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01.08.05, 06:14 AM
I had saved a copy of my review/experience

Whew! I'm fuckin' tired,

we just got in from Vegas a few hours ago.
Slow ride across the dam and long hot and BRIGHT drive back to Phoenix.
Oh my eyes hurt,
my neck aches,
my ears are still making this funny ringing noise

I sat at home Thursday night while the band played three miles from my house,
Knew that after the road trip and stuff, that a Friday night show would be pushing it,
so me and my friends opted for Saturday night's show

When the tickets originally went on sale I managed to get thru to some young Ticketmaster girl in Sacramento
While she was ringing me up for a sweet four-some,
my wireless phone dropped the call.
It took forty minutes before I could get thru and was only able to get for tickets in section 214.

I yelled out for ya-VANHALENTOUR2004. Course you didn't hear me cuz the house was going nuts.

We arrived at the Trop, Friday afternoon, sucked some brews and took the girls out for a nice meal.
Saturday the girls did the spa thing and us boys hung out at the pool.
Around 3pm we took a cab to the Hard Rock,
where another friend was staying and checked out the pool scene.
Very cool pool party, we all agreed that it would be the place to stay next summer
when it's hot and the women bare it all.
Got back to the Trop,
more beers and some porn
'till our ladies got back from their shopping.

We arrived at the MB with enough time to get a tray of beers and then Eddie made his guitar scream.
Of course that's his fair warning to all.
Lights fell and everybody erupted.
The house was packed. It was hot.

So I'm rocking out to Runaround, spillin' some beer on my wife and the poor dude in front of me.
So sorry dude, whomever you are, thanks for understanding,
I was in the moment.

My wife was getting pretty annoyed and took my beer away from me.
Hot damn, it didn't matter, plenty of that stuff for latter.
I stood there dancing, singing and rockin' out like I was a 13-year-old headbanger
Oh my neck hurts!

During Alex's solo, this guy comes up the stairs and stops near me and says,
"You two-follow me"

He had credentials around his neck and he walked us down to the floor.
He continued to escort us all the way to the fourth row on Michael's side.

As I gave him a big bear hug, as a thanks and I asked him for his name. I heard Charles.
Dude thanks again.

I was totally blown away,
My wife had this smile and she even managed to catch a pick as Anthony threw out a handful.

I promised I'd mention the two bumps on a log that I was seated next to.
What a couple of stiffs. probably stock brokers or very much in need of getting laid.
Hey you two, if you're reading this, last night was a rock concert. Not opera you fucking dolts-
lighten up or sit in the back, you took someone's tickets and wasted them. OK sorry 'bout that.

Yeah I too agree with some of the comments about Eddie and his falling down,
but he seemed to be enjoying himself just the same.
I had a great time and so too did my wife.

After the show inside the tram we were all chanting Eddie's name and then Sammy
Then I yelled out, "What about Mikey?"
After a few chuckles,
they all chanted "MICHAEL, MICHAEL, MICHAEL."

I still can't believe what happened to me last night.
Seems like a dream.
After the lights went up, Charles came back to us and asked if we had a good time.
I told him that we really appreciated his kindness and that it will forever remain an ultimate concert memory.
I then asked him why us, "why did you pick us?"
He said he's in the music biz and wants to give back.
Seems he must do this at other shows.
He said he spotted me rockin' out, waaaaay up near the roof and that I stood out.
I credit my Phishy style of hippy dance for that
I was even dancin during Eddie's solo--afterall it's all music.

Celebrate what we have cause it may never be here again
I have no regrets now.
I made the right choice.
It was hard sitting here at the computer Thursday night but that was made easier by VHLinks.

Thanks to every one that made the build up to last night an incredible journey..

PS: Hello Marsha, a fellow linker I met at the elevator Friday night at the Trop.

Time for some healing sleep. talk to ya'll later.


CORRECTION it was not Marsha but the mighty MASHAGAR that I ran into at the TROP. Way fuckin' cool, it was so much fun.

Here's a pic of my upgraded tickets--Thanks again Charles

And one of the picks my wife caught.

It was one of the best weekends that I've ever experienced. Too bad so many want to nitpick Eddie to death. It was a Rock concert and they lived up to all of my expectations.

MASHAGAR--glad to have met you!


01.09.05, 12:37 PM


Share phreely and enjoy :thumb:

01.13.05, 05:45 PM

Oh what a Night it was.

03.16.05, 07:34 AM
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