them on over his head instead of stepping into them. It looked like he was wearing a halter of some sort. It was hilarious.........he didn't have to sign them this time, since he had already signed them in Rapid City!! I met Eddie's girlfriend in the ring. She is so nice....a really sweet and caring person;I'm not going into any details on here about her, bus she really cares about Eddie for sure. And I really think that Eddie does get tired of people asking him for things. He just wants to talk to people and connect without being mobbed for things. I asked her what he was like and she said that he has a very tender heart, and has alot to give, a very genuine, caring person. The best part is the fact that I had brought a bumper sticker with me the entire trip for him to read. I gave up on that when I realized in Rapid City and Bozeman, he really doesn't look at people that much;mainly just ones that he already knows. I asked her if I could give it to her and she said that he already has everything, he doesn't need anything; I told her to just let me show it to her. So it said "Don't wory what people think, they don't do it very often." She loed it and wanted to hold it up so he could see it. It took a minute, but he always glances over her way eventually. He squinted(while he was playing) and said "I can't see it". Then, he came closer and read it as she pointed at me. He looked at me and grinned and said "Isn't that the fuckin truth!!". I thought that he, as well as anyone in the public spotlight, might be able to relate. I surely can, and I am just an everyday kind of joeblow or maybe janeblow. Anyway, I am glad that he was able to see and read it. Then, at the very end of the whole encore, he took a drink and handed it to me in a red cup. It was lemonaide, with no sugar. I gave her some, too. Other than one obnoxious guy getting a pick in our ring, that was the only contact. I didn't see any highfives, or other picks being given out. Eddie did a TON of flying Eddie's and ran around the stage all over the place, tripped on his cord once that I saw. Saw SAMMMIE AND EDDIE GIVE EACHOTHER A BIG HUG WITH THE LIGHTS OFF< RIGHT BEFORE THEY WENT ON STAGE.
Tried to give Mike a little photo from the Anaheim show, but he nodded like he couldn't get it, probably because he's playing and porbably because he already has too much stuff from fans. He sand to me at the end though on the same verse as in San Jose........."how do I know when its love?"
That was neat. Got to high five Eddie and Alex at the end of the show;Alex at the end of the show and then at the end of the encore. He was grinning from ear to ear. Met a super nice couple from Boise who were big fans....Sammy signed his butt off again and was so into the crowd as usual.
Eddie didn't talk as much as he did in Bozeman. He is very proug of Alex and his drum solo and revved the crowd up right after his solo. No Hot for TEacher intro and none of them did the 5050 walk that I saw........since I was way in the corner, I let 2 young boys in front of me just in case Eddie would give them a pick. I made sure that I could pick them up if I needed to. Anyway, the guy who Eddie gave a pick to was a real jerk and wouldn't let the little boy in front of him. He said that he paid good money for those ring seats and noone was going to be in front of him. He said this after he already got teh pick!! And get this, Eddie seemed to get annoyed because as he was giving him the pick and guy wouldn't take it butkept trying to give him something to sign. He was a real jerk. Now I can see why Eddie said "I didn't get caner from cigarettes, I got it from assholes." Anyway, the parents of both boys both thanked me at the end of the show for letting them stand in front of me. I could easily see over both of their heads. They could barely see the top shelf where the lights were. If I couldhave held them up all night, I would have. Unfortunately, they didn't get any picks from Eddie. He gave out only one in our ring. I did get the little boy's Van Halen shirt signed for him from Sammy, though. A wonderful evening to a wonderful tour. I am so glad that I got to see them 3 more times at the end of their tour. I hope that they will release another album at least, even if they don't do an 80 date tour again. All you guys going to Arizona, please post detailed reviews so we can live vicariously through you. Hope everyone has enjoyed my posts and money it took at Kinkos to do them. Need to get my pohotos developed and then I will post them. Over and out........."

Now I have cramps.......I'm sure some things aren't spelled correctly because I typed so quickly. I will try to post all of the other 4 reviews on each of their posts, but this is enough for one night.


Thai Boxer 9901
01.23.05, 10:49 PM
Hey sky, is that review for Boise or Tuscon?

01.23.05, 11:07 PM
That post is from Boise .....

02.16.05, 03:09 PM
This is a review from the paper the next day in Boise. I will type it if this link doesn't work:

Keep your fingers crossed.