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Infinite Cactus
01.09.05, 11:57 PM
Best day of my life... no kiddin'
A couple months before hand me and mah best friend Wes decide to go to the Van Halen. Just being casual listeners, I decide to go out and by Best of Volume 1. After all, I already knew Panama, Jump, Why Can't This be Love, and Hot For Teacher by heart. So the Date Says July 7.....a week after we bought our tickets, the date is removed. RE-Fucking-MOVED. Later in the week, it comes back up reposted for the 6th, the first day of summer school. Oh well. The day arrives, my car being in the shop, Wes rides with me and my dad. We chill at my house, and listen to When It's Love and Dreams(I didn't even know it was Van Halen, but i remembered it from the radio) when all of a sudden a huge Tornadic-like thunderstorn hits. And its alread SIX!. When we get there I but a shirt and Wes and I joke about how during the concert, what if Dave flew in on wires and said "Have no fear mah little friends, for Dave is here to save jew!"...yeah, so Silvertide comes on and kicks, for longer than I would've expected, but rocked none the last. From the time of 7:30 til Van Halen came on I pissed no less than 4 times.
It gets dark.... a guitar wails, the fatman himself screams "Heeellllloooo Baaaaabbbeeeee" and time has come to rock my socks. Jump starts and the lights hit me in the face like a man with a mullet hits his wife....HARD. Through the course of the night I stood there in perpetual aww..then some guy lifted his prostectic leg up for Sam to sign... but in the back of my mind kept wondering...are they gonna play Panama. They leave....there is sadness.... the BOOM! Don't ask me how I knew, but when the drummin started, I was already in my mind goin' panama oh oh oh oh oh..... but the funniest moment of the night, was when Hagar gives the mike to this dude who doest know whats happenin, then he gives it to an older guy...about mid 50's who says, and I quote "It's a little hot tonight", in the most normal way a person could ever say it. Like hey man how are you?, "it's a little hot"
When It's Love tooks us on home. A tear came to my eye as you are allowed three during a ballad, two on the side, and one final tear that drips at the very end. I remember seeing everyone doin the Van Hagar sign thing, me and Wes knda shrugged and did it to, then I goes"does this look a vagina to you or what?", Wes say's "I can't hear you over the sound of Van Halen being awesome!"
Set List:
Humans Being
Up for Breakfast
Mad Antonio Solo
Somebody Get Mike a Doctor
It's About Time
Alex Solo
Top Of The World
Why Can't This Be Love
Sammy Solo
Seventh Seal
Best Of Both Worlds
Edward Solo
Ain't Talking 'Bout Love
Right Now

You Really Got Me
When It's Love

01.10.05, 10:38 AM
Yea, I was there too, had 3rd row seats, my first VH show as well. It was a fantastic show. I actually live behind the Seelbach where the band stayed, so I got home as soon as possible and tried to hang around the bar and lobby, but they had already gotten there before I had and they were hanging out in the private Al Capone bar...I had just missed them. I'm glad that you enjoyed the show...it was an awesome tour!

01.10.05, 02:01 PM
I was 22 rows back and the guys next to me and my dad (my consert buddy, how lame!) looked pissed cause I just screamed all through it and didn't know the words to some Sam songs (I'll admit it, I was a Rothtard then!). But yeah, great consert, but if I knew that they were staying at the Steelbach, I would've begged dad to let me go and get an autograph and hang out with them (yeah, right)!

01.10.05, 06:40 PM
Infinite Cactus, that may be the funniest post I have ever read here. The part about the tears made me spit out my drink.
Right on!