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VH RightNow
01.08.05, 12:07 PM
Anybody go??

01.08.05, 02:16 PM
Anybody go??

Went to both shows...I believe the first night was the debut of Wolfie and THE 2ND Was Father's Day and also Mike's B-Day! Both great shows. Finish What You Started made its only appearance of the tour on Mike's B-DAY. Great shows and I met awesome VH fans there!

01.08.05, 10:19 PM
Dude- me and my wife met you outside the centrum after the show hoping to spot the band( to no avail) That was a good show!!

VH RightNow
01.09.05, 01:03 PM
You met atomic punks or me?......I met a few linkers after the show waiting for the band, just not sure if you are talking to me or not......anyways I thought both shows were great.....ed played the 5150 Kramer for ufb (I believe) and the cherry sunburst for the rest of both shows.....umm some highlights......Sam called for a waitress during his solo spot...ed got mad, but in a fun way......chased Sam with his drill......like atomic punks said the June 19 was Wolfies first appearance since rehearsal......he played both nights....Val was there, alternating between the soundboard and behind Eds amps.....one of Als kids was there video taping the second show....second night (fathers day)......Sams wife and kids were next to the stage...Mikeys wife brought him out a cake or drink??, everyone sang happy birthday to him at the end of the show.......during the encore the second night, you really got me was subbed out for finish what ya started......learning to see was subbed out for seventh seal........the band stayed in Boston for the first leg of the tour....numerous stories surfaced mostly about Eddie.....I will post anything else I remember fro the shows.....

01.09.05, 01:14 PM
I went to both nites with my GF. 4 star ist nite, 5 star 2nd. Great times!!!