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Here's mine from Grand Rapids, MI - July 9,2004



I am so pumped up people, you have no idea. Well, you probably do, actually!

I was on Mikey's side. When Poundcake was starting, I gave him a bracelet I made from hemp cord. It was red, white and blue and he wore it all night!!!! A song or so after I gave it to him, he came back to me and grabbed my hand a bit and said, "Thanks for the bracelet! You made it for me?" I said, "It's all you, Mikey!" He was throwing picks into our side all night, but at one point he came over to me and pressed a red one into my hand. I closed my fist over it and screamed "YESSSSSSSSSSSS!"

I was either crying or bouncing up and down all night - mostly bouncing! It was so great! Mikey looked at me and started jumping too. I think we must have bonded. ;) Mikey, thanks so much for being so AWESOME!!!!!

Later when Sammy came by, I held up the red and yellow bracelet I made for him, and he looked at me and said "Oo!" and held his arm out to me so I could put it on him. Then Mikey showed Sammy his bracelet and gave him a dirty look, and Sammy gave him a dirty look back, then they acted like they were going to punch each other! LOL IT WAS GREAT!!!!

At that point I screamed to my friend, "THIS IS THE GREATEST FUCKING NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!"

Then Sammy was up on the catwalk thing at the back trying to adjust his bracelet (I made it too big) but then he just pushed it up his arm. The cameraman was shooting him then, so my bracelet was on the big screen!!! AAAAAAAAAH! Who saw it? Anyone???

Later he came by our part of the ring again to slap some hands and I blew a kiss at him and said, "Love you, Sammy!" and he smiled that white smile and blew a kiss back at me and pointed at me.

After the encore Sammy came to our side of the Ring and he signed my Balance CD and some other people's stuff. Mikey signed stuff, too. And DAMMIT if Ed wasn't signing stuff on his side!!! I would say at least 5 people. We made eye contact for a brief moment twice during the show, but that's it. *sigh*

After the last encore, Mikey held his fists up to our ring and said, "You guys fuckin' ROCK!"

When they were leaving the stage the final time, I held up the last two bracelets I made for Alex and Eddie, and Mikey actually came back to me to get them from me. Then he put them both in his mouth and held up his arms to the crowd and walked off.

Got another Mikey pick from one of the roadies at the end when they were starting the tear-down.

I will be in the upper bowl at Joe Louis in Detroit tonight, but let me tell you, if any of those boys are wearing my bracelets, I WILL PEE MY PANTS!!! They probably won't, but you never know.

Sorry to have missed Interceptor and crew at the BOB - we got downtown a little later than I'd planned and my ass was going to be the FIRST one in the ring, and it was.

Review: Well, I am SO freakin' biased, it won't be much good. Alex is a machine. He is just awesome, and it is so obvious that Eddie is his biggest fan.

Mike did the traditional solo, with no Sunday Afternoon. Bummer. But here's a funny: Eddie came out on stage before he was done, and when he realized he was early he made this "EEK!" face and tiptoed back out! It was great!

This has little relevance, but I'll tell you anyway. Ed's cord was getting a little knotted and he was whipping it around to try to fix it. Then the lights dimmed a bit and he came bounding out (no guitar) and knelt on the floor to fix it, then ran back off. OK, I already said this had little relevance, but I have revered this guy as a God for over 20 years, so it was a little surreal to see him being so... human. He was wearing those piece of shit falling apart boots again, but with new socks! His big toe was wearing WHITE! LOL AND I COULD SEE IT!!!!!!! I've never had any seats for VH where I didn't need binoculars. This night I will never forget.

Sammy and Eddie were getting along GREAT. If they looked pissed at each other last week, there was no trace of that last night. They put the tops of their foreheads together during one song and were just grinning madly at each other. At another point Ed laid down on the stage behind Sammy, bopped him with his arm or guitar so he'd know he was down there, and then he was spinning around on his back to point at Sammy. I couldn't see this really well because one of those lights was blocking my view.

Mike the Hired Gun: I think not. Ed came over to Mike several times grinning his famous grin, chatting it up. When Ed, Mike and Sam were up front together, Ed kissed Mike on the temple. Feel the love, people, feel the love.

My only complaint is that Ed's mic was not clear at all. Everytime I've seen VH in the past, all Ed has ever said was either "Hi!"or "Thank you!" and not always both. This time he spoke several times but I couldn't understand him but once, when in the middle of his solo he said, "You people are making me cry." He had to take a moment to pull himself together. He closed his eyes and had his head down, then he raised his fists in the air to soak it all in. For those who think he's faking or is "despicable," Fuck off and leave this board. EDDIE ROCKS!!! And he appreciates his FANS!

My ears are ringing, and will be for several days, I'm sure!



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Here are pics of Sammy and Mike wearing my bracelets, with thanks to guitard for providing them!




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This will be pretty long, but I never get tired of telling this story!! I attended all 3 shows in Michigan, starting with Grand Rapids on Friday, July 9. I had 5th row tickets on Mikey's side, and it was a killer show. I started out at the local radio station (LAV) pre-show party at the BOB, where I hung out with my brother (who went to the show with me) and his girlfriend. We sang a little Van Halen karyoke, got a cool VH shirt from LAV, and put on a great pre-concert buzz. I met up with guitard (Randy) there also, and it was really cool to meet him. I had two extra tickets to Joe Louis Arena the next night, whick I sold to him. Randy is a class act, very genuine, and I'd do business/hang out with him again anyday.

Anyway...onto the show!!! Like I said, it was fantastic, and I had great seats. I had my red Cabo Wabo shirt with me that I had bought in Cabo on my vacation a few months earlier, and I made eye contact with Sammy SEVERAL times as he would point at the shirt, then lift up his sleeve and point at his Cabo tattoo. Then, the highlight of the night was when he motioned for me to throw the shirt on stage during Right Now!!! I threw it up there, he wore it around on his head for a minute or so, then signed it and threw it back!!! Awesome!!! By the end of the night I was exhausted, excited, and my voice was shot...and I had 2 more days of Van Halen to go!!!

The next night (Saturday, July 10) I had a 5 star for the Joe Louis show. At the 5 star party, I met a lot of cool linkers (Voofndoo, Toratoratora), as well as several people from the SHML. The drinks were flowing, I won the Van Halen jean jacket with my raffle ticket, and I had a 4th row ticket on Ed's side. The show was cool, probably not quite as good as Grand Rapids, but stellar none-the-less. Highlights for me were getting Mike to sign my Cabo Wabo shirt (same one Sammy signed the night before!!), and having Sammy point at me right at the beginning of the show and say "You were here last night". I also talked a little bit to Hilary, who we all know as the extremely cute 5-star guide. I had a 4 star for the next night at the Palace, so I told her that I would be there 4 star and asked if I could be upgraded to the rings. I was slightly buzzed, so I don't remember everything about the conversation, but she told me if I could find her, she'd do everything she could to help me, but she basically said it would be impossible to find her in the middle of 15,000 people.

The next day (voice was REALLY shot by now) I arrived quite early at the Palace, and met up with Dimoncutr in the parking lot. This dude is a hard core VH fan. He had an awesome air-brushed Van Halen banner, VN HLN on his license plate, and a huge VH logo in the rear window of his Camaro. We didn't get to talk long, but it was cool to meet him and chat about Van Halen. Shortly after that, I went to will call and snagged my 4 star package. I had 16th row, Ed's side. Not nearly as good as the 4th and 5th row I'd enjoyed at the other two shows, but I'd already had a great experience, and figured I should just be happy with that and enjoy this show. While waiting for the doors to open, I met this really cool family from Ohio that also had 4 stars. They had 9th row on Mike's side, and they had one extra ticket. The family consisted of the parents, and their 17 year old daughter, Ashley. Her boyfriend was supposed to come as well, but he backed out so they had an extra 4 star they were looking to sell. A woman approached us wanting to get a better seat, so Ashley tried to sell her the 9th row 4 star. The woman said "I'd take it, but I really want to be by Ed, and you guys are way off to the left on Mike's side". At that point, I chimed in and told her about my 16th row on Ed's side, and she fricken' bought it!!! I was pumped, because I was now 7 rows closer and sitting with some cool people that I'd been talking to.

After Silvertide played, I began a feverish lookout for Hilary, hoping she'd make good on the golden rings offer. A few ILAA people came out throwing shirts, but I just couldn't spot Hilary. I did manage to grab 4 shirts!!!, but I was bumming about no Hilary. Then, at about 8:15 (VH was supposed to take the stage 8:30, Hilary comes walking out from behind the stage!!! (The irony here is that if I hadn't swapped tickets to sit 9th row on Mike's side, there's no way I would have ever seen her!!!) I immediatly rushed over to her (as did about 100 other people), and started asking about the rings. She told me to keep quiet, get the other person I was with, and come back to her. At the top of my lungs, I yelled for Ashley to come over to me, and after climbing over a few rows of chairs and almost breaking her neck, she made it. Hilary, Ashley and I then fought our way to the front of the stage, and Hilary hooked us up with two ring tickets ON ED"S SIDE!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! As the show started, Sammy again noticed me and my Cabo Wabo shirt and pointed at me right away and smiled, and then Sammy proceeded to give me some memories that I will cherish forever. After "SGMAD", when Mikey says "Somebody get me a shot!!", Sammy brought him a shot, took a shot himself.....and then brought one over to me!!!!! I quickly downed the Cabo Wabo, and I saved the cup (of course!!!). Then, the ultimate highlight came during Ain't Talkin' bout love, when Sammy pointed at me and said "You want some of this???" He then stuck the mic in my face and I got to sing the "been to the edge part"!!!!!!! I've since downloaded the boot of the show, so I've got a real keepsake.....Mikey on bass, Eddie on guitar, Al on drums....and for a moment, me on lead vocals!!!

well, there it is.....three nights in Mickigan, three awesome shows, and the experience of a lifetime. There is NO WAY I'm ever going to top this at another concert. Thanks to Hilary, Sammy, and rest of VH for making 2004 one fricken kick ass summer!!!!!!!!

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BTW, what's up Shari!! I never get tired of reading about your enthusiasm for the rings!!!

-Brooks (interceptor)