View Full Version : Hilliary Clinton is a Disgrace!

Van Gully
09.21.01, 11:10 AM
This arrogant stupid bitch needs to be booted out of the Senate. Did you guys see her laughing and rolling her eyes and generally acting like a teenager being forced to listen to her parents? President Bush should have stopped during his address and said, "Yo..What be yur problem biaaatch!!" She must have been really tired too, she could hardly move her hands to clap. Maybe I'm mistaken but isn't she a Senator for the state of New York? And didn't a couple acts of terrorism just happen in NYC which just happens to be in the state of New York which H. Clinton is a Senator for? You'd think she would have been a little more respectful to the President during his Address to the Nation, especially since it directly has to do with New York. What a flamin'dumb CUNT!!!! I hope all you citizens of New york seen her shitty little attitude last night. Hopefully in a few years you guys won't make the same mistake twice. Get her the fuck out of office!!!! She is a hard-core commie and gives a damn only about herself and her career. She can dislike President Bush with her whole heart but when the country is coming together, to fight a global evil like terrorism, she needs to put the petty shit behind her and think about the welfare of the country. Obviously she hasn't quite grasped the concept of supporting and backing her own country yet. She lives in that wonderful place called Hilliary World. What a disgusting piece of shit she is. smilies/mad.gif Fuck you, you self-centered commie bitch whore! H. Clinton is no better than Hanoi Jane Fonda! God, how I despise her!

09.21.01, 11:37 AM
Feel better? smilies/rolleyes.gif smilies/wink.gif

09.21.01, 11:49 AM
This isn't the place for your political rants, Gully. You've got a whole topic set aside for you to do that over in Non-Music.