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Smokin' 5150
09.13.01, 01:55 PM
In this darkest hour, as a minor diversion from our American (perhaps Worldwide) nightmare, I offer the following:

Kabul Wobble

They've hit Rome, London, Paris
Osama thinks he's gotten away with it all
Around the world, terrorizing every corner
But this time he's hit the wall

There's a shitty town, in the middle of the desert
You won't go there once, (their beards have lice).
Lot's of camel shit, piles by the dozens
A hundred Cruise Missles may make the Taliban look nice

We gonna bomb their streets
We'll drive Osama into the sea
He's gonna do a little dance, called the Kabul Wobble
It's alright by me

Come on, the U.S. will take you down
This attack was your last
We're gonna take you down
Face down in Kabul
Kissing our ASS

Face down,
Down in Kabul
Take you down,
Down in Kabul
Face down,
Down in Kabul
Doin' the Kabul Wobble

It ain't poetry (barely rhymes or makes sense) but I hope it brings a smile.

Top Timmy
09.13.01, 02:04 PM
Smokin' 5150, gonna move this the the appropiate thread for ya. smilies/wink.gif smilies/smile.gif

Long John Silver
09.14.01, 01:58 AM

That is hysterical!!

Great one 5150!!

Dave G 5150
09.14.01, 07:12 AM
I say we bring back Sammy just long enough to record this one!!!


09.14.01, 09:05 AM
LOL! Thanks, Smokin'! smilies/smile.gif