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09.13.01, 02:26 AM
I think it's really dangerous to go into a situation with a mindset of knowing how you act is going to be how history presents you.

This won't be a 'big' war. It's likely to be a lengthy one, though.

It'll focus on one or two countries at first, and then focus on terrorist organizations. It's that second part that I think will drag out for some time to come.

I don't think I'd start hoarding stuff just yet, seen. There's no immediate danger to most of us, or threats to our basic needs. If everyone starts doing that, it'll play havoc with our economy. That's just what they want, man.

09.13.01, 08:51 AM
No, of course. Not hording. Just enough for ten days. And its due more to our reaction than their actions. A bio bomb would take a good 10 days to clear up. Nothing wrong with buying supplies to watch for that. Ten days of stuff is like normally going to the store, not like the Morman requirement of 10 years. Just gonna be ready is all.

I just re-read my post and realize it sounded like red dawn. Didnt mean to sound quite that hardcore, but I certainly will buy some extra water and canned goods. Cant hurt.

09.13.01, 08:54 AM
That's pretty reasonable. I imagine bottled water and canned-goods makers are gonna see a healthy shot in the arm the next few days.

09.13.01, 01:43 PM
Wow, we've got our hands full.

In order to appease America, we need a MASSIVE offensive. Not a question of justice anymore, we need to release a LOT of anger.

Second, we need to have EFFECTIVE strikes to break the backbone of the enemies, for all the obvious reasons.

Third, we need to show the world that you don't fuck with the US or ANYONE and get away with it. It's gotta be a big PR move for the US to maintain our status as 'superpower'.

Fourth, the war at home. We have terrorists living HERE. This will require our entire intelligence community to leave the old cold war behind and get in high gear. It's sure to be the next 'red scare', and the ACLU will surely bitch about it. While it will seem intrusive, at this point, we don't have much choice. While most of us may never knowingly deal with it, agents are going to be EVERYWHERE, and for a LONG time.

We've got all the worst elements of 20th century wars to deal with all at once. The Vietnam-esque part is what worries me. Since we won't be facing a 'conventional' enemy, we need to maximize the effectiveness of our technology somehow. As needed as ground assault may be, it's the riskiest, and the public isn't gonna like it when we have to watch our boys march into a battle on TV. Assuming that much of our efforts will be concentrated on the middle east, we have to deal with the Gulf War problem of trying to bomb people back to the stone age who already live in a stone age environment in a lot of cases. Coupled with their DESIRE to die for their god, what do they have to lose?

This is going to be the first war of the 21st century to REALLY make the history books of the future. Actually, we are all witnessing MAJOR history unfold before our very eyes, which is an odd feeling as it is. George W is going to be judged by this more than anything else, and more than anyONE else. And it's going to be a war without a precedent.

I guess now is the time when we find out what we're really made of. I can't imagine anything of greater gravity. It may well be labelled 'WWIII', which, frankly, I haven't really considered since the mid 80's.

And yet,after all this rambling, I have no idea what to say, think, or feel.

09.13.01, 01:56 PM
I dont know either bro, but I feel like it will happen.

I just saw on ABC news that NATO has declared this an article five attack....under this, all the worlds leaders (under nato) have agreed (long ago) that if this comes up, all nations are pre-supposed to back the country affected 100% with whatever means necessary.

The wheels are turning and I for one am going to go buy supplies for myself and my family. This is as real as it gets.

I hope I can look back at this post and laugh at how melodramatic I sound with this, but I am seriously going to go stock up with food, water, and bullets for my guns I shit you not.