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01.09.05, 12:07 AM
Hey folks Brett was kind enough to re-open the 2004 tour thread in a attempt to rebuild it. :)

Everyone that has a picture from a concert they attended PLEASE post them and post them in this thread. :thumb:

By keeping them all in one thread it makes it easy for everyone to view and share them.

OLO :)

01.09.05, 07:40 AM
I've saved a lot of the tour photos but have no idea who they belong to or where they were taken. Shall I post them?

01.09.05, 12:05 PM
Sorry OLO I hadn't realized you had this thread going? Same thing as other post,

FTP anyone?

01.09.05, 02:30 PM
Pictures from Phoenix and Albuquerque.


Texas Poundcake
01.09.05, 02:40 PM
Pictures from Oklahoma City, July 25 are at

01.09.05, 03:42 PM
I posted this link in the Chicago thread:


Just type in cjvanhalen to see all the pictures.


01.09.05, 07:02 PM
any toronto pics? i would love to see some of those again, bring back some great memories.

01.13.05, 05:25 PM
Shoot, didn't see this thread till now. I posted all the pics I had saved in the other pic thread. :brickwall

Thai Boxer 9901
01.19.05, 06:28 PM
How about some boise pictures? I didnt have a camera with me (I know, I'm an idiot) but I know that a couple hundred people did get pictures, so share the wealth

01.20.05, 01:10 AM

All of these are from the Rapid show. I'll post Lisa's pics too if she wants me too.

01.26.05, 03:10 PM
Here are some pics I found from the Greensboro show that I went to with my buddy Jason. JASON - if you see this, email or call me bro!







02.28.05, 07:53 PM
any toronto pics? i would love to see some of those again, bring back some great memories.

I got some. But i'm kinda confused on how to post them. Also DOES ANYBODY HAVE SOUNDCHECK PIX FROM TORONTO JULY 3RD?!!!? I can't go on without seeing those soundcheck pics from Toronto.

03.28.05, 09:30 AM
I wasn't at this show, but found these on the web. Some cool shots from the Columbus, OH show.

03.28.05, 09:39 AM
http://www.musicohio.com/april_04/vh0345.jpg http://www.musicohio.com/april_04/vh0364.jpg

03.28.05, 09:40 AM
http://www.musicohio.com/april_04/vh0368.jpg http://www.musicohio.com/april_04/vh0393.jpg http://www.musicohio.com/april_04/vh0389.jpg http://www.musicohio.com/april_04/vh0425.jpg

03.28.05, 09:41 AM
http://www.musicohio.com/april_04/vh0417.jpg http://www.musicohio.com/april_04/vh0442.jpg http://www.musicohio.com/april_04/vh0441.jpg http://www.musicohio.com/april_04/vh0433.jpg

03.28.05, 09:42 AM
http://www.musicohio.com/april_04/vh0452.jpg http://www.musicohio.com/april_04/vh0456.jpg

Here's a review of the gig:

Van Halen, Columbus, OH, Schottenstein Center, July 7, 2004
For Van Halen fans, the ride for the past several years has been a roller coaster. From talk of an original-member tour to rumblings of a new studio records has filed the rumor mills and ears of fans around the world. Anticipation has been high for almost a decade for anything regarding one of the best rock and roll bands in the world. Dreams have been crushed and fulfilled many times over, so when the rumor of a US tour started making its way around magazines and the Internet, no one seemed to want to take it too seriously. After all, fans can only be let down so many times before the scream of “Wolf” is yelled one too many times.

But this time, Van Halen came through with their promise and in June, the band embarked on a tour across the US and Canada that was the talk of every town it was coming to. There were more questions than answers, and on July 5, Van Halen answered all the questions on stage at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus.

With the typical shredding of Eddie Van Halen, heart-dropping kick bass of Alex Van Halen and great frontman persona from Sammy Hagar, bassist Michael Anthony played his usual straight-guy role and the band performed much above what could have been expected.

Going to the Van Halen show, fans were of two minds. One, they were going to see the greatest band in the world with memories of 1984 in their heads, or second, that the book was open but with nothing written and it was up to the band to fill in the missing words and leave them with the diary of the night.

For the first set of fans, many seemed to be disappointed and the realization of age and sickness never seemed to come into play and because the 2004 Van Halen was not the same as the 1984 Van Halen, the band just doesn’t have it. But the show was about those who came with the open diary pages waiting for Alex, Eddie, Michael and Sammy to fill in the pages for them. For this group, Van Halen rocked the night away and allowed them to go back in time like they were in a gray Deloreon and Michael J. Fox was sitting next to them.

Van Halen rocked, that is all there is to it. The show was a stripped down rock and roll bonanza and each song just brought back a flood of memories but more importantly, provided even more of those memories to fill those diary pages.

So, for now, let the rumors fly again and the promises start over, because Van Halen had provided its fans with enough fact to cover another 10 years of fiction and speculation. Now, the rumors of the original line-up playing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are fun to talk about again, where just before this tour actually took place, fans were almost upset at the mention of it.

Van Halen did more than provide its fans with a great show for the year it is, 2004, if not the year they wanted, 1984, they gave the fans hope again. And as we learned at the end of the movie Shawshank Redemption, “Hope is a wonderful thing.”

03.28.05, 05:02 PM
Thanx for those pics Sucka.. they're great!!! :thumb:

03.28.05, 05:10 PM
Thanx for those pics Sucka.. they're great!!! :thumb:

Doesn't Ed look great babe? Totally made my day when I came across these pics. It reminded of me of how special it was to see him out there rockin again. :thumb: