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09.12.01, 10:27 PM
You think its this bin laden guy? How sure are you? I'd say I was about 40 percent at this point. Does that sound low?? I just dont know what to think because he hasnt claimed responsibility..he'd be proud of that and ususally does claim responsibility for his acts I guess.

I'm leading more to a group of his followers doing it, or Iraq. I guess I dont care who, as long as this threat is eliminated from existence whether it be bin laden or Iraq or whoever. Other possibilities? Well, Afghanistan for one. They are completely whacked and have historically housed terrorists. Iran...Syria. Anybody else?

At this point, I see a very real possibility of retaliation with all of the above. I see it as a joint military activety led by U.S. Forces and backed by most of the entire globe as this is a threat to all nations, not just ourselves. I think the residual anger from this will be vindictive enough to not even have to pinpoint responsibility. I think that any nation that has ever housed terrorists or supported their agendas are in great jeopardy right about now and should be collectively shitting themselves. I think it may be time for it all to come back to them whether they were responsible for this particular tragedy or not. Its time to take the threat of terrorism off the map and any country that currently has leaders in place that support terrorist activety need to be overun and have new leadership. The sooner the better. Biological weapons or suitcase nuclear arsenals are the next step and its real. Its very real obviously and the threat needs to be "eliminated" aka have its ass whipped. Thats my thoughts at the moment. I'm sure I'll have more.

09.12.01, 10:43 PM
I've got no idea who's responsible. I do have full confidence that our leadership will ferret them out. I really, really hope that when we do we rid the world of them.

One of the Senators on Larry King made a comment about any nation connected to this having waived their right to sovereingty (how ever that's spelled). I can't agree more.

I don't just want the terrorists and the governments that protect them punished. I think their entire country or countries should suffer. This was an act of war.

In the same way that the Japanese, German, and Italian people suffered for the acts of their governments and militaries, so should these people suffer for the acts of their governments and terrorists. They're responsible, and there's hell to pay.

Afterwards? We probably'll rebuild them.

09.12.01, 10:46 PM
I think it's a whole shitload of people. This has been in the works for years, it was so well conceived, it was the work of a lot of well-funded parties.

09.12.01, 10:54 PM
Why do you think well funded?

09.12.01, 11:00 PM
Those flight schools a few of them supposedly went through aren't cheap.

And you wonder about how a small group can cow so many people. These guys must have had good English skills, and been very imposing individuals. I suppose the threat of having a bomb onboard probably helped, but still... these weren't any dumbies.

09.12.01, 11:05 PM
So its confirmed that they definetaly did attend flight training here?

09.12.01, 11:12 PM
I dunno for sure. Like I said, supposedly. At first I'd thought that anyone with a little bit of flight experience could do this. And maybe they can. But this thing seems too well constructed to leave something like that to chance, I guess.

09.12.01, 11:17 PM
true. Not to get too far from the subject, but realistically, you can play an MS simulator for a few months and get a plane to a building. The toughest parts, take-off and landing, they didnt even need to worry about. Idunno.

09.12.01, 11:28 PM
They chose their aircraft pretty carefully. 757s and 767s are both long-range designs with plenty of mass and fuel. They've also got very similar cockpits.

I've had the chance to fly a 747 full-motion sim years back. I only did it for about 5 minutes, but it was different than I'd thought it would be. Sort of slow to react. You really have to be out in front of the airplane and anticipate what you're going to need to do.

09.13.01, 09:32 AM
As of 4AM this morning, I've heard that at least 5 of 'em had pilot training.