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01.13.05, 04:56 AM
Here's a copy of my review of the first show:

Here's how it panned out. I was a little tipsy and I don't recall a lot of details, but here goes:

I'm sitting in Section C, Right hand side of the Floor section, Row 30, about 50 feet from the stage. The Stage *is* as cool as it looks in the pictures. The big testicle monitor doesn't really look like a big testicle in the arena, it looks kinda like a giant sea cucumber. But maybe that's just me. Ok...cut to chase...Looked like around 10-12,000 people there, you could really feel the excitement...Lights go down, the guitar and drum fanfare and lights going crazy, crowd going crazy Stage lights flare on and they open up

1. Jump

Gahhhhh...Ok..."Jump" ain't my choice, but whatever... Get it the fuck out of the way, I can deal. Band looks good, Eddie looks like someone has cloned his body circa 1979 and sewed his 70-year-old Pebbles Flintstone head on it. Crowd is going fucking nuts like I haven't seen since '84. Sam looks chunky, Mike chunkier, Al looks lean and mean. The first thing I notice is that the sound where I am is *really* muddy. Unfortunately, this doesn't improve. Somone needs to fix that. It sucked. Anyway, Song was ok, Ed broke into his Jump solo, Crowd went totally berserk, Ed acknowledged, all is good.

> 2. Runaround

It went over great. They're a little stiff here, but they're still tight as a band and it works out well. I'm yelling, everyone else is yelling.

> 3. "My Generation" riff (The Who)

A cool surprise, but they should have played more of it.

> 4. Humans Being

The song flat-out rocks. Er...I gotta admit something: Cherone sang it better.

> 5. Up For Breakfast (with the 5150 Kramer)

Of all the songs, this is the fucking one that STUCK IN MY HEAD. Good Lord. "Butter on my Biscuit"? I suppose it's some sort of low-brow rock fan thing I have. I'm still singing this goddamned song. <shaking head> I gotta get this thing out of my brain. He played the Kramer. I wish I wouldn't have know about it beforehand, it would have been cooler.

> 6. Mikey's Solo (with the JD bass)

Sounded like shit. Thank God it was short and segued into:

> 7. Somebody Get Me A Doctor (with Mike on lead > vocals)

Fantastic. They should do more from the Roth catalog like this.

> 8. Poundcake

Not one of my favorites previously, but the planets were right last night and this one really rocked. One of the best songs they did. I like it better now.

> 9. It's About Time

The crowd cooled a little on this one, but I liked it. It has grown on me.

> 10. Al's Solo

Unbelievably, the highlight of the night to me. Maybe it was because it sounded so much better than when the whole band was mixed in. No sequenced Samba shit, no sequenced shit at all, just a great, powerful performance. Alex is a great drummer.

> 11. Top Of The World

Big crowd reaction, Eddie played it just a little differently than usual. Had a cool vibe and the big ending that I love so much.

> 12. Unchained

It's always great, Sam even sang it well(they did the condensed version, of course), but the sound was really bad here. Made a difference. I couldn't even hear the lead.

> 13. Why Can't This Be Love? (all singing)

I hate the song. Always have. 10,000 other people there love it. Sam sings, Mike sings Ed sings. BFD.

> 14. Eagles Fly
> 15. Deeper Kind Of Love (I would assume Sam solo)

Crowd killers. Got those out of the way.

> 16. Learning To See

Growing on me.

> 17. Best Of Both Worlds

Blasted. Solid. Al played the hell out of this. Fantastic.

> 18. Eddie's Solo (no Wolfie)

Kinda short. Did "Little Guitars" intro. Ed looked very happy at the end and thanked the crowd profusely. I think he was sincere. It was great to hear him and see him play again.

> 19. Dreams

They played it the way they always do live. I like it better that way.

> 20. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

The crowd realy got up for this one. They played it very well. Sam went up to the catwalk to sing it. I think at one point in the song Starks came by me and we did a little "WhoooHOOO!!" yell. I was fairly drunk here, so I'm not too sure it was him.

> 21. Right Now

Excellent. The video and lights were commendable here. At one point the screen printed out "Right Now, Van Halen is Kicking Ass in GREENSBORO.", which, of course, was followed by a huge roar.

> Encore:
> 22. You Really Got Me
> 23. Panama
> 24. When It's Love >>

We made a push towards the front during these tunes and we got pretty close, I'd say within 15 feet of the stage. A little bald Moby-looking security guy had me pegged as a troublemaker and he kept sending me back while my brother and rest stayed up. I kept sneaking around him and he kept sending me back until he finally got tired of it and I settled in about 20 feet out. The sound was somewhat better here and it felt like the old "festival seating" days again. The band really played hard here and the crowd was absolutley roaring. This was the capping moment. I was finally getting the pure, good old Van Halen concert feeling. During one of the bows, someone threw a t-shirt onstage and Ed actaully got a marker and signed it. Never saw him do that before. That was really cool. He said several "thank you"s in his mic around this time and even said something to the effect of "This is one of the greatest nights of my life". Sammy basically talked about how great a night it was and how they appreciated everyone being patient.

So that's about it. Sammy wasn't nearly as comfortable onstage as he was when I saw him in August 2002 nor any other Van Halen show in the past. He didn't seem to have as much banter with the crowd and didn't do a lot of talk in between songs. It still worked well. Regardless of the negatives, I still had a blast. I'd say that the signifigance of the show itself and the surrounding anticipation and excitement made up for the lack of a good overall sound. I hope they have it worked out for the subsequent shows, because it would have been a bigger issue with me if it hadn't have been opening night. Rating it with other VH shows, I'd put it around 3 or 4 behind the 82 show, the 93 show and maybe behind the VHIII tour, just because they played so many old Roth-era tunes then. I saw a bunch of people with Four-Star passes behind me, so I don't think I would recommend going that route.

I'll probably remember some other tidbits as I read other reviews. This is all I got right now. What a great night. Good to see a few list members. Hope to see you guys again.

01.13.05, 10:10 AM
Hello, Shelby, NC. :thumb:

I can't begin to re-write my review of 6/11....it just wouldn't be the same emotional thrill-ride that it was that night.

I just have to take solace in the knowledge that my review was the first one posted that night. ;)

01.13.05, 10:45 AM
Hello, Shelby, NC. :thumb:

I can't begin to re-write my review of 6/11....it just wouldn't be the same emotional thrill-ride that it was that night.

I just have to take solace in the knowledge that my review was the first one posted that night. ;)

Hello, Gassstoney, Northcarrlahhhhnuh! <jimmyw throws a rock and hits Red>

I knew my review was still on another site so I went there and copied and pasted it. I would have never remembered all of it otherwise.

Looking back at it now, I remember typing that and thinking how dissappointed I was with the sound , but trying to sound positive about the exitement at the same time. I was solid drunk and my judgement was skewed somewhat because of that. The exitement wore off after I heard the bootleg and realized how terrible they actually played. At any rate, I was glad I got to see them, especially on the opening night.


01.26.05, 03:06 PM
Here are some pics I found from the Greensboro show that I went to with my buddy Jason. JASON - if you see this, email or call me bro!