View Full Version : Los Angeles Aug 19th

01.12.05, 12:01 PM
Here are a few pics from the LA show.


01.12.05, 12:05 PM
And some video too!!!!!!!!!


01.13.05, 02:02 AM
Sweet Baby Purdue! :bounce:

That clip brought some memories.As did the pictures.Thanks alot man :thumb:

02.26.05, 10:54 PM
This was a great night, wasn't it? I saw it from a luxury box straight back from the stage. Good Times!

03.01.05, 02:45 PM
Great Pics, what an AWSOME SHOW, just to see this pics bring me so good memories, probably one of the best shows of the tour, Eddie played so fucking good, the band had a great time.

After Eddies solo, my brother (who I went with from Mexico City) hugged me and started crying, just as Dreams started, I asked him, whats going on?
and he just said "It's the best solo I have ever heard in my life!!!".

If there is any chance of getting this show on a bootleg, it would be priceless.

03.02.05, 02:28 PM
Holy shit I would love a bootleg of this show....audio, video, whatever. Seeing the guys on stage and appearing to have a blast was so incredible. I thought I might never see them play again. A lot of emotions were going through me at that show. The guitar solo was ridiculous. I'd love to hear it again.

05.19.05, 01:05 AM
Awesome show. I was in a luxury box halfway back on the side. Possibly the best musically and sonically of the 3 shows I saw. Hot for Teacher intro was off the hook!

06.04.05, 05:22 PM
This was a great night, wasn't it? I saw it from a luxury box straight back from the stage. Good Times!

Hell ya!! My friend and I had a choice between one of those "luxury boxes", or regular seats, and we actually decided to stay in the seats because the view was better. :D

I took a friend from work who is 25, and she loved it! I got even more psyched up because she was so jazzed about it. We had a blast, and I thought it was a great show too.

I was at vhtrading, or vhboots, can't remember now, and I saw some one who had a partial boot listed. Partial because the mic got knocked around or something like that. I'd rather have the full show. I'll keep my eyes and ears open if you guys promise to do the same. Hopefully a boot will show up! :thumb: