View Full Version : did any of you guys see 60 minutes tonight?

09.23.01, 09:05 PM
it was very interesting, i missed most of it, but i caught the last of it, including andy rooney, who i think is a very smart person.
just curious to see if anyone else caught it. smilies/smile.gif

09.23.01, 09:27 PM
I caught it all. I was riveted. The mind of a martyr is one that we should all be very worried about. Sounds like basically it is rather cultish nowadays. Almost a fad of sorts (scary sorts). These guys have no fear of death but rather look forward to it and smile before they push the button. Once they make the decision to become a martyr of islam there is simply no going back. Its advertised in the community, they are basically already a dead man walking hero, they make a video for mom reassuring her that they are with allah and that their passage into heaven is one without interrogation......interesting side note. They have 72 virgins awaiting them when they get there smilies/rolleyes.gif Kind of a gift I gather, from allah. pfft. Whatever. Anyways, as you can imagine, there is no backing down once the ball has momentum. Not that they would anyways. These guys are waiting in line to blow themselves up and take one of us with them. One guy was quoted saying not only is america an enemy of Arabs, but it is THE enemy, the arch enemy of the Arab nation. Not many folks in all of persia are feeling bad at all about what happened in New York either, rather saying we had it coming, we deserved it, or just plain glad we got it. Sounded like the minority condemned the acts, and wish it was not Arabs that did it.

I saw Andy Rooney too. Lets just say, I enjoyed the show up to that point. No, lets just say he pissed me off by trying to make Bush look like a fool. He showed a clip of GW saying (on Tuesday or Wednesday when we didnt even know what country could have either harbored or done this) saying that if whoever thinks their harbors are safe, they are wrong....Afghanistan doesnt have harbors, its land locked. Bush wasnt speaking specifically about that, but Rooney decided to make it look like he was. I have no idea what he was trying to gain by doing that, but I certainly lost a lot of respect with that. How unnecessary. smilies/mad.gif

09.23.01, 09:50 PM
The ONLY part I caught was Andy Rooney, and he was just absurd. From what I've seen/heard from him over the last 20 years or so, his opinion caught me off-guard. He may have been giving us the network's 'company line' of PC rhetoric. Otherwise, maybe he's just getting senile; after all, he is like 113 years old or something. smilies/biggrin.gif

He has been known to make retractions in the past, when the network found his views too offensive. I guess the phone calls they get regarding his remarks sometimes will have an effect as well.

Anyway, I thought he was just being a big TOOL on this evening's show, trying to stir up some controversy, maybe in the hopes of regaining part of the audience he's lost these last few years.

09.23.01, 11:10 PM
i thought that the show (what i saw) was very interesting. to think that the one guy mentioned slobodan milosevic as the person responsible? man, i never even thought of that. although, nothing points to him.
interesting that you guys didn't like andy rooney, but he did come across as slamming bush, so i hear you. he was right about saying that it's not just bin laden that we have to be after though. it's definitely many more people. i did crack a smile when he said that most of the buildings in afghanistan cost less than the price of bombing them, which really puts things into perspective.

09.24.01, 09:34 AM
yep, the only part i saw was rooney. he pissed me off as well...saying the likes of we are going after a country where we don't even know if they did it, etc. whatever rooney smilies/rolleyes.gif

bush made it clear that this isn't gonna be easy, so rooney gets up there and basically mocks what our government is doing which at a time like this, is absurd. and i don't wanna hear that free speech excuse either. people take advantage of their freedom(s).

i think bush is going about it the right way, you can't just get rid of one nation of people here. if you do, you're looking at a uniting of poosibly all the arab nations and anti-U.S. countries which is a scary thought.

this can't be viewed as a religious topic. rather, it needs to be seen as a bunch of spineless pukes who wish to infer their beliefs on the rest of mankind having no conscience about doing it. it's one thing to push your opinions upon someone, it's another thing to murder people to get your point across.