View Full Version : Attacks by trucking?

09.26.01, 07:44 AM
With the news that possible terrorists were arrested after obtaining haz mat trucking licenses so they can haul explosives in our country, I am starting to feel even less secure about things. How do you guard against THAT? Not only could a truck full of explosive material be rammed into buildings, it could destroy highway overpasses, bridges and other infrastructures. Such wrecks could also release poisonous gases into large urban areas.

I live in a part of the country that doesn't have much cultural diversity. Arabs stick out like a sore thumb in K.C. I wonder if that makes it less likely that terrorists would hole up here to concoct their schemes? At the same time, trucks criss-cross this part of the country like crazy, so it doesn't matter where a trucker lives. I guess none of us is immune to danger.