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01.07.05, 08:49 PM
My first show of the tour, the 2nd of the tour I think.

Horrible venue. No rings, it's an outside gig with seating for 35K. With a mediocre showing of 13K plus, it seemed pretty empty. My seats, about 50 yards left of center stage, 9 rows back.....horrible.

Wasn't nearly loud enough where I was. I could hear people talkin' around me.

Nothing memorable to me from the show besides Ed's overuse of his sustainer thingy on his guitar. Seemed to cause more problems than it was worth.

Ed seemed off all night. Just hittin' wrong notes. A buddy of mine, who's a Ed freak was bummed. He gigs a lot and hasen't seen Ed too many times. He just could't beleive how poorly Ed played. I blame most of it on just the rust over the years.

A few weeks later VH put on a show at the MCI Center that will never be erased from my head....just great.

Later on in the tour, I went to the Borgota show in AC. Talked to a few folks who loved the Hershey show....so opinions are like assholes folks, I could be wrong, what was your take.

01.08.05, 02:24 PM
Went to both shows and 13 total and Hershey,the 2nd show of the tour, was the worst by far. However, the energy they had was still real and their interaction appeared to be real as well. The sound was terrible and the weather was overcast. The stadium was fairly empty...maybe 8,000. I went to the Bush rally there in October and all I could hope was he'd come out and say "Hello Baby!"

01.08.05, 09:02 PM
Here's a link to some reviews from local papers.


01.11.05, 03:13 PM
Outdoor show, no ring seats. Unussually cool for a June 13th show in this area, I think the high all day was in the 60's with drizzle and it felt about that cold that night. I was 3rd row, Eddie's side. 4th time I've seen Van Halen, and by far the worst performance (mainly by Eddie). The interaction seemed real, and we had a lot of fun. Eddie started out decent, but the wheels fell off around the 4th or 5th song. My wife even turned to me a few times during the set like "WTF?!?!?!" She knows Eddie's good/bad from all the listening I've made her do, and it was apparent. Ed totally screwed up the intro to "Dreams" also, which was really disappointing as it was totally in the wrong key (he even made a disgusted face).

I remember during "Right Now," the screen read "Right Now, Van Halen's kickin' ass in Greensboro" and everybody started to boo. I also remember Ed used the Kramer 5150 for "Up For Breakfast" and maybe another song, but this was before the Charvel thing broke so there weren't any auction guitars there. Also, as far as setlist, they played "Learning to See" rather than "Seventh Seal" like later in the tour. That's all the little details I can remember right now.