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09.12.01, 11:23 PM
How is everyone's community dealing with this? Here in Minneapolis there've been a lot of local precautions. Some things that really make me proud, and some things that make me wonder.

They closed the Mall of America yesterday, and our biggest downtown office building too.

One of the ladies I work with was frightened last night by the sounds of jets. I can hear them out my window right now. Last night I didn't notice, because I live under an airport almost. The absence of the sound was unusual today when I thought about it. I think the airport here is still closed, so these are probably ANG F-16s out of Duluth. That's what my co-worker heard last night.

There have been guys out on freeway overpasses holding up American flags. I drove under one of them today, and it really made me proud. Symbols are important.

One of the schools I work at increased security yesterday. You needed access badges to get into parts of the building. That confused me, and made me wonder just what the hell they thought they were accomplishing. All it did was frighten people, and remind them of what happened. The Eden Prarie Education Center isn't exactly a prime target for anyone but kids with toilet paper.

A girlfriend of mine said that all they did yesterday in her classes was reflect on things. Some punk said America got what it had coming. 2 older guys in the class wanted to take him outside and beat the snot out of him. Apparently that's the way they put it, too. It's a shame that didn't happen.

I've got a buddy who flies for Northwest. Dave was coming back from Louisville, and was about 20 minutes out of Mpls when their landing instructions changed. I haven't had the chance to speak with him yet, but I'm sure he's got some unique insights being an airline pilot and all. I'm glad he's safe.

What've y'all seen?

09.12.01, 11:38 PM
Flags all over the place of course. A gas station with gas at wholesale prices in protest of price gouging. I talked to the owner and he said "we have already been hurt, no need to hurt more." (I'll buy gas forever there).

The most touching thing though? Today at lunch, in an outback steakhouse, one of the local stations played a memorial type piece on TV with the scenes, images, and George W's speech. They played that Sara Mcloughlin song "arms of the angel" in the background. There were about 40 people including myself sitting there silent, watching, and weeping.

09.12.01, 11:56 PM
I'm on holiday right now and been bunkered down watching CNN, but local TV has pretty much abandoned usual programming. I think 2 of the 3 major free to air stations are back to semi-normal, ones still doing full coverage.

Some of you are probably aware Australias had problems recently with influxes of boat-bound refugees, while the current government here's adopted a stance that I dont totally agree with, it ties in with a nasty feeling around this place of late - theres been a lot of ethnic-based commentry, crimes and opinions voiced of late in regard to the islamic community - a lot of it pretty unfair. Theres also been problems with gangs of muslim youths pack raping 'australian' girls in some of the more ethnic suburbs. Exactly what this is ment to proves a bit strange, given the Korans stance on such crimes. I suspect its more the excuse than the reason.. its been an ugly 6 months or so here leading up to this.

Generally here the vast majority of people are much as whats been expressed here - total shock. Unfortunately theres been reports of Muslim churchs being set fire to, and swastickas, that kinda crap being painted on them. Theres also reports of dancing in the street, graffiti saying 'die americans die' etc in some of the more arab 'ethnic' suburbs (some sydney suburbs have predominant ethnic groups settled in them). I really hope this is just the concoction of some trouble-makers mind however.

I remember a year ago this week we were getting ready to host the olympics here, and thoughts of terrorism was a huge weight on our shoulders. I remember in the week leading up to the olympics, a story that someone left a lunch box laying around at the Olympic site, and the bomb squad turning up and shooting it! We were so worried something like this may happen here. It didn't thank god, but I think a lot of people here are watching the footage from New York and thinking 'What if..?'

09.13.01, 05:02 AM
And now the dark side...

I just found out that, at McKeesport Hospital in PA, (I was born there), during the initial airing of the planes crashing, 3 Muslim doctors stood around and CHEERED the attack on New York. They did this in plain view of patients and colleagues.

Real fucking nice; DOCTORS, the 'respected, admirable professionals', committed what should be seen as an act of treason. Instead of being deported, they simply went back to work with smiles on their faces.


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09.13.01, 05:30 AM
Things here are quiet as well, though there are American flags everywhere.

The local fire department is part of the Mabas system. In short it is a highly skilled, highly trained team of men and women who are expert in risky and specialize rescues. They've assembled several pre-existing teams from the other departments and are leaving today to assist in the recovery/rescue attempts. They have committed to two weeks in NYC, and their employers (we are a volunteer/paid-on-call department, so our firefighters also hold down full-time jobs) are allowing them to go with full pay, full benefits, and without loss of vacation or sick days.

Schools are in lock down. But that's been like that for a while now...it doesn't seem much stricter then before.

Gas stations immediately jumped their prices by .30-.50 /gallon within hours of this tragedy. They warned of increases of 1.00-1.50 or more. Our Govenor got on the air, and warned them to not even think about it. Our Attorney General is prosecuting anyone who had a price increases. He's filed charges against several already. Suddenly the prices dropped. Those bastards should be charged with treason as well.

09.13.01, 05:49 AM
I know I'm twisting the original intent of the thread, but these are things 'close to home' for me.

(remember, I lived in Pittsburgh for 27 years, so stuff there is 'home')


ANOTHER medical professional (a radiologist) is a suspect, this one in New Castle, PA. The FBI has raided his apartment, found a flight manual and some other incriminating evidence. He is currently in New Mexico, supposedly has been questioned, and was NOT COOPERATIVE. Not yet arrested, but he's being watched carefully.

It looks like the terrorist network has quite well permeated even the smallest of cities, all over the country. I think the plan was FAR larger than what we got, and the quick grounding of air traffic is probably the single most life-saving act the government has done.

This is REALLY disturbing.

09.13.01, 05:59 AM
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AbeVanHalen:

It looks like the terrorist network has quite well permeated even the smallest of cities, all over the country. I think the plan was FAR larger than what we got, and the quick grounding of air traffic is probably the single most life-saving act the government has done.


I don't know if it made the national news but there was a story on NY news last night of three Arabs being thrown off a plane that was flying out of a New York airport on Tuesday morning. The police were called but the men had disappeared. They didn't say why they'd been thrown off - sounded like there was some kind of altercation.

As for the original question. Well obviously it's hit pretty hard in the New York area. Everyone seems to know of someone who has been directly affected or saw the events happen in "real" life. We've had candelight vigils etc. People are much quieter than usual still in a state of shock and disbelief.

09.13.01, 06:02 AM
I have my flag up!! smilies/smile.gif Driving down the road, I don't see as many as I would like to, though.

Schools (primarily universities) and those close to WPAFB are open again. There was a picture in the paper today of our children holding the American flags. Beautiful!! smilies/smile.gif

Gas prices!! smilies/mad.gif There was a nasty rumour about gas price going up to 4-5 bucks a gallon....people were lined up for miles to get gas before the price went up!

A few streets downtown are blocked off still, and a few important buildings are closed, but all in all, people are trying to keep on going smilies/frown.gif

Increased security around some Muslim churches, or whatever they're called...evidently, they've had more than a few threats.

09.13.01, 07:37 AM
What Abe had to report was pretty sad indeed - doctors? Comin' at me with a scalpel, I want a second opinion, thank you.
The theme parks were closed on Tuesday, reopened yesterday (though I'm not sure about Holy Land or whatever it's called). Kennedy Space Center is only letting full access people in - no contractors or tourists. Haven't heard the familiar sounds of jets yet as we frequently do being on the flight path for Orlando International Airport. Gas prices were a little higher last night, but I didn't think anything of it as they frequently fluctuate around here - can't imagine how bad they are around Disney right now, though (always a lot higher down there).
It's sad, I try very hard not to be prejudiced against any race or religion (or non-religion as some members here have expressed), but I know that any time I'm in an airport, now, more so than ever, whenever I see a person who looks as if they are Arabic descent, I'm gonna hope deep in my heart that they are not getting on the same plane as me.

09.13.01, 12:13 PM
People here are still in shock; nary a word outside of the school. Oddly, I have had to take the entire week off to attend to my health, and all the time I spent preparing stuff for the sub was a waste. From what I've heard, since this may well be THE biggest single historical moment in decades, ALL classes have been brought to a halt and the kids are all watching the news and working/talking based only on that. The regular curriculum (aside from phys ed and art-related stuff) has been put on hold.

This was one of the places where they attempted the $5/gallon gas for a night. Since they froze prices, it's now CHEAPER than it was a week ago by 20 cents a gallon.

There are no more flags around that I can see; this area is pretty gung-ho American to begin with. smilies/smile.gif

I have noticed that things are VERY quiet around here-traffic in general has been way down. I live a few miles from a tiny airport, which of course is now silent.

I think people are just in total shock. Nobody is going out; I assume they're all home watching for breaking news. This place is usually pretty quiet, but not THIS quiet. Even the crickets seem silent.

Since MikeL mentioned schools, I would like to point out that both schools I've taught at required an openly displayed photo ID at all times for ALL adults working in he buildings, so that hasn't changed. Also, all doors but the MAIN entrance are locked once the morning bell rings, so anyone entering/exiting the building during the day MUST go in through the front door, which is not guarded, but always watched. Things have been pretty safe to begin with, so nothing there has changed.

All in all, aside from the obvious closings, it's just been quiet here.

09.13.01, 12:18 PM
Well living in the second biggest city in the country is kind of scary, but LA has been prepared. I work at the Times-Mirror building in downtown, and they weren't quite as tight on security as I thought they'd be. Some guards outside of the building, but entry was like normal, run your badge over a sensor.

People at my work talked about the disasters all day today, I think everyone felt better talking about it. A catharsis. I know I did.

Other than that, LA is trying to stay up and functioning, but I did notice a lot of police presence in downtown, both driving home and coming to work.