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Lead Synth
09.15.01, 08:11 AM
I haven't been around much lately, but I'm just stopping by to say that my thoughts are with the NYC Linkers and their families.

Here in Chicago, things have been just as numb as everywhere else. I'm seeing a lot of red, white, and blue and lit candles.

I don't personally know anyone who worked in the WTC, but the point is that we are all Americans and therefore we're all affected. Everyone knows someone who was connected in some way.

At first, I was sickened a little to think that we seem to have an appetite for this, with everyone glued to CNN...how many times can you watch the same footage? But on second thought, this tragedy deserves all our attention for now. For me, it puts everything else in perspective. Who really cares about a Van Halen reunion now!? The idea is so absurd, I can't believe I just typed it. I'm ashamed that I work in the entertainment industry. It's unimportant, it serves no purpose in the face of something like this.

I hope that everyone out there is okay. I hope we're all either helping, or being helped.

09.15.01, 10:08 AM
My thoughts exactly Maya.

The display of unity is just unreal.

"This is America's darkest hour, but this can also be America's finest hour..."
--a senator at a Pentagon press conference, forgot who said it

Dave G 5150
09.15.01, 12:17 PM
you're exactly right...
sammy vs. dave... so what
yankees vs. dodgers... who cares
jordan comeback... big deal
democrats vs. republicans... whatever
gordon's 24 vs. jarrett's 88... even i don't care now

this is good vs evil and let me tell ya a little secret... evil ain't got a chance!

i appreciate the sport and entertainment worlds' reaction in our situation... good call guys!

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