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01.13.05, 01:40 PM
Please repost your review of the Tucson VH shows.

01.23.05, 10:19 PM
I saved a copy of this thread that was written by 9on10scale, Sammy's nephew:

I will type it just like he wrote it:
"Well wwhere do I start? First I am thankful this reuion did happen becaue I forgot how great a band actually can be while playing together)the show in Phoenix) back in August might have been one of the best Van Halen shows I have ever seen and I have seen close to 50. But after Friday night I personally will be content with Sam and Mikey. I get in free and get the royal treatment but you the fans who shell out allot and I mean allot of gash to have to put up with fucking drunk idiot is in my opionion a travesty. The man was shit faced around noon, when to be woke up and drank again. He started a fight with Sam, Mike, Irving and all of us in the dressing room prior to the show. No reason just a drunked fool. Sammy turnned and looked at me and said "now you see why this is so fucking hard to do" man I do this for fun and this just isn't fun! Mikey tried ot ignore it but finally had words with Ed also. As he walked around back int he dressing rooms punching walls and rubbing a raw lemon in his eyes and all over his face wiched was drawned on with black marker(he didn't even know who did it)? I will say this, this is is the honest truth, Ed acting out was his way to tell Sammy he doesn't want him to leave. A couple of times during the fight he sould say Sam ou just don't udnerstand me and I love you man. Then he would call him names and all kinds of stuff. It's like dealing with a 2 year old. I won't go into the show right now later I will, after the show, Ed left instantly and I had dinner with Mike and Sam. They both were very emotional that Mike and Sam care about the whole crew, Sammy gave 8 cases of signed Cabo Wabo to them and promised one way or another that they would work together againl I am in a hurry right now so I will try and put down more later. The only good things that was said the whole night was by Sammy "if the funker goes into treatment for about 4 months then we can talk!!" Outside of the boys in my opinion its done!"

I think that there is a followup thread to this where 9of10scale says that he may have been a little harsh and that Eddie has to make some tough decisions and that they may all work together again. Correct me if I am wrong.

03.25.05, 12:12 AM
I am replying to a post I wrote that quotes what happened in Arizona on the last night per 9on10scale, since it is being brought up again in
another thread.
I think I tried to cram too many words into that sentence!!!
Anyway..........this should clear up others speculations in the other thread....
What really happened that night?

04.19.05, 01:50 PM
Hey guys - I finally got around to uploading my Tucson pix - Here is the full batch - crappy pix and all - please no photographer criticism - they're all here - Well the first 200 anyway - the next batch will be posted shortly...

First 200 Pix from Tucson

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04.19.05, 02:02 PM
From Right now through the end of the show....
You can view the album by clicking on the link below, or by copy-and-
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