View Full Version : some dallas pics

Mikey Metalhead
01.07.05, 04:14 PM
a few I already had on web space




Mikey Metalhead
01.07.05, 05:12 PM
and some vhlinkers at hard rock Dallas and sixstrings ride



01.07.05, 07:55 PM
Cool Tee shirts!!! The concert pics show how much detail Van Halen puts in an awesome light show!! HEY MAN: who's bar is that and tell me how they did the Eddie stripes....what kind of materials (wood, paint, gloss additive, moulding etc) that is the coolest bar I have ever seen!!!!
Who are the fellow linkers?
Nice picks Metalhead!!

Mikey Metalhead
01.08.05, 07:32 AM
that is the hard rock in Dallas. It used to be different guitar, but about 5 years after they opened, they did the "ED" thing.

Myself, sixstring, sisca and a few others... sorry, I am terrible at remembering names.

I have better pics of the blazer. Sixstring did a unbelievable job on it.

ohh and the two girls, home made those shirts, came out pretty good considering they dont even listen to VH.