View Full Version : A Day We Will Always Remember

09.13.01, 09:35 PM
I haven't visited this board over the last few days. I've literally been sickened by the surreal events which happened on Tuesday. All of a sudden, it just doesn't seem all that important as to whether or not Van Halen reunites anymore. However, I just wanted to drop by to say to all of my American friends, that we Canadians are just as horrified, and as deeply affected by these outrageous tragedies. Due to it's very nature, many Canadians, as well as citizens from all over the world, also worked in the Trade Center. I'm just blown away. This is the worst thing I've ever experienced in my life.

I think I can speak for my fellow Canadians in saying that, for whatever difficult decisions America must make, we are behind you 100% as neighbours, and as brothers.

This is so ultimately sad. smilies/frown.gif
Knowing that people are capable of carrying out these incredibly heinous actions, today, I'm not proud to be part of the Human Race.

09.13.01, 09:51 PM
What you said is true, I'LL WAIT. Canadians are very upset with what happened. We are all outraged!

There is a new forum that is temporary set up for topics about the Trade Centre and Pentagon attacks. I'm moving this topic there.