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01.07.05, 04:43 PM
Well let's try to do what we can to re-create this forum with all the great stuff we had before. Reviews, pics, discussion, etc. Sorry we lost it all, losing this one was a total bummer. :(

01.07.05, 05:17 PM
Well.....I saw Van Halen in Greensboro, June 11, 2004.

The band had obvious fun, the crowd was definitely "into it".

The sound could have been better. Paid ten bucks to park.

The women couldn't have been any hotter that night. But in some cases, that was because some of these women were obviously there in a professional capacity.

Ed played pretty damn good. Better than I can do. 'Nuff said on that.

Mike Anthony...."Doctor".
Alex Van Halen.....just keeping time, man.
Sam Hagar.......ultrabrite smile, Eagles Fly for Mr. Ray.

That's about it. I'd do it again, and I highly recommend the experience.

Van Halen.....still the best show on earth, baby.:thumb:

01.07.05, 05:25 PM
Pretty much like the whole site.

I've been here for one day now and it is not a very open-minded place to be...it seems like it's a crime to hate the troll who got lucky and got to sing in the band formerly known as the legendary Van Halen. How is it so wrong to hate the fact that everything changed after that, and even the guitar god Eddie went repetitive record after another? They spoiled a perfect thing but it's not ok to think like that here.

"Shamen seeds for all mankind"

So you're making 28 posts a day why again?

01.07.05, 05:26 PM
Oh yeah, the tour 2004. Quite a success...

Yeah, #6 tour, 80 shows cost to coast, 54 million bucks, thousands of happy fans, thousands of bitter protesting fans... now that's a tour!!

01.07.05, 05:35 PM
Really? I'm growing bored of it already Army boy. Trying to get this thing going right and having to deal with you spamming every thread with this argumentative BS is getting to me.

01.07.05, 05:47 PM
Let it go Mr. Self-Important.

01.07.05, 06:01 PM
Yeah you're the only one here who dislikes Sam on this forum. :rolleyes: Seek a clue. LOL, it's funny when guys like you come around, thinking you're some voice of reason or something about a stupid rock band. The thing you don't get is nobody cares if you do or don't like Sam, Ed, Dave, whatever. And yeah you're spamming, 50 posts in less than two days? Yeah ok there chum.

Then if you don't like the members here, then leave. Why would you post with people you don't like? Explain that rationale to me.

You'e learned little from Dave because you don't appear to be a fun-loving guy at all. For someone who claims to be such a DLR supporter, you sure sound miserable.

01.07.05, 06:26 PM
first of all, ted bundy is annoying-get lost! secondly, brett youve done a fine job getting this site running again so quickly.im proud to say i was in hershey this past june when vh stormed through.it was only the third time i saw them live, but was the first with sammy.it was really something i never thought id see and i loved every minute. my fave part was eddies solo, cuz i dont mind if he fucks around a lot.i dug the set list, only bad part is i didnt get to take any pics.my parents also went and since my dad got me into vh, and it was his first time at a vh concert, it was pretty special. again, brett, thanks for giving us a place to go and talk about the best band in the world!

01.07.05, 06:51 PM
Got to go see the boys in Vegas on 8-7 my initial review was poor but upon listening to my boot of the show it was by far one of the better shows i have been too. It was great to see Ed & Alex on stage again and to hear that wonderful sound of Ed's KILLER playing. Sams voice was great and strong as ever. This was the first i"ve heard mike sing and in my own opinion he could front which ever band he wanted. I didn't get the chance to go back and see the on Oct. 1 and i'm kickin myself in the ass for that one.

01.07.05, 07:42 PM
I have talked about plenty of things, other than Sammy too.
How can you say Van Halen is just a stupid rock band? You're running a fan site for gawd's sake. At least for me it does represent a whole lotta more to me, the attitude, the hunger, the talent - it's more like a religion to me! I'm so sorry.

You do seem to care a bit more as well, only because you and some others get so pissed off when I'm laughing at the Sebastian Bach vs. Sammy-thread.

Because it's just music.

And I haven't been following your 50 posts, but when you decided to screw around in here too with your smartass comments while I'm trying rebuild it, then I'll respond. Could give a flying fuck about Sebastian Bach or Freddie Mercury.

Yeah we'll see if you stick around. Somehow I doubt your stay will be that long.

01.07.05, 08:42 PM
How can you say Van Halen is just a stupid rock band?

In a world where planes crash into buildings, waves wipe out 150K people and babies are born with bad hearts, yes, VAN HALEN IS A STUPID ROCK BAND.

What show did you catch on the tour and why did it rock/suck?

01.07.05, 08:47 PM
I've been collecting info about the Van Hagar-fans.So what have you collected which pertains to this thread? Been to a Van Halen show lately? If so, which one and how was it? And, how many Hagar fans have you talked to at one of these shows?

01.07.05, 09:47 PM
So you're making 28 posts a day why again?

He must be a cereal poster.

01.07.05, 09:54 PM
fuck...wrong thread so I'm removing what i posted.

01.08.05, 01:53 AM
Bwahahaha. Are you runnin' for the Nobel prize? In the world according to Van Halen we are aware of all those events, but it is our way to escape from all of it...all of it. Don't take yourself too seriously. Van could get upset if you told him that.

I didn't go on the Van Hagar-tour, I live in Europe. Besides, the ticket prices were huge. I did festivals and other concerts last year.

Brew crew, so far the info I've gotten is a bit uptight. Not very open-minded, and I mean when it comes to discussing all the other bands and things in life. We'll see.

Ted give it a rest ok.

Ted if you wish to argue and debate shit do it in the oppinions forum or better yet send your self argumentative PM's and reply to them. I REALLLLLLY doubt anyone wants to read this stuff, so do us all a favor and stop. :)

01.08.05, 02:29 AM
Whatever this thread is not serving any purpose, so it's closed.